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21st Century Branding – The Social Media Explosion

21st Century Branding – The Social Media Explosion

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Marketing has remained largely the same for hundreds of years. However, beginning at the end of the 20th century and continuing through the 21st century, things have changed dramatically.
The explosion of social media has given you the ability increase your branding efforts through numerous different outlets. What is available for your needs and why should you be using these tools?
While Twitter is something of a newcomer to the scene (when compared to industry stalwarts like YouTube), it has rapidly become a powerhouse for marketers. What is Twitter? Actually, you will find that this platform is a bit more like blogging than it is social networking. In fact, it’s actually classified as micro-blogging. All you really have to do is send out short (140-character) messages, called tweets.
What good does this do for you? The key is to develop the right following on Twitter. Each tweet you send out is received by your followers, and they are then able to act on the information contained in your tweet. For instance, you can tweet links to videos and pictures, to websites, blogs and other social networks in an effort to get your followers to visit those links. This can have an immediate and remarkable effect on your branding efforts.
Facebook is the giant in social networking, having unseated MySpace quite some time ago. Facebook allows you to share any number of things, including pictures, videos and information. In addition, you can create a fan page for your brand, and begin interacting with your customers and fans.
Facebook is a powerful tool for companies and entrepreneurs, thanks in part to their integrated advertising system. You will find that these ads can even be “liked” by your fans, and shared with others, thus increasing your influence and brand recognition even more. Obviously, if you are not using Facebook currently, you need to get on the ball.
YouTube is another giant in the world of social media. This video sharing site has been around for a very long time. Increasingly, more and more companies are finding the benefit of using video in their marketing. Fortune 500 companies routinely post videos of products, commercials and other types here. You can do the same thing, and achieve the same results as those mega corporations.
The Truth about Social Media
So, what is it about social media that makes it such a beneficial thing for you? Simply put, it levels the playing field for businesses. The “little guy” can achieve the same results as massive corporations and reap the same benefits, as well. With social media, all things are equal.
Of course, you will need to start using these tools to actually see those benefits. In addition, do not expect your results to be instantaneous. It can take time to develop a following on the various social networks listed here, but once you do, you will certainly see a boost in your profitability and brand recognition.

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