MBA Admissions Interview Guide Author Nick H. Kamboj

The comprehensive MBA Admissions Interview Guide From Former University Of Chicago Booth School Of Business Admissions Committee Interviewer, Insider And Guest Lecturer. Nick H. Kamboj Announces Limited-Time Pre-Release Of His E-book For $0.99 Cents On Amazon Kindle To Compliment The Companion Print Book That Retails For $100.  Full Story by M3 New Media on 4/11/17

The U.S. News & World Report and other reputable news sources state that admissions to top-tier business schools become increasingly more challenging. Acceptance into a top-tier MBA program in the U.S. is statistically between 3-16%. This means that out of every 100 prospective MBA applicants, only 3 to 16 individuals will get acceptance offers.

One of the most crucial and decisive factors in the business school’s decision to accept a prospective MBA candidate, is the face-to-face interview. Former University of Chicago Booth School of Business Admissions Committee Member, Interviewer and Guest Lecturer, Nick H. Kamboj has interviewed hundreds of prospective business school candidates. Author Nick H. Kamboj has taken his vast experience in body language interpretation, strategic interviewing and effective communication, and developed a highly effective and persuasive MBA admissions interviewing framework.

“Getting into a Top Ten MBA program in the U.S. last year was slightly harder than it was only a year earlier. An analysis of acceptance rates at leading business schools showed that Top Ten schools admitted just 15.6% of their applicants last year, the lowest level in at least four years. A year earlier, Top Ten schools accepted 16.4% of their applicant pools, while in 2012, they admitted 17.0%”

Acceptance Rates At Top 50 MBA Programs

Few personal and professional ventures can be more daunting or more rewarding than gaining acceptance into an applicant’s dream MBA program. The competition and the preparation have become extremely fierce, and nearly all prospective business school applicants are searching for the competitive edge to crack the code and tilt the odds in their favor.

“Salaries continue to increase for students graduating from top tier MBA programs, with graduates from schools such as Chicago Booth and Stanford reporting salaries over $300,000. As one can imagine, these incentives cause people to seek out any advantage they can obtain over their peers. Applicants hire coaches, paying tens of thousands of dollars for their advice and counsel. But what if you are not one of those fortunate enough to come from the elite strata that can afford such an investment? … I can think of no better way to prepare for the MBA interview than to read and employ the contents in this book [MBA Admissions Interview Guide],” states George C. Andrews, the former Associate Dean of Evening MBA & Weekend MBA Programs University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

“Research shows that interviewers make an initial decision about candidates in the first few minutes. I am making my E-book MBA Admissions Interview Guide $0.99 cents for a limited-time to reach a broader audience of prospective business school candidates who require highly specialized and effective interviewing acumen to ace even the most daunting business school admissions interview. Over the past 10 years, I have advised many candidates to achieve unprecedented business school admissions interviewing success. My own personal success in graduated from a top-tier business school as well as the success of my clients, allows me to state with confidence, that for me, it is never a question of IF you will be accepted to a top-tier MBA program, but only a matter of WHEN.” – Author Nick H. Kamboj
Packed with high-value practical guidance to deliver outstanding MBA Admissions Interviews; Some of the practical tips business school applicants will find in the MBA Admissions Interview Guide are:

• Practice With Real MBA Admissions Interviewer Questions
• Rehearse With Detailed & Polished Recommended Responses
• Navigate The MBA Interview Jungle With Confidence
• Understand The MBA Admissions Interviewer Archetypes
• Learn And Implement Influential Body Language Techniques
• Communicate Effectively During & After The Interview
• Avoid The Most Common MBA Admissions Interview Pitfalls
• Read Your Interviewer And Adjust Your Responses In Real-Time

Through the strategic advice and techniques in this book, the reader will easily navigate their way through the top-tier MBA Admissions Interview process and will leave a lasting impression on their MBA Admissions Interviewer. This book provides the MBA candidate the ultimate competitive advantages to navigate the MBA Admissions Interview jungle.

What others are saying,
“Mr. Kamboj’s advice is succinct, honest and dependable. Reading this book gave me the confidence to ace every interview! I would definitely recommend every prospective MBA student to read this book!” Saachi S. And from Lisa J., “I was confused about the process until I found Mr. Kamboj’s book – I’m much more confident now!”

