Non-Profit Project Hope Worldwide 5K Orphan Run Owasso Impact Lives Globally


New M3 client announces their 2nd annual 5K Crossfit Orphan Run in Owasso. This fundraiser will help build a new Orphanage in Uganda, Africa. Founders Kelley Scott-Compton and Derk Madden share the fact that 100% of donations and proceeds go directly to the support of Orphanages because the administrative costs of running Project Hope is underwritten by the board members and is a part of the overall long-term vision of Project Hope.

LIKE Project Hope on Facebook RSVP for event on Eventbrite for Friday May 31st in Owasso.

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M3 Announces Launch of To Help Churhes & Nonprofits Funding

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M3 Nonprofit Announces Strategic Mobile Global Alliance to Help Fund Membership-Based Foundations, Nonprofits, Churches, Ministries & Associations With Revenue in 2013

M3 Nonprofit reports many shortfalls for 501(c)3 organizations in 2012. Blaming the economy and consumer fear of the ongoing economic condition worsening, Michael D. Butler shares 2013 strategy for membership based organizations to enhance funding possibilities with non-traditional methods in face of ‘Fiscal Cliff’.

Nonprofits who depend on government funding as well as those who don’t will try to squeeze every hour out of 2013 to meet their funding and budget goals. This idea, along with the fact that 2013 may be another tough year for nonprofits, has Serial Entrepreneur Michael D. Butler creating potential ‘win-win’s’ in the nonprofit sector.

“Having worked with dozens of nonprofits over the past 20 years both as a donor spokesperson and on the board of several nonprofits. We knew Foundations, Churches, Ministries, and Nonprofits would have to get creative to survive this current economic climate,” said Butler.

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The income the organization receives is continuous. It is paid out monthly to the nonprofit directly from Solavei based on the number of members using the service. It also gives the chance of a teen shelter in Chicago to benefit from a donor base in Florida or California because of the viral nature of the network.

Michael & Michelle Butler, Founders

Fund raising can be tough in this economy

We’ve ran non-profits and been on multiple 501(c)3 boards and know that it takes to get a non-profit endowed.

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 Michael & Michelle

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Butler says, “I would like the opportunity to meet with more nonprofits and advisory boards in 2013 to go into greater detail about this unique and highly effective fundraising model. I can show Foundations and Nonprofits the real, ongoing and residual income potential their organization can generate by simply promoting this to their members.”

Solavei launched in September 2012 and has 100,000 customers receiving no contract 4G nationwide coverage with Solavei. Solavei’s initial product offering is 4G unlimited talk, text, and data with no contract for $49 a month. It operates as a MVNO through a strategic partnership with T-Mobile USA. Solavei is led by former Fortune 100 telecom and retail executives and advisors.

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In 2008 he launched M3 New Media an Online Social Media & Public Relations Firm in Tulsa, OK helping Entrepreneurs and Authors get their message out in the new media. Michael speaks nationally on Social Media trends and personal branding. Michael D. Butler is an Independent Solavei™ Social Member, not an employee or agent of Solavei™ Michael  Butler is not a tax attorney or CPA. Check with your tax attorney or CPA about investment and end of year deduction advice as it relates to giving to nonprofits.

About Solavei™

Solavei™ is a social networking and commerce platform that enables users to connect, share and capitalize on the power of social networks. Solavei’s mission is to make commerce less expensive by empowering individuals to earn income on the products and services they enjoy and use every day. Solavei™ pays its members to refer 4G Unlimited Voice, Text, and Data for $49 per month.

Obtain Review Copy ‘More Than Rice’ Novel-Pamala Kennedy Chestnut

Request a Review Copy of ‘More Than Rice’ Novel by Pamala Kennedy Chestnut

Book reviewers, book bloggers, publishers and readers may request a free review copy of Pamala Kennedy Chestnut’s New Novel ‘More Than Rice’ Fill out the contact form and a copy will be sent to you today electronically.

