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3 Dimensional Branding & Why Hollywood Doesn’t Get It

Image is not just a haircut and a new change of clothes it is how others perceive you and your organization in the marketplace of Social Media 24/7

2/10/11 Michael D. Butler, Sr.

Michael D. Butler, Sr. is the Principle Consultant and Chief Editor of M3 New Media a 21st Century New Media Ad Agency Specializing in Online PR, Corporate Blogging & Viral Social Media Campaigns.

Recently I was coaching some clients who had a contract in Nashville a decade or so ago. When I used the word “Branding” they were thinking hair and makeup. What we began to discover is: Branding is much deeper than that.

Building a personal brand is important and image consultants are needed not just in Hollywood, New York City but also in Nashville and Tulsa. But when it comes to building a personal brand like George Burns or Morgan Freeman playing God in Hollywood there it’s much more than just hair, makeup and wardrobe.

life mission-image-consulting
Brand Development Software & Image Coaching

Branding is the air you breathe. Branding is the thoughts you think-it is your core. It is your core life message. It is more tangible than the car you drive and the house you live in. It is summed up in one word and that one word is- AUTHENTICITY.

1. Your Brand is YOU. At your core, you are your brand. Your life mission will become your brand and define your life calling. The things that motivate you are your brand and personal mission statement. The thing that angers you-that is the thing that defines your life calling and becomes your brand.

2. Your Brand is what you decide it is. Others will try to dictate to you who you are and what you are about-but ultimately each of us are responsible for answering our own calling. This doesn’t mean others can’t influence us-they will; but ultimately it is up to us individually to find our calling.

3. You and your brand are one. Once you get this settled the self-doubt and uncertainty leave. Confidence attracts destiny. Once you ”draw the line in the sand” resources, people and circumstances will start to line up for you.

4. Your brand can evolve. Give yourself permission to evolve and change. Who you are in your 40’s is not who you were in your 30’s or your 20’s or your teens (that’s ok)

The world is longing for the expression of men and women in the marketplace who are influencing Hollywood, Nashville and New York City with true authenticity, life mission and beauty that radiates from the inside out. Ask God who you are, what is your calling and life mission. Answering that call is different for every individual but the world is yet to truly see what happens when a human allows their true authentic self to shine forth.

While Hollywood and New York may influence what styles everyone is wearing next year the frustration, depression and suicides that litter green rooms and the B trailers of the hopefuls who’ve had their dreams dashed will tell a truly different story. I’m personally counting on grassroots middle America filled with wit, wisdom and common sense to not only once again fill the hearts and minds of entrepreneurs whispering an audacious goal to their spirit: “It’s safe to dream again…go ahead and launch your dream…launch your company.”

This 3 Dimensional Dream will resurrect in the hearts and minds of Start-up companies, Gen Y’s and Baby Boomers alike and will cause a true renaissance and revival to happen not just in Hollywood and the Big Apple but also with your brand and in your company and in your world. And it will be because you inspired a generation with your authenticity and life mission! We can’t wait to see what happens through you!

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Future of Marketing Virtual Conference with 60 Luminaries Listen & Watch Now


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We marketers find ourselves facing unprecedented change. Disruptive technologies are evolving at lightening speed. Longstanding best practices are breaking down. All channels are becoming connected.  

How can we not only embrace, but also take advantage of this extraordinary transformation?

Enter The Future of Marketing, a virtual “microconference” featuring 60 luminaries each sharing critical trends, cutting-edge approaches, and big ideas in 60 seconds or less. In just one hour, participants will gain a 360-degree view of what’s emerging–and what will matter–in marketing over the next several years.

So get a note pad, close your door, and be ready to discover the next step in our ever-exciting field. You’ll learn:

  • How major trends in digital and social media can supercharge—not compete with—your more traditional marketing strategies and tactics
  • How the convergence of everything from mobile apps and email to customer experience and organizational culture will affect your marketing mix in 2011
  • How to co-create your marketing messages and products with your customers, prospects, and constituents for greater impact and growth

The question from their Facebook Page:

What Happens When You Give 60 Marketing Geniuses Only 60 Seconds to Share Their Vision of the Future?