About Nick H. Kamboj
Over the span of the last 10 years, Mr. Kamboj has advised hundreds of individuals on how to successfully gain admissions to the world’s most elite business schools. His success with his clients has been extraordinary, for they have been hired by top-tier organizations and admitted to world renowned top-tier educational programs. In many instances, his clients have not only been accepted to more than one business school, but have also received significant scholarships with their offer. Furthermore, while serving as a member on the Admissions Committee at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Mr. Kamboj interviewed countless individuals for admissions into the MBA program.
Mr. Kamboj is also the author of 6 books and is a former Guest Lecturer at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Mr. Kamboj has held senior leadership and executive positions at Microsoft, Accenture, and Xerox. Mr. Kamboj continues to also serve as a Legal Expert for Intellectual Property (IP) infringement and litigation cases, as well as an academic consultant.

Mr. Kamboj taught The Executive Program In Information Technology (EPIT) at Booth to CEO’s, CIO’s and other C-Suite Executives from 2004 to 2014. The following is a sample of the organizations whom have attended Nick’s lectures: McDonald’s, Starbucks, Microsoft Corporation,, Kraft Foods, Sprint, Allstate, Motorola, Walgreens, Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank, Carnival Cruise Lines, HSBC, Baxter, KPMG, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Boston Consulting Group, Eli Lilly & Co., R.R. Donnelley, Gap, Progressive Insurance and U.S. Cellular.

Mr. Kamboj is a certified PMP by the PMI and also holds the ITILv3 Foundation certification. In addition, Mr. Kamboj is also the recipient of the Microsoft Most Valuable Player Award, Microsoft CPE Award, Microsoft Pinnacle Award, Employee of the Year Award (LANAC Technology Corporation), Chandler Case Award (University of Chicago Booth School of Business), Bright Idea Award (LANAC Technology Corporation), Implementation Award (LANAC Technology Corporation), Global Awareness Award (University of Chicago Booth School of Business), and has also received two Governor commendations.

Mr. Kamboj received his MBA from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business (Honors), M.S. Computer Information Systems from Northwestern University (4.0/4.0), and his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from The University of Wisconsin-Madison. Mr. Kamboj also completed a term of Intellectual Property Law studies at The London School of Economics (High Marks).

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Michael D. Butler
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Beyond Publishing Author Serena Brown Travis Perfect Penny Positive Children’s

Beyond Publishing Author Serena Brown Travis is Proud to Announce her New Perfect Penny Positive Children’s Book Series for Kids Book One Launching April 18 Full Story on  by M3NewMedia 4/11/17

Destined to become a classic, The Perfect Penny Children’s Book Series launching Spring 2017 by Author Serena Brown Travis is designed to help children build up their self-esteem in spite of grim circumstances and ultimately change their otherwise doomed perspectives into a positive mindset. Daughter of renowned motivational speaker Les Brown, Serena strategically intertwines disappointment and defeat with messages of encouragement and inspiration.

“Perfect Penny is assisting me in helping spread positivity into the lives of children and adults. You’ll love the tenacity of Perfect Penny. We can all learn from her!” Les Brown

“I’ve always heard, ‘Evil prevails when good men and women do nothing.’ I’ve always wanted to launch a series of motivational books for children helping them to develop positive self-esteem and a renewed outlook on life. While adults can recognize when they need a push or a jolt of motivation, I think children need characters and storylines they can identify with. Along with many parents, I needed more resources and positive readings for my two children and the Positive Penny Series of books will give parents and children motivational tools and strategies from an early age,” says Author Serena Brown Travis, as she proudly continues her father’s legacy.

School counselors especially love how the books tackle stronger subjects including homelessness, absentee parenting, and hunger while finding a glimmer of hope in each story. Serena is well on her way to reaching her goal of having an impact on the lives of children with the first three books being released this spring.


The younger Brown, with Empowerment Products, the name of her company launching the Perfect Penny brand says, “I plan to launch as many inspirational books as possible. The first three books feature Perfect Penny with all of her heart touching childhood hilarity and authenticity. School counselors especially love how the books tackle stronger subjects including parental neglect, homelessness, and absentee parenting while finding a glimmer of hope in each story. The Perfect Penny Positive Words print version was released in February with the E-book releasing on April 18th is now available for pre-order on Amazon for $1.99. Serena Brown Travis will be on WCMH Columbus channel 4 NBC in April to tell more about why she wrote Perfect Penny.