More Than Rice Novel-Pamala-Kennedy-Chestnut-Human-Trafficking-Author

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Tulsa Re-Invents Itself with Social Media Tulsa Conference

M3 New Media Sponsors Tulsa Social Media Conference

Former Oil Capitol of the World-Re-Invents Itself with Social Media Tulsa Conference


Tulsa Social Media Conference

Move over SXSW and San Jose-Tulsa has Social Media Tulsa

Thanks to the visionary leadership of

Cheryl Lawson aka Party Aficionado

Social Media Tulsa was born in June of 2010 in the historic Greenwood District of Tulsa, OK. Follow Cheryl Lawson on Twitter. Cheryl will be kicking off #SMTulsa with her talk: “How to Work a Networking Event with Social Media” Times of recession are times for Individuals, Corporations, CEO’s, Start-Ups, Entrepreneurs and Organizations to re-invent themselves. Tulsa is doing just that at the Hyatt Downtown on Thursday, March 24th.

A dozen presenters and over one hundred New Media enthusiasts, business owners and brand managers will be converging on the former oil capitol to: network, connect, collaborate and tweet. But these visionaries will be doing more than just tweeting with the Tulsa Social Media Conference. They hope to create the blueprint for what will put Tulsa back on the map for a new commodity-this time not oil but relational capitol and startup funding. “Being recognized as a city for Social Media, Innovation, Technology and Start-Up Companies is a great way to position Tulsa in the future,” says Michael D. Butler, Sr. founder of M3 New Media a Social Media and PR firm that works with Start-ups and business ventures to create opportunity in Tulsa. “Tulsa is filled with talent and has a long list of not only talent and expertise in the areas of start-ups and funded projects but a great incubator in place to nurture new companies and new industries,” Butler goes on to say.

@MichaelButlerSr Michael’s talk < “Leveraging Social Good to Build Your Brand Online” Power point HERE

Keynote Speaker:


Becky’s topic “The Small Town Secret to Social Media”

Enjoy Cheryl’s interview with Becky McCray: Part 1 of 2 Other Speakers include: Carolos Moreno < on Twitter with Auryn Creative Marty Coleman on Twitter @TheNapkinDad @Mandy_Vavrinak with Doug Stewart @DSCWeb with @LoriCainRE with @RonaldSkelton with Heather Cupp as @HeatherDjc Ingrid Williams as @imaGirlsScout with Girl Scouts of Eastern OK To see more information about the speakers Click Here As a headline sponsor M3 New Media will be offering DVDs of the entire event-more info about ordering coming soon. If you ordered a DVD you would have received this Receipt from one of the M3 Staff: M3 New Media acknowledges payment for and promises to deliver to:  authorized release to you upon purchase that gives you permission to edit, rebroadcast, and use footage for your future promos however you see fit including on your blog, website, YouTube channel, etc.  Unfortunately one of our camera guys is at another shoot today so the plan is to get at least 33%-50% of each talk filmed. If you place an order with us and the speaker who is also speaking during your time does not want a DVD then we can commit the bulk of the time for your talk-either way I think you will be happy with the end result.

M3 New Media is Social Media Conference Video Sponsor

Thanks to Mashable for linking to our event:

100+ Upcoming Social Media Tech Events

Thanks to all the Social Media Tulsa Sponsors: Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma BreastImpressions @Busted4Cancer

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M3 New Media Launches Human Trafficking Site in Oklahoma

Human Trafficking is a global problem with 30 million people trafficked globally and 200,000 of those in the USA.

Tulsa, OK 1/9/11

Human trafficking is a $32 billion a year industry and of the 30 million people being trafficked globally 3 million of those are children with the average age of a trafficking victim 12 years old.

Wikipedia Definition-Human trafficking is the illegal trade in human beings for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation or forced labor: a modern-day form of slavery.

Human Trafficking Oklahoma
M3 Launches Human Trafficking Awareness Website

These numbers come from the US State Dept. and the United Nations. The staggering thing is that every 30 seconds another child is trafficked on the globe and Oklahoma is at the heart of the human trafficking issue in the United States; because of the highway systems that run through here. If Oklahoma’s highways are at the heart of the problem-the heart of the full-time abolitionist is at the heart of the solution and the organizations that have been founded here make Tulsa a “City on a Hill” for global solutions and US cities everywhere.

Meet Mark Elam, Founder of OATHCoaliton.Org

After becoming aware of the in 2005 Mark traveled to India, Southeast Asia and the Philippines to learn how to address the growing problem in the US and in Oklahoma.

oklahomans against trafficking humans Oklahoma

While raising awareness and support for the global problem, Mr. Elam discovered that human trafficking and child sex trafficking is happening here in America as well.