Creating YOUR Brand-Branding By Design-Your Way Part 1


Discovering Your Brand is more than just creating a great looking logo for your Company, Start-Up or Non-Profit– It is a journey.  It is a journey that tells the unique story of you and how it all began. Because YOU- “get it” You are a visionary-the one others look to. You take took that leap of faith as a brave pioneer into the new Blue Ocean Strategy when no one was around and no one knew-and the few that did thought you were crazy.  You know it more than anyone-that – your brand is not just where you are-it is where you are headed. Discovering a World-Class, Timeless “brand” that has Universal appeal,  echoes your core values, speaks to the soul of women and men alike is no small feat.

At M3 New Media -taking our clients on this journey of Mission and Discovery unveils target market strategies, hidden alliance partnerships, and can result in new verticals being monetized. Your brand is not just something you wear it’s who you collectively evolve into. This process, of identifying YOUR BRAND is not something we quickly rush into-we invite you to help us relive the journey with you. Let us be the eyes and ears of “the crowd.” Hear them-hear WHY they love your brand in the first place and what they want from your brand and where they want to take it.

Stay tuned for Part 2 in Branding By Design

21st Century Branding – The Social Media Explosion

21st Century Branding – The Social Media Explosion

Brand Awareness Web 2.0
Marketing has remained largely the same for hundreds of years. However, beginning at the end of the 20th century and continuing through the 21st century, things have changed dramatically.
The explosion of social media has given you the ability increase your branding efforts through numerous different outlets. What is available for your needs and why should you be using these tools?
While Twitter is something of a newcomer to the scene (when compared to industry stalwarts like YouTube), it has rapidly become a powerhouse for marketers. What is Twitter? Actually, you will find that this platform is a bit more like blogging than it is social networking. In fact, it’s actually classified as micro-blogging. All you really have to do is send out short (140-character) messages, called tweets.
What good does this do for you? The key is to develop the right following on Twitter. Each tweet you send out is received by your followers, and they are then able to act on the information contained in your tweet. For instance, you can tweet links to videos and pictures, to websites, blogs and other social networks in an effort to get your followers to visit those links. This can have an immediate and remarkable effect on your branding efforts.
Facebook is the giant in social networking, having unseated MySpace quite some time ago. Facebook allows you to share any number of things, including pictures, videos and information. In addition, you can create a fan page for your brand, and begin interacting with your customers and fans.
Facebook is a powerful tool for companies and entrepreneurs, thanks in part to their integrated advertising system. You will find that these ads can even be “liked” by your fans, and shared with others, thus increasing your influence and brand recognition even more. Obviously, if you are not using Facebook currently, you need to get on the ball.
YouTube is another giant in the world of social media. This video sharing site has been around for a very long time. Increasingly, more and more companies are finding the benefit of using video in their marketing. Fortune 500 companies routinely post videos of products, commercials and other types here. You can do the same thing, and achieve the same results as those mega corporations.
The Truth about Social Media
So, what is it about social media that makes it such a beneficial thing for you? Simply put, it levels the playing field for businesses. The “little guy” can achieve the same results as massive corporations and reap the same benefits, as well. With social media, all things are equal.
Of course, you will need to start using these tools to actually see those benefits. In addition, do not expect your results to be instantaneous. It can take time to develop a following on the various social networks listed here, but once you do, you will certainly see a boost in your profitability and brand recognition.

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Creating Brand Buzz

Its one thing to “toot your own horn” but what is the value of OTHERS “Buzzing Your Brand in the Marketplace? Have you ever been spammed? Have you ever had someone you didn’t know post their links to your facebook wall?

Creating “Brand Buzz” is all about relationship and number of impressions. Feel free to comment on what you think is the best way to “Buzz A Brand”

My favorite- I will tell you is Twitter, then Facebook. Like Fraternal twins these 2 can do incredible things together!

Thanks for weighing in!
Michael D. Butler