There are a number of book signings and media interviews planned. For the latest signings, readings and interviews watch the Author’s website at and for media inquiries email


Perfect Penny Positive Words is the first in the Perfect Penny Book Series; Inspired by the stories of Earl Nightengale, Napoleon Hill, W. Clement Stone, Zig Ziglar, Les Brown and many other great names in the personal development and self-help space. The author, having grown up in the personal development movement, long before it went mainstream and before anyone knew of “The Secret” or the “Law of Attraction” is excited to bring The Perfect Penny Positive Book Series to the world and believes it to be the perfect time!




Perfect Penny is a unique kid. Perfect Penny experiences hard times, disappointments, and bullying, but she is strong and resilient. Perfect Penny finds light in dark situations. It’s Penny’s innocence that helps her deal with and answer life’s tough questions. Perfect Penny’s positive perspective will lift you up and give you confidence to take on life.


Despite her humble start in life Penny finds the resources that empower her to overcome adversity and bring positivity to her life affecting all of those around her with optimism and hope. Perfect Penny is destined to become a classic series for children and a favorite for parents and grandparents for story time, bed time, play time or any time.

Serena Brown Travis says, “We’ve decided to make the first e-book available for $1.99 to give everyone a chance to see what the excitement is about. The vibrant illustrations, the well written story features Penny, who was born in a dumpster finding the tools she needs to not only cope but spread positivity with everyone around by accepting the fact that she was born for greatness.” Publisher Michael D. Butler with Beyond Publishing says, we’ve published a number of children’s books but we are most excited about this series because it has a deeper purpose and global appeal. Children all over the world will benefit from reading this book and we are excited about leveraging The Perfect Penny Series around the globe from Australia, India, Canada, the UK and everywhere. Penny’s infectious spirit rubs off on those around her and opens the door for book #2 Perfect Penny – It’s Not Over Until We Win and book #3 Perfect Penny – My Different World. Books #1 and #2 are available now and book #3 will be released soon.”




“You will love the innocence of Perfect Penny Brown. She has some pretty tough circumstances to deal with and she seems to always find a positive spin to her story. I believe we are all like Perfect Penny. Life can deal us some major hits, but if we use optimism and faith like Perfect Penny, in the end, we will be okay. If we use our imaginations and never let our situations get us down, like Perfect Penny Brown, we would think life doesn’t seem so bad. I know Perfect Penny Brown’s questions all too well; why was I born in an abandoned building on a floor? Why did my mother give me away? Am I trash? We all question our circumstances, but like Perfect Penny, I imagined a new life for myself and I created it. I am super excited and proud of my youngest daughter, Serena Brown Travis, on the creation of this character and book series. This will help your children get a Perfect Penny Brown perspective on life and help you, the adult, to always find life’s silver linings!” Mamie’s Baby Boy, Les Brown


“I wish I had this series of books when my children were younger…” Brittany T


“As an educator of 30 years I always look for books I can read my first graders after recess and during special times PERFECT PENNY is one of their favorite books. We need more books like “Perfect Penny” for our children and their parents.” Mrs. Sabrina Garcia


Author’s Dedication:


This book is dedicated to the many children and adults who never heard positive words before or after your name. It is dedicated to the folks who never received a wink, pat on the back, hi-five, smile, or hug of encouragement. Perfect Penny was created to remind you of your greatness, your beauty, and unlimited value. You are enough. You can do more than you could ever begin to imagine. You have greatness within. You are indeed perfect!


About Serena Brown Travis

Serena is the Manager of Operations at Les Brown Enterprises and a 2003 graduate of Hampton University. She went on to get her Master’s Degree from Franklin University in 2007 she finds great joy in being with family and friends and is motivated about reaching young people with her message of positivity.

Author Cora Darrah announces the launch of her new Dementia Book


Duraham, North Carolina

Press Release and Media inquiries by []

Author – How one family created a final home for a father with love, honor, and dignity. Not only is Cora Darrah launching her book on Amazon she is making it available for $0.99 cents. When asked, “Why,” she replies, “I know there are many families who are going through what our family went through and I want them to have my book as a resource; so for a limited time people around the globe can get my book for just $0.99 cents.”
“This book is about my Father -in-Law Joe and our journey with his dementia diagnosis. We’ve learned a lot on our journey, not only from our research but first hand in taking care of Joe. This book is our story and can help families who are struggling. Cora goes on to share, “People with Alzheimer’s and dementia can be moody and demanding, they quickly forget everything you tell them and many times are very frustrated because they feel like a stranger in their own home.”