Mark Elam OATH Coalition
Mr. Elam visited several of the Dept. of Justice Task Force cities to learn from them what our federal government is doing to combat this problem here in America… and then implemented that plan here in Oklahoma July 2008, forming the Coalition O.A.T.H. – Oklahomans Against Trafficking Humans.  In the first year of operation O.A.T.H. has partnered with over 80 federal, state and local organizations to service victims of trafficking found here in Oklahoma.  In February of 2009 O.A.T.H. was asked to become the state-wide coalition to bring awareness, education and training about the subject of human trafficking and to assist in networking law enforcement agencies, service providers, NGO’s, business leaders and the faith community in providing care for trafficking victims.

Stop Child Trafficking Now
Jason & Kristin Weis, Jenks, OK Stop Child Trafficking Now

Meet Jason & Kristin, Stop Child Trafficking Now

“Jenks couple abandon old lives to fight child trafficking”

A recent article in the Tulsa World

and other local media introduced you to full-time activists turned abolionists Jason and Kristin Weis.

Jason and Kristin Weis had a comfortable life in Denver. Two kids. House in a neighborhood cul de sac. Good jobs. Financial security. Nearby family and friends. Then a local TV news report “changed everything,” Kristin Weis recalled.

Now, the Jenks couple in their early 40s work together to raise funds and awareness about the national organization Stop Child Trafficking Now, which “addresses the demand side of child sex trafficking by targeting buyers/predators for prosecution and conviction,”

stop child trafficking now

Meet Sean Spellecy Founder, Child Safety, Inc.

Child Safety, Inc. was launched in July of 2010 in Tulsa, OK by Sean Spellecy. “As a school principaI I got tired of saying,

sean spellecy child safety inc
MATT BARNARD/Tulsa World 10/31/10 Child Safety Inc.

‘I’m sorry, I wish there was something more we could do.'”At CSI Our motto is: “Total Life Security”. We have a multi-phased protection program to enhance safety for families and organizations.

With offices in Bixby, OK and Portland, OR Child Safety, Inc. is making a difference with their patented technology that can literally reduce the time it takes for law enforcement to issue an amber alert from 50 minutes down to 10 minutes. “Those first few hours when a child goes missing are crucial and with the CSI Card parents get peace of mind.”

Child Safety Inc.

These are just 4 of the 12 organizations that will be present at the Tulsa Human Trafficking Awareness event slated for Tuesday in Tulsa. As part of a Presidential Proclamation to observe the entire month of January and the day of the 11th as “Human Trafficking Awareness & Slavery Prevention.”

Meet Pamala Kennedy Chestnut, Nationally Recognized local author of More Than

Pamala Kennedy Chestnut will be on hand to sign copies of her new Novel More Than Rice-A Journey Through The Underworld of Human Trafficking. Pamala is in the middle of an extensive book tour and inspires audiences and leaves readers with a call to action not a feeling of helplessness.  Tulsans who come to Agora Coffeeshop Tuesday night, Jan 11th from 6-8 pm will be informed, inspired and presented many opportunities to connect and make a difference.

more than rice human trafficking
Nationally Recognized Author

By book marking readers can see what hundreds of organizations are doing to address the issue of human trafficking globally and specifically in Oklahoma.

Written as a result of her international travels, Chestnut shares a story of hope from despair in her fourth book and first novel published by

Author-More Than Rice

The team decided it was time to launch a website in Oklahoma that showcased all of the great organizations that are making a difference with human trafficking. Updated nearly daily, this website will showcase what organizations, NGO’s, Non-profits and citizen’s groups are doing to end human trafficking in Oklahoma.

Some of these groups are more focused on creating public awareness and education, while others are focused rescuing victims and getting them restored. Yet others are involved in urging lawmakers to create laws making it easier to prosecute predators. SCTNow is working with local law enforcement to serve up cases against predators making it easier for law enforcement to prosecute.

Business Marketing Passion Flows When You Adopt a Non-Profit for Your Organization or Company

There is a lot of Twitter buzz today about New Year’s Resolutions and Business goals for 2011. Employees already have requested off for summer vacation and as an HR manager, CEO or employer you may be wondering how to infuse some passion into the post-holiday back-to-work blues. Below are a few Non-Profit ideas your company can adopt now for a year long of fun and giving back.

social-good- tulsa
Social Good Tulsa

Why not Adopt a Non-Profit for your company and make them a part of your new year’s calendar?

