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140 Conference in Tulsa & Hutchinson Kansas September 20

140 Conference Shout out Train was in Tulsa on Thursday Downtown at the new Back Alley BBQ & Blues.   8/14/11

Social Media is changing the way people connect and relate. Last year’s 140 Conference was in 10 major cities including New York, Tel Aviv, Israel. It was a phenomenal success and this year will in Hutchinson, KS on September 20th to represent small town Social Media connections—Big Time NOT small Time!

Special thanks to  Jeff Pulver, Alan Weinkrantz, and Oklahoma’s own Becky McCray for stopping in Tulsa for lunch as part of their tour through Oklahoma in support of September’s 140 Characters Conference in Hutchinson, Kansas, and they would love to meet you!

Jeff Pulver:
Jeff is known as the founder of FWD, the VON Coalition, PrimeTimeRewind.TV, Vivox, the co-founder
 of VoIP provider, Vonage, the creator of "the Pulver Order,"
and is an all around incredibly interesting person to talk/listen to. 

For more information about Jeff check out his website: http://pulverblog.pulver.c​om/
and on Twitter

Alan Weinkrantz:
Alan is a strategic technology Public Relations and Social Media adviser to American
and Israeli companies, helping thought leaders establish their message, create visibility,
and build credibility via traditional and emerging media channels.
He also works with Jeff Pulver on New Business Development and
Sponsorship Opportunities for the #140Conf Events Worldwide. 

For for information about Alan check out his website: http://www.alanweinkrantz.​com and
on Twitter!/alanweinkrantz

Becky McCray:
Becky is a small town business entrepreneur who also works with city governments with project
management and grant writing. She loves to talk about small town and rural issues in small
business, government and tourism. She has spoken at over 100 conferences in regards to social media,

small business, social networking and new technologies, business planning, and marketing, and is
very well respected both locally, nationally, and among the cattle on her ranch in Hopeton, Oklahoma. 

For more information about Becky check out her website:​/ and on Twitter
140 Conference

Becky McCray, Jeff Pulver, and Michael D. Butler

Thanks to Melanie Nelson and Natasha Ball for organizing this get together with Becky McCray. Cheryl Lawson, founder of Social Media Tulsa was present and also shared. Everyone is encouraged to come to the 140Conf Hutchinson, Kansas on Tuesday, September 20th to connect and be a part of the Small Town Social Media Revolution!

Give me a shout if you wanna carpool @MichaelButlerSr 


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  1. It was great to have Jeff, Alan, and Becky stop in to talk to us last week! The #140conf is such an incredible opportunity for enthusiasts to discuss how social media in general and Twitter specifically have changed their lives and businesses. I appreciate the write up.

    I do want to mention that Kelly Kinkaid was integral in spreading the word about the meetup and she and Tasha did an outstanding job securing the venue (the delicious Back Alley BBQ!) and inviting Tulsa to come out and join us! I couldn’t have organized the event without their help. They are Tulsa rock stars!

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