With 5.4 Million Americans suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia in the USA it is the 6th leading cause of death according to One out of three seniors will die with Alzheimer’s or another dementia and two thirds of sufferers are women. “It’s a growing number of people that are being diagnosed because we are living longer,” says Cora. Another interesting fact to note is that in 2014, friends and family of people with Alzheimer’s and other dementias provided an estimated 17.9 billion hours of unpaid care, a contribution to the nation valued at $217.7 billion.

Cora has been active on social media connecting with Alzheimer’s and Dementia support groups on Facebook and other platforms, building relationships, establishing quality connections and becoming a resource with her speaking, interviews and Website leading up to the launch of her book. Her book will be available on Amazon Tuesday, July 28th for a limited number of days at just $0.99 cents.

CLICK HERE to RSVP for this Fun Book Launch event on Facebook

About Cora Darrah
Cora has been a special educator for over thirty years and has worked in a variety of settings from kindergarten through higher education. She has a passion for the child with a disability and the innate ability to discover how to best reach their learning potential. She has a master’s degree to work with children with learning disabilities and has earned her National Boards. She has recently retired from working in public schools and is now using her skills to assess children and develop educational plans for children that are home-schooled. Recently, with the development of her book, Cora spends more time interacting with individuals that have Alzheimer’s or dementia with the hopes that her skills as a special educator can help develop plans that may help ease the stress of this condition.

She is a first time author. Here We Go Joe is being published by The Cheerful Word in Hendersonville North Carolina. Cora is planning to publish several more books.

About Michael D. Butler

Michael D Butler Publisher-Author-Book Launch Expert™


America’s Book Launch Expert™ | Author | Publisher
We help people publish their books and e-books.
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Oklahoman tops UK Songwriting Is Beverly Perry next Songwriter for Carrie Underwood?

Oklahoma Native tops Country Category in 2014 International UK Songwriting Contest – Is Beverly Perry the next songwriter for Carrie Underwood or Kellie Pickler?

Lawton, OK 12/20/14 LINK to Full PRWeb News Story
bev-3 bev-2 bev-1 beverly-perry-music-image beverly perry music



The Internet and Pop Culture Voting in Real-Time on Television and the Web has unleashed some of the Worlds top Musical Acts and Songwriters via American Idol, the Voice, Britains Got Talent the X Factor & UK Songwriting Contest


Would the world know about hidden talent like Susan Boyle, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry, Taylor Hick s, Philip Phillips without faces like Simon Cowel, Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine,  Blake Shelton and Carson Daly, Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, Harry Connick, Jr., and Ryan Seacrest?


Oklahoma is known for its country music roots with singers, songwriters and performers like Garth Brooks, Blake Shelton, Carrie Underwood and now Beverly Perry, wait a minute who is Beverly Perry you ask? As a top 13 finalist out of 10K entries in the UK Songwriting Contest you will be hearing a lot more about Lawton, OK’s own Beverly Perry


Receiving international recognition Country/Folk/Pop  Singer/Songwriter Beverly Perry from Lawton, OK has made it as a top 13 finalist in the country category out of over 10K contestants with her song: “It was Real”


“This is the first songwriting competition I have ever entered. Given the thousands of entries I really didn’t expect to make it all the way to the finals. I am so honored that my first attempt was so well accepted in this prestigious international competition.”


About UK Songwriting Contest


Many entrants have been published, signed or produced by top industry figures who follow this event closely. Music producer and well know reality television judge, Simon Cowell, signed one of the winners in the past, showing this is a real chance for new songwriters to break into the music business.


“The UK Songwriting Contest directors and judges include some of the world’s top Grammy, Emmy, CMA, and BRIT Award winning producers. Judges include Sting’s producer Kipper Eldridge (see photo with UKSC winner Emma), legendary producer Stuart Epps (Elton John, Robbie Williams, Oasis), Britney Spears’ musical director and BRIT Award winnerSimon Ellis, top producer and arranger Dr Richard Niles (Paul McCartney, Kylie Minogue, Take That, Mariah Carey), CMA Award winning country star Lucie Diamond, chart topping songwriter Mark Cawley, and UKSC

winner and Platinum Album artist Natalie Chua (signed by Simon Cowell after her win).


The contest was formed in association with The BRIT Trust (of BRIT Awards fame) with support from The BRIT School and The BRIT Studio in 2002 with the aim of discovering new talented songwriters and encouraging and supporting the craft of songwriting.