There are many great local Non-profits, charities and organizations that need help all year long not just at the holidays. We will mention a few you are familiar with and maybe a few you haven’t yet heard of:

1. Salvation Army Tulsa

Adopt a Cause for Your Company This Year

We all tend to think of the Salvation Army at Christmas time. And they are huge at Christmas. But the Salvation Army is a year round ministry that constantly gives back to the Tulsa community. And they are a lot of fun for companies to work with because they are so big on Social Networks like Twitter.
Read the Story here of Social Media Tulsa gives back-Christmas 2010.

2. Junior Achievement of Oklahoma on Facebook

JA Worldwide is the world’s largest organization dedicated to educating students about workforce readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy through experiential, hands-on programs.

3. Big Brothers & Big Sisters

Many an employees life has been enriched by volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters. This is a great program with a proven track record that can add value to a Company’s work-force through volunteerism and giving back.

There are many great organizations to work with. One of the best ways to identify your corporate cause is to ask: What are our Companies “Core Values?” By identifying the mission of the company or the core values you can better determine what might be a good fit. Larger companies may want to provide several options for employees to choose from even allowing extra time at lunch or after work for participation in community service and for volunteering.

This short post is in no way a complete list. The goal here was just to get your mind thinking about what might work for your business for Social Good this year. There is also Little League Sports (I like to capitalize too much-have you noticed?) Church groups, civic groups, school, band, music, football, cheerleading, etc.

One of the web’s favorite resource for Social Good and Non-Profit information is at What are your favorite Non-Profits? What has worked best for your organization? Have you used Social Media to expand volunteerism beyond your corporate walls? How did that work? What did you learn. Thanks for your comments. Or email us directly Feel free to tell us what you want to see on the blog.

Tulsa to Observe Global Human Trafficking Awareness Day

In observance of Global Human Trafficking Awareness Day & Global Human Trafficking Awareness Week.

human trafficking oklahoma
Tulsa Observes Global Human Trafficking Awareness Day

The Tulsa community is coming together to: be educated about human trafficking, to network and be motivated to end human trafficking everywhere. Did you know there are twice as many slaves today as there were in Abraham Lincoln’s time? The people of Tulsa want to change that statistic, starting with their own state.  -Thirty million people are trafficked for sex globally each year. -Three Million of those are children and 200,000 of those children are right here in the USA. This makes the United States the world’s #1 Sex tourism destination.
This will be a great opportunity to do some great networking with people and organizations that are making a difference. Mark Elam, Founder and CEO of OATH Coalition (Oklahomans Against Trafficking Humans) and named by the FBI as Oklahoman of the Year for his work in the fight to end human trafficking. Mark is actively working with victims, victim’s organizations and legislators to end trafficking in Oklahoma and beyond. Mark’s work has been influential in shaping how other states address their trafficking issues.
Jason Weis, Jason is the National Walk Director for Stop Child Trafficking Now based out of New York, NY Jason and his wife Kristin felt the call to end human trafficking in 2008 and came to Tulsa to attend Victory Bible Institute. Since then they have worked actively with SCT Now to go after the demand side of human trafficking. Jason has been successful receiving media coverage and spreading awareness and mobilizing college students and young adults for the cause.

Nationally recognized author and former Mrs. California, Pamala Kennedy Chestnut in her fourth book and first novel takes the reader on a “Journey Through The Underworld of Human Trafficking” but doesn’t leave the reader hanging in turmoil-the call to action motivates the reader to do something now to make a difference in their world. Don’t miss this opportunity to have a photo with Pamala and pick up several autographed copies of her new novel.

Child Safety, Inc. Sean Spellecy (former Oklahoma school principal) is the Founder & CEO of CSI a patented technology that keeps children and families safe.

Bring your business cards, sip some tea or cappuccino, meet some new friends and learn how to make a difference to end human trafficking.

Daniel Kleefeld’s music has touched thousands around the world. Enjoy the music of Daniel Kleefeld as you network and learn how to end human trafficking in our generation.

Fox 23’s Day Break will be featuring several of the participants on their morning show January the 10th so be sure to tune in to For more on how Tulsa is working with local law enforcement to solve this problem and be a model city

Tulsa Declares War On Sex Trafficking-First US City Using Ground Breaking Technology Dec 2, 2010

Thanks to our Sponsors: Agora Coffee, Gallagher Wellness Center, OATH Coalition, Stop Child Trafficking Now Tulsa, Pamala Kennedy Chestnut, author of More Than Rice, Daniel Kleefeld, Child Safety, Inc., Lauri Rottmayer, The Mrs. Oklahoma Pageant, Hearts of Confidence, The Tulsa Food Blog & M3 New Media. Online Event Registration >

Stop Child Trafficking Now’s Jason & Kristin Weis Featured in Tulsa World

Many of  our readers know we follow the Human Trafficking issue very closely in Oklahoma. The following is a story about Jason & Kristin Weis in the Tulsa World:

human trafficking tulsa ok
Part of the SCTNow Team with Local Law Enforcement-Photo by Michael D. Butler

By MATT GLEASON World Scene Writer Published: 12/20/2010  2:21 AM Last Modified: 12/20/2010  4:52 AM <Full Story Here
Take a look at more information about SCTN

Jason and Kristin Weis had a comfortable life in Denver. Two kids. House in a neighborhood cul de sac. Good jobs. Financial security. Nearby family and friends. Then a local TV news report “changed everything,” Kristin Weis recalled.
Now, the Jenks couple in their early 40s work together to raise funds and awareness about the national organization Stop Child Trafficking Now, which “addresses the demand side of child sex trafficking by targeting buyers/predators for prosecution and conviction,” according to its website,
This year alone, the couple helped organize a July benefit golf tournament at Golf Club of Oklahoma and an October benefit walk at the RiverWalk in Jenks. And they worked with the owner of the Jenks FreshBerry to donate $1 for every cup of yogurt sold from Nov. 1 through the end of this year. Other fundraisers are in the planning stages, including a January black-tie event. In all, Jason Weis said the couple have helped SCTN raise about $750,000 in the past two years.
Since its founding in 2008, the organization has formed a Tulsa-based special operative team that includes former Navy Seal members. Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan, Mayor Dewey Bartlett, Tulsa County Undersheriff Brian Edwards and City Councilor Rick Westcott have publicly supported SCTN. Lynette Lewis, SCTN’s president and founder, lived in Tulsa for 25 years and worked at Oral Roberts University. She now lives in New York City.
Lewis said of Jason and Kristin Weis: “What Tulsa has become, through their leadership, is our hallmark city. Tulsa, in the entire nation for us, is now our forerunner city, where the strategy, the ops team working with local law enforcement, is way down the line compared to other cities. “And it’s all because of their leadership.

One night about six years ago, the couple’s two young children were already in bed when a nightmare slipped into the TV news: A father had videotaped himself raping his 2-year-old daughter. Thousands of people later watched it all unfold online.

Kristin Weis said, “It’s hard to describe in words how defining that moment was.”
Jason Weis said, “That was the line-in-the-sand moment. We had to get involved and do something.”
But how could they? Kristin Weis cut hair for a living. Jason Weis co-owned a business that made banners and signs. They were seemingly no match for pure evil.

The rage Kristin Weis felt that night followed her to a meeting with Flo Shannon, a Denver prayer minister and a graduate of Tulsa’s Victory Bible Institute. Once Kristin Weis revealed her need to fight child sexual exploitation, Shannon pointed the way to Tulsa and VBI. If the Weises were serious about fighting evil, Shannon knew they’d first need VBI’s spiritual armor to engage in, as Jason Weis called it, “demonic battle.”
When Kristin Weis initially told her husband they needed to move to Tulsa to attend VBI, he laughed. She remembers him telling her, “We’re not going to Tulsa, Oklahoma. We’re not going to move our family, quit our jobs and move to Tulsa.” Plus, Kristin Weis’ mother, who lived in Denver, was dying of cancer. They couldn’t leave her. So the couple decided to enroll in the VBI online and correspondence program. But Shannon, the prayer minister, once again told Kristin Weis she and her husband needed to move to Tulsa to attend VBI. Unlike the first time Kristin Weis said they needed to relocate to Tulsa, about a year before, Jason Weis agreed to sell his part in the sign and banner business to begin a new endeavor: fighting child sexual exploitation.

“It was the perfect timing,” Kristin Weis said. However, it was difficult to leave behind her mother, who died a year after the couple moved to Jenks. Her family vehemently disagreed with the move. “They were hurt; they didn’t want to see their family leaving,” Kristin Weis said. “But we knew what we had to do. For us, anyway, there was no turning back.