In the words of UK’s Channel 4 Television: “The UK Songwriting Contest does what it says on the tin! This is a real chance for new songwriters to break into the music business”.
About Beverly Perry


Following  the advice of Author Brene Brown, Beverly can be seen Re-Tweeting Brown: “Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen”  but for Beverly it’s more than just a Re Tweet, last summer she stepped into the studio and cranked out RIVER in just a few short months, and telling fans at her album release party in Fall of 2013 “Follow your dream – ALWAYS follow your dreams”


Perry, diagnosed with Acute Intermittent Porphyria, a rare genetic disorder, was forced to leave her successful career with a major medical company in 2011. She returned home to Lawton to be near family in 2012.  “Time off has allowed me the solitude that brings about creativity. Stress is a major trigger for me. Songwriting has become an important outlet. There is something incredibly healing about creativity. There are days I can write endlessly. “It Was Real” – was literally written in 20 mins.”


Perry says she decided it was time to follow her heart and step into the studio last fall and release her debut CD ‘River’. After a warm public reception of her smooth folk/country sound and heartfelt lyrics Perry began submitting tunes to various publishing opportunities. Much to her surprise several publishers for film and television were interested resulting in all of her original tunes from the CD “River” being signed to multiple non-exclusive publishing deals. “It Was Real” – the tune submitted to the UK Songwriting Contest, was actually on hold for Kellie Pickler for quite some time. Currently Perry has several tunes on hold for projects as she continues to write from the solitude of her Lawton home.


Now as a finalist of a highly acclaimed international songwriting competition,  none of her hometown Lawton, OK or more than 15,000 US fans are surprised that she’s a finalist.


In a recent interview with Okie Magazine OK reports “Beverly Perry is taking chances. But for her, the reward for her endeavors is worth the risk….Doing her own thing meant creating her own very personal music: her compilation consists of the last seven songs…Her songs serve as a snapshot of her present, but Perry also chronicles her past within her music.”


“I write music that speaks to me…it’s what I’m feeling at the moment. I’m not great at sticking to a genre. Sometimes a song wants to be pop, sometimes it leans traditional country, other times it lands into total adult contemporary. I love experimenting with genres and I don’t think that every song is for me to sing. I try to remain open”

“I’ve been writing songs…well I guess before I could even write…always making up a tune,” Beverly went on to share.





Written by Michael D. Butler M3 New Media and Beyond Publishing ©2014 for Beverly Perry Music

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About Michael D Butler

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He’s conducted interviews with or shared the stage with Brian Tracy, Governor Mary Fallin, Senator Orrin Hatch, Berny Dohrmann, Billy Joe Daughtery, Eric Lofholm, Dr. Jeff Magee, Kenneth E. Hagin, Colleen J Payne, Lisa DeMayo, Olympian Jake Dalton, Mia Davies, Devin D. Thorpe and many more.

Some featured Authors and clients Ania G, Bevery Perry Music, Carl Dylan Music, Coach JC, Gabriella Van Rij Dave Ferguson Golda Nieleke Wasimin




The UK Songwriting Contest is one of the world’s longest running and most popular international songwriting events. It was launched in London in 2002 in association with prestigious bodies such as The BRIT Trust (of BRIT Awards fame), The BRIT Studio, The BRIT School, Music Aid UK and top british producers and industry professionals with the aim of “discovering and encouraging new songwriting talent and promoting the craft of songwriting”. It has been supported by BBC Radio since the beginning with many radio plays of entries across the UK. Every year it becomes more international with entries from around the world and with appearances of winners on major TV shows worldwide. It is now in its thirteenth successful year and since its launch over 60,000 songs have taken part and almost £1,000,000 worth of prizes awarded to entrants. In this contest complete beginners and also experienced songwriters all compete together on an equal basis. It is well known in the international music business as an important launching pad for new songwriting talent and is known today one of the world’s best and most popular songwriting events.


No other songwriting event in the world was formed with the backing of such well respected and prestigious organisations. This means that contestants are watched closely by the music industry’s leading producers and publishers, and many finalists and semi-finalists are ‘spotted’ and go on to enjoy music careers and deals. The UKSC judging panels feature highly respected Grammy, Emmy, CMA and BRIT Award winning Gold and Platinum Album producers and artists including Sting’s producer Kipper Eldridge, Elton John’s producer Stuart Epps and Britney Spears’ Musical Director Simon Ellis among others. Many past entrants have been noticed and signed by publishers, producers and record companies – Natalie Chua for example (Open Category Winner and now a UKSC judge) received a Platinum Album Award for sales of 500,000 albums with the band Angelis after being signed by Simon Cowell. Another entrant Belle Humble (Pop Category Winner) has since written for many well known artists and has topped the charts globally with 16 million YouTube views. Many entrants receive extensive press, TV and radio coverage of their results and their songs, with royalty earning radio play for their entries. Semi Finalists, Finalists and Winners have been featured on TV nationally and internationally and a number of past winners and finalists have gone on to launch careers successfully writing for major recording artists.