When you hear stories of children that are being raped, and it’s getting worse, and it’s getting worse – and the kids are getting younger. Organized crime is getting into it. The mafia. Child pornography is exploding. “When you hear those types of things, it was impossible for us to go back to a normal life.” About three months after making the decision to leave Denver in favor of attending VBI, the couple and their two young children moved to Jenks just before school started in August 2006.

For the next three years, the couple balanced their VBI school work, family time, their volunteer work with SCTN and full-time jobs. Kristin Weis cuts hair, and Jason Weis eventually became VBI’s director of online and correspondence programs. The couple, through “divine connections,” Jason Weis said, joined SCTN in late 2008.

In mid-2009, they were in the kitchen when Kristin Weis began to cry. As the tears fell, she said, “This is too big. How are we going to change anything?”  But the couple are not alone in the fight.
“We may not be able to bust in the doors of a brothel,” Kristin Weis said, “but we can fund the guys that can partner with the guys who can bust in the doors.”
Six years ago, the couple could have simply changed the channel when the nightmarish news report revealed a father’s evil act.
They didn’t, however, because, as Kristin Weis said: “So many people, they won’t do anything because it’s too scary, it’s too evil, it’s too horrible and they don’t want to look at it. But it’s not going to change it if you run away from it.”

Original Print Headline: Haunting reality
Matt Gleason 581-8473 matt.gleason@tulsaworld.comBy MATT GLEASON World Scene Writer
Read more from this Tulsa World article at

SCTNow will be a featured guest at Human Trafficking Awareness Day in Tulsa January 11th at Agora Coffee.

Tulsa To Come Together for Global Human Trafficking Awareness Day 1/11/11

Contact: Michael D. Butler, Sr. Primary Contact, M3 New Media

918.550.8000 Desk 918.955.3227 Cell

Global Forum in Tulsa, OK


Tulsa to Come Together to Observe Global Human Trafficking Awareness Day Tuesday, January 11, 2011

On Tuesday, January 11, Tulsa organizations are coming together to observe Global Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Executive orders signed by President Bush and President Obama make January 11 the National Day of Observation that coincides with the Global Observance Day. Citizens united for a safer Oklahoma are coming together with twelve Tulsa area organizations to raise awareness, educate the public and alert the media about how Oklahomans can respond in 2011.

Thirty million people are trafficked for sex globally each year-3 million of those are children and 200,000 of those children are right here in the USA. This makes the United States the world’s #1 sex tourism destination. Oklahoma is caught in the crossfire and is a major trafficking destination and casualty because of the highway systems.

At 2 pm there will be a Press Conference hosted for local media. Each organization will have an announcement for the media followed by a time of Q & A. The Press Conference and Event will be at Agora Coffeehouse 4959 S. 79th E. Ave, Tulsa, OK 74145. Exhibitors from each organization will be on hand with information and representatives at the Press Conference and the Evening Public Forum from 6-7:30 pm. RSVP on Facebook.

Here is a snap shot of 4 of the 12 organizations that will be on hand sharing information with the public:
Mark Elam, Founder and CEO of O.A.T.H. Coalition (Oklahomans Against Trafficking Humans) Mark has been named by the FBI as Oklahoman of the Year for his work in the fight to end human trafficking. Mark is actively working victim’s organizations and legislators to end trafficking in Oklahoma.

Jason Weis, National Walk Director for Stop Child Trafficking Now, New York, NY. SCTNow focuses on the demand side of child trafficking by infiltrating, investigating & implementing investigations leading to the arrest, prosecution & conviction of child sexual predators.
Sean Spellecy, Founder & CEO, Child Safety, Inc. CSI is a patented technology that keeps children & families safe. Sean’s team will be on hand to talk about the sex offender registry & how to keep your family safe with technology.

Media RSVP’s please contact Michael Butler about Global Human Trafficking Awareness Day-Tulsa

Pamala Kennedy Chestnut, Author of Novel:  More Than Rice, a Journey through the Underworld of Human Trafficking. As a local novelist and global conference speaker Pamala shares the stories of the girls who have been trafficked and not only helps the reader understand how it happens but challenges the reader to make a difference.
Press Contact: Michael D. Butler, Sr, M3 New Media

918.550.8000 Desk 918.955.3227 Cell


Human Trafficking-A Global Problem Finds a Solution in Tulsa

Tulsa Declares War On Sex Trafficking-First US City Using Ground Breaking Technology

By Michael D. Butler, Sr.

300,000 children in the U.S. are at risk every year for commercial sexual exploitation. –U.S. Department of Justice

Tulsa, OK 12/1/10

Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan along with Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett and the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Department and Stop Child Trafficking Now gathered at the Tulsa Police Department to announce that Tulsa and Oklahoma will adopt a pre-emptive strategy against human trafficking.  Below is a partial transcript of the press conference:  

Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan said, “We are pleased to announce that the TPD has engaged in a partnership that will benefit our community.  Human trafficking is a Tulsa problem.  I met the team from Stop Child Trafficking Now. They don’t just address child trafficking they address human trafficking.  This is a global problem, it is a state problem, and it is a local Tulsa problem.  It is everything from prostitution to immigration issues….Nearly all of our boys and girls who are engaged in prostitution have been trafficked in some form or another and have been exploited.  I think it’s an issue that needs to be brought to the forefront. This group has done that and they continue to do that.’

Jason & Kristin Weis with SCTNow "Tulsa is Leading the Way in the Fight"

‘This is a web-based database that I will assign personnel from TPD to have access to.  It is a fairly new database but it is growing exponentially-day by day and we will be able to use it. Like the Under-Sheriff said: “criminals travel” and people who commit these kinds of crimes tend to be ran out of communities. They try to be elusive and go to bigger cities or they do things that keep us away from where they are.  In the past we may not have had enough criminal information on someone who is committing these offences. But with this database there is a much better chance and we are more likely with this technology of finding them and knowing if they are serial offenders.  It is good information sharing.”

Tulsa Leads the Way

Mayor Dewey Bartlett, “ In Tulsa county we find this (human trafficking) irreprehensible and that we want to do whatever we can in our ability as the Mayor’s office  and as citizens of this state and county to stand behind our enforcement mechanisms to eradicate this problem.  We are at a unique position geographically because we have such high trafficking areas with the interstate system that gives direct access not only for human trafficking between major cities but major countries and if we can do anything more know you can know that we simply will not allow it to happen to anyone here-whether they are a citizen of this country or not.  My hat is off to all of you for taking such a leadership position in this.  For us it’s very important to have this technology and this partnership. I believe that the city of Tulsa is doing very well and that we are seeing this as a problem on our radar screen but that doesn’t mean we can sit back and assume that it’s not there because it is and we are thankful to be working with SCTNow and their people.”

Clark Stuart, President of the Operatives: “ I am thankful to be working with a city as progressive as Tulsa. It’s a changing world we live in. Our world is based on information and living in a time when we are forced to do more with less.  Being able to manage the information is the priority. I congratulate you on the leadership and courage to make a difference with human trafficking and embracing the methods that we have proven effective for years.  We are optimistic to be working with your local law enforcement and providing them with the valuable information that comes from integrating the software with the officers and “boots on the ground.”  It’s an honor to be working with Tulsa and I’m looking forward to developing a relationship with your community.”

“We want to thank you for coming out today. We feel that Tulsa is on the front end of this issue-very proactive. We feel like Tulsa will become the model for the nation on child trafficking ,” said  Jason & Kristin Weis, Stop Child Trafficking Now National Walk Directors. Jason went on to say that, “it is an historic day in Tulsa for technology and law enforcement, but ultimately for children.”

SCTNow Tulsa has participated in 2 global works and a golf tournament to raise money and awareness for based out of New York, NY.

Also present were other member’s from many other organizations who work with victim’s recovery groups and task force members who educate law enforcement and legislators.

Notably, DaLonna Hanlin Sexton Mrs. Oklahoma 2011 & Mark Elam, President & Founder of O.A.T.H. (Oklahoman’s Against Trafficking Humans) and Oklahoma’s FBI Citizen of the Year

Lynette Lewis, Founder & President of SCTNow, former Tulsa resident, now lives in New York City: “What Tulsa has become, through the leadership of Jason & Kristin Weis is a hallmark city for the entire nation. Tulsa is now a forerunner city, where the strategy, the ops team working with local law enforcement, is way down the line compared to other U.S. cities.”

More photos of the event can be found on Facebook in the M3 Photo Album & your invitation to Global Human Trafficking Awareness Day January 11th in Tulsa

Media present: Fox 23 ,  KJRH,  TheNewson6 & ORU Eagle Broadcasting, The Tulsa World, and M3News.