This contest is often described in the media as “prestigious” because it is the only songwriting contest in the world that has had winning writers and finalists signed by top producers such as Simon Cowell and others, and it is the only songwriting event established in association with respected bodies such as The BRIT Trust and Music Aid International. Many entrant’s have gone on to success through the contest and have signed publishing and recording deals, have been asked to write for major artists and major TV shows, have been interviewed in the media and had their winning songs featured to millions on national TV in Australia, the USA, the UK and other European countries. Many have also received royalty earning radio play of their entries both in the UK and internationally. None of this would have happened if these songwriters had not entered their songs in the contest. Anyone who enters this contest can have similar success and could be noticed by the many top industry professionals worldwide who follow this event very closely every year looking for new songwriting talent.



Get Branded – Go Viral with Social Media Strategy

social media branding credibility

In a world filled with noise, how does a business owner, brand, author or entrepreneur stand out in the crowd?

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It’s one thing to brag on yourself but quite another thing entirely when a customer, client or new contact does.

Ford Motor company

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Endometriosis Author Ania G Launches Crowd Funding Campaign

Endometriosis Author, Speaker, Psychologist  Ania G launches Crowd Funding Campaign on Pubslush to help her translate her book into 5 languages.

Visit Endometriosis Author, Speaker, Psychologist Ania G’s Pubslush Crowed-funding campaign here.

What new author survived the largest nuclear disaster of our time  ̶  Chernobyl, Is also a survivor of Endometriosis along with 175 million women globally and is  translating her book about Living Well with Endometriosis into 5 languages? Meet Author Ania G from Poland now residing in Seattle, WA. Endometriosis Author, Speaker and Psychologist, Ania G is helping women everywhere live well with endometriosis.


Ania G says, “In 2014 it does not make sense for a woman to have to wait 10 years for a diagnosis. This is too long, and these women are suffering and many of them have a shrink because their families think they are crazy. Too many women suffer in pain and silence and have no idea what is wrong with them. My crowd-funding campaign launches this week and I’m hopeful to raise awareness and the funds I need to translate my book into Russian, Polish, Lithuanian, French and German.
It’s not hard to imagine launching a crowd funding campaign in today’s Internet world.  Kickstarter, indigogo and Pubslush have become household names synonymous with start-up ventures, book launches and non-profit kickoffs. What makes this crowd-funding campaign so unique is the topic affects so many women globally. Famous celebrities like Susan Sarandon, Whoopi Goldberg, and Padma Lakshmi all suffer with Endometriosis and have all shared their stories publicly.

Ania G Crowd-funding Campaign on Pubslush

Enodmetriosis Author Speaker Psychologist Ania G shares her story with 175 Million women globally who suffer from Endometriosis. Her new book Alone in the Crowd – Living Well with Endometriosis is being published by BEYOND PUBLISHING in Las Vegas, NV and is currently being translated into: German, Russian, French, Polish and Lithuanian.

Author Izzy Church announces the launch of new book Angry Movie Guy

izzy church angry movie guy
Get it this week ONLY 0.99 cents!

Author Izzy Church announces the launch of her new fiction book Angry Movie Guy. Not only is Izzy Church launching her book on Amazon she is making it available for $0.99 cents. When asked, “Why,” she replies, “I know there are many friends who’ve followed me over the years and love to keep up with what I’m doing so for a limited time people around the globe can get my book for just $0.99 cents.”



Charlie Zimmerman only wants one thing, to be an esteemed and highly regarded movie critic.

Charlie relentlessly pursues his wide-eyed dream, unwilling to budge even when every door is being slammed in his face. Desperate to find work Charlie makes one final heinous attempt at landing work as a movie critic. He begs the secretary at the New York Inquisitor to help get his foot in the door. To Charlie’s astonishment it works and he lands his first legitimate gig as a film critic. Only problem is… Charlie screws it up by trashing the film after a long night of drinking.

Charlie’s scathing critique of, Roller Baby is printed in the New York Inquisitor. It catches the attention of Harry Pubei, a high-powered television executive who is a friend of Charlie’s father. Harry loves the offensive, biting review and turns the downtrodden Charlie Zimmerman into an overnight success as an on-air T.V. movie critic known as the Angry Movie Guy. Years later, with the world at his fingertips Charlie is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. In addition to the stress from up top, Charlie has come to the realization that he is hated more than any man on television. Plus, he can’t find a woman who will put up with his antics past the first date. All of that changes though when Charlie has a kismet encounter with a mysterious woman outside the only theatre showing his favorite film, Lost in Her Eyes. From that moment on, Charlie’s life is turned upside down. He is willing to give it all up for a woman he barely knows, but Harry isn’t eager to throw in the towel on his self-made superstar. Harry relentlessly plots against the budding romance, but Charlie won’t give up without a fight! Will Charlie win over the love of his life… read Angry Movie Guy to find out!


About Izzy Church

Isabella “Izzy” Church is an actress, singer, and writer: born in California, USA, who is focused on film, television and music. Izzy began her career in New York City where she attended MaryMount Manhattan College graduating Magna Cum Laude. To further her writing career she interned at DreamWorks for the head of the film/television department where she later worked. Additionally, she pursued her acting studies with Shane Ann Younts and Maggie Flanigan, (one of the top acting instructors in the country). Izzy’s music career grew while she was developing a Rock and Roll Sci-Fi Dramedy TV series titled, “Eve Returns.” The female lead, played by Izzy is the lead singer in a band called the, “Sexual 222’s.” Izzy’s character work lead her to turn her focus towards her music career and to begin recording. Her sound is a three-way love child of, Lady Gaga and Trent Rezner, conceived while listening to Arcade Fire and Goldfrapp. It is mix of electronic rock music infused with POP, Punk and Hip Hop. It gets you back to a place where you feel wild and free. Izzy Church’s debut EP is available on iTunes, Rhapsody, and hundreds of other digital distributors. Singles include: “Summertime”, “Sound of the Universe” and “The Rainbow”. In addition, Izzy is the founder of, 3rd Culture Creative, a Media and Entertainment Company, which she has several projects in development. Please visit projects to view a small selection of her work.

Michael D Butler Launches BEYOND PUBLISHING for Authors in Las Vegas NV

Serial Entrepreneur and Author Book Marketing Coach Michael D Butler recently announced the launch of new Publishing Company BEYOND PUBLISHING in Las Vegas, NV. BEYOND PUBLISHING’S slogan is ‘Where the Experience Begins’

beyond publishing logo las vegas, nv
“It is our goal to create a WOW EXPERIENCE for our authors, every single time,” says Butler. “We have been marketing authors so long with M3 New Media and referring out publishing, editing and book cover design services. It just makes sense for us, with so many authors asking us to publish their books,” says Butler. “Over the years we’ve built the key joint venture relationships with editors, printers, cover designers, and book launch experts to insure the best possible experience for new and seasoned authors that want to make a splash with their book in the marketplace.”

Focusing on non-fiction, primarily business, religious and faith based books and a growing footprint in the self help and personal development space, including in the wellness and medial communities. BEYOND PUBLISHING began delivering bids to clients for printing in July 2014 and officially opened it’s doors in Las Vegas, NV (Summerlin Area) in August. is accepting submissions in all genres except fiction and invite authors to email a book proposal on their Website.

In addition to Butler and his virtual team of book launch experts have launched Facebook’s Fastest Growing Online Community for Authors and Book Launch Experts. is a Website for Authors where “any new or seasoned author can go and get free advice on their book with everything from editing to cover design to media coaching that prepares an author for media interviews. It’s a place to collaborate, network and build important relationships that are key to making any book a best seller,” said Butler.


About Michael D. Butler

Michael D. Butler –
Author | Speaker | Book Launch Expert™

&  Publisher at leading a team of Book Launch Experts™ As seen on Fox News, Michael D. Butler has been called a Book Launch Expert™

and he and his clients have been seen on Fox News, CNN, Dr. Phil, Fox Business, Inc 500, Garnered 2 Movie Deals, Dallas Morning News, San Francisco Chronicle, Houston Chronicle and many more “We help authors, speakers and entrepreneurs sell more books Online so they can charge more for speaking and consulting,” says Butler.

His humor, facts and ‘Did You Know’ content puts him in great demand as a speaker. Michael has delivered over 1,000 presentations and has been a featured guest on stages, radio and TV shows to discuss Book Publishing, How to Create Best Seller Status and Twitter Success for Authors

Michael is a member of America’s Premier Experts and has published numerous articles for business publications and blogs including: Performance Magazine, Xposure Magazine, The National Networker, and Referral Success Magazine. And his recent E-book Twitter Success for Authors and The Single Dad’s Survival Guide are being distributed globally.

His volunteer work includes creating awareness and publicity to help non profits raise money and end human trafficking.







plan bible fox news


Reality TV Teaches Teens Business – Youth Entrepreneurs as CEO

Michael D Butler teams up with Nadine Lajoie is a #1 Best-Selling author, international speaker, championship motorcycle racer, accomplished business leader to help launch a Teen Realty Show for Young Entrepreneurs.
 Reality TV Teaches Teens Business - Youth Entrepreneurs as CEO

Guest Opportunity: Nadine Lajoie, Influential World Renowned Leadership Speaker, International Award-Winning Entrepreneur (16 Awards), #1 Best-Selling Writer and Championship Winning Motorcyclist in Men’s and Women’s Races

“Reality TV has influenced some consumers’ behavior insofar as some people have begun to style their lives after the cast members featured in reality shows, especially younger demographics.”

This is what Multi-talented business woman and successful motivational speaker, Nadine Lajoie, hopes will happen when she introduces “The Teen CEO Show,” which will introduce the world of entrepreneurship and champion mindset to the teens in many schools, starting at Concordia University in Irvine, CA with the Dean of the business school and their “Teen Entrepreneur Academy”.

Its goal is to create the brightest teens and stars of today to enter into the business world, so they can begin to make history and become the CEO’s of tomorrow. With the support of companies such as “The Business Growth Conference” CEO Space International, Wahoo’s Fish Tacos, EnlighTea Café, Coach Mina Watkins and many others, the Red Carpet Gala Event on July 18th will be memorable for the teens who will be part of this filming.

Nadine Lajoie can discuss this topic by answering the following questions:

* How will this show help turn our youth into successful businessmen/woman?
* How did you come up with this concept?
* How can this show gain exposure for selected schools and students?
* How did motorcycle racing help you gain confidence for your business ventures?

Meet Nadine Lajoie:

* Co-Founder of “The Teen CEO Show”
* International Award-Winning Entrepreneur (16 Awards)
* Author of #1 Best-Seller “Win the Race of Life.”
* Speaker and America’s High Speed Success Coach
* International Championship Motorcyclist with over 50 Podium Finishes
* Renowned Leadership Speaker for Youth and Adults
* Semi-professional singer and pianist
* Founder of “Prosperity R.A.C.I.N.G System to Success”
* Featured on National Television and in Several Magazines

For more information visit:


Please include the following information:
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Date and time (in EST) that you want this guest to appear
CONTACT DON AT 813-792-2181***

Smashwords, OverDrive Ink Distribution Deal – Publishers Weekly


Smashwords, an e-book self-publishing platform, and digital library vendor OverDrive have reached an agreement to distribute its titles via the OverDrive network of public libraries. The deal will make more than 200,000 Smashword titles available for borrowing and for-purchase through OverDrive. Original article in Publisher’s Weekly today.

The deal represents books by about 80,000 self-published authors. As part of the agreement, OverDrive and Smashwords will create curated lists of bestselling Smashwords’ authors and its most popular genres, including romance, mysteries, thrillers, fantasy, and science fiction. Libraries will have the option of purchasing the top 100, 500 or 1,000 bestselling Smashword authors, or curated by lists or by genre.

Calling the deal “a watershed moment” for self-published authors and libraries, Smashwords CEO Mark Coker said, “millions of library patrons will now have access to the amazing literary talent,” of Smashwords authors.

The new deal offers library patrons the option of borrowing the e-book or buying the book if it is “checked out,” via OverDrive’s “buy it now” feature via the patron’s local library website. However, while this is an e-book deal, Coker told PW that books will be loaned as if they were physical books on “a one copy/one user model.” “This is one checkout at a time. If a patron wants to read a book and it’s already checked out, they’ll be given the option to purchase the book or wait in the queue. The book can only checked out to one patron a time (like a print book.)”

However, Coker said that the Smashwords e-books can be checked out an unlimited number of times. “Unlike some publishers that require a repurchase after a certain number of checkouts, these libraries won’t have that limitation.”

Steve Potash, founder and CEO of OverDrive said “We’re thrilled to make the Smashwords catalog available to libraries and patrons in the OverDrive network. We are offering new voices, great interest and emerging self-published authors.”

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