The Venture Network Tulsa OK Announces Co-Authoring Agreement

Networking 3.0 Leveraging Your Business in the New Economy

Original Online Content at Co-Founders Nathan R. Mitchell & Michael D. Butler 5/14/12

Have you ever wanted to be a published author? A lot of people do! The problem is it’s a lot of work, and unfortunately, the majority of people simply don’t have the time to commit to writing and publishing a book. However, for those who do, they will tell you that it is a wonderful, rewarding experience, and that it adds instant celebrity and credibility to themself and their business!

The Venture Network Tulsa, OK Announces Co-Authoring Agreement

Writing a book is an excellent way to establish yourself as an expert in your industry, or as a sought after speaker. However, if your business is thriving (not a bad problem to have by the way), you may not have time to write a book, nor would you want to let sales or customer relations suffer during the many months it would take you to write your book, edit it, publish it, etc!

At The Venture Network, we provide service-based professionals like you a simple solution to writing and publishing, and it is with great enthusiasm that Michael and I share with you our first ever co-authoring model that is specifically designed to help you establish yourself as an expert while helping you increase your revenue through referral and social media networking.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to be successful in your goal of being a published author. Writing a book, and getting it published, takes a lot of time and resources, and is a huge undertaking. But, with that being said, there is not a better alternative than a book when it comes to showing expertise, experience, and credibility than a published work.

Co-Author Publishing Agreement Includes:

  1. Your chapter of 3000 words or less included in the book “Networking 3.0: Leveraging Your Business in the New Economy.”
  2. Your personal and/or business bio at the end of your chapter which includes your personal photo and contact information. (Value = Priceless!)
  3. Your name and photo on the back cover with the other co-authors (Value = Priceless!)
  4. Professional copyediting and proofreading (A $2,500 Value)
  5. Professional front cover and back cover design (A $3,000 Value)
  6. Professional book formatting, production and book printing (A $1,000 Value)
  7. 100 copies of your book to distribute as your wish! (A $1,500 Value) *more books are available for purchase
  8. ISBN# registration and U.S. Copyright Protection (A $500 Value)
Total Book Publishing Value = $9,500!!!

Co-Authoring Marketing Agreement Includes:


  1. You featured on the Networking 3.0 website!
  2. The electronic book cover image to promote your book as you wish
  3. A professionally written description of your book that you can use to promote it
  4. PDF version of your chapter you can use for promotional and media use
  5. Professionally written press release announcing the book and featuring you as a co-author
  6. Electronic distribution of the press release announcing the release of the book to both media and press outlets that will be most receptive to the work

Total Book Marketing Value = $2,500!!!

Total Value = $12,000!!!

Your Total Investment = ONLY $2997!!!

Apply To Be A Co-Author Today!

Please note that we do not accept just anyone to be a co-author in our program. This is a highly competitive opportunity and is by application only!

We will limit this co-authoring agreement to the top 15 applicants who understand the importance of investing in themselves, and to those whom we choose to partner and do business with. In the news for complete News Article: Referral Networking Organization, The Venture Network, Offers Its First Co-Authorship Opportunity to Help Business Owners Become “Rock Stars” in their Industry

See what New York Time’s Best-Selling Authors & Clients are saying about M3 New Media Book Marketing 

Michael’s book marketing has included: One of America’s top publicist’s and Huffington Post Book Marketing Contributor, Arielle Ford recommending and using Mr. Butler’s services. Arielle Ford’s clients have included 11 New York Time’s Best-selling authors: Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield publishers of ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ have sold over 30 Million books, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, etc. Two Book Marketing clients have recently received movie deals as a result of social media and online PR.

Tips to Improve Your Business When Growth is Slow

Tips to Improve Your Business When Growth is Slow

M3 Guest Blogger

There is always that time in business when the growth is slow and things move at a slow pace. Most businessmen fret and panic when their businesses see this phase.


What they fail to see is that this is the time, rather an opportunity to make improvements to their business, to make amendments, grow the existing network, review business strategies, chalk out new plans for sales, advertising and brand promotions, plan for diversification, and add new products and so on. So, what can be done and achieved when there is a lull in business?

Build contacts

This is the best and the most ideal time to socialize and grow your network. You never know who you may stumble across and how they might be a positive influence to your business. Your potential customer might be just around the corner. Try and attend as many networking events, get together, corporate conferences as you can and make new contacts. Be honest and genuine when you come across people and try to make their acquaintance with you as memorable as possible. Find a Networking Organization where you can grow your Network with Referrals. 

Seal the new professional relationship with the aid of ‘follow-up’

Just a chance meet with someone has never really done much good to any business. It all depends on how one changes that chance meet into something that is mutually benefiting, is what doing business is all about. This calls for timely follow-ups. By doing so, you are ensuring you remain in their memory, and so, whenever arises a need for something that you deal in, you would be the first person to crop up in their minds.

Get active on social networking sites

With almost half the population being on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc., these networking sites are a right place to grow your contacts. People who you may have chanced upon in a business meet or events might be there on any of these sites. Trace them and get them to join your network. Chances are, from them you may come across many more contacts that might really be of help to you. Invite your existing friends and business partners to join these networks, in case they already aren’t on any. This way you can keep growing your contact base.

Grow your products and services

Innovation, creativity, and thinking out of the box have always played key roles in getting a business to bounce back in action. This period is best suited for diversification, because it helps you taste success from different streams. It also works on the ‘ do not put all your eggs in one basket’ rule. Sticking to just one product can be suicidal especially when the growth is slow. If this product dies, then so would your business! However, if you choose to diversify, you may have another product to bail you out, in case one betrays you. Diversification therefore is the smartest thing to indulge in during trying times like these.

Strengthen your existing customer base

Show your customer what they mean to you. Thank and reward them for their loyalty by offering your customers of long standing, special rebates and discounts. This will ensure they continue to be by you. Improve your customer service. Not tending to your customers on time, especially during times like these, can prove fatal to the health of your business. Remember, it’s the customers who can both make or break a business.

Get your marketing folks to pull up their socks and get to work

It might sound contradictory to focus on marketing when the times are slow. But, this is indeed the department that should get to work at the slightest available opportunity, because you now would be needing more customers and it’s precisely during times like these that you would be needing new customers in order to survive the phase of lull.

Brush up and add to your own skills

It’s not just the business that you need to be concentrating on during a time like this, but also take time out to improve your own self, in terms of your skill sets. Add new feathers to your cap. Enroll for some course that compliments your career. For instance, if you happen to be an HR professional, you might want to take up a certification course in psychometric tests. This would add to your skills and bring more weightage to your profile.

Organize and make necessary purchases

Use this time to re-organize, re-design your place of work. Clear all the clutter and unwanted stuffs from your office and check if there is any scope for beautification of the office premises. You could also indulge in that long pending shopping for your office like purchasing a more efficient office desk & chairs, new systems or a mac system.

Be patient and positive

Always remember that this too shall pass and that this is only a temporary phase. Losing hope and courage can only multiply your woes. Instead, by looking at the whole thing with a positive perspective, you can not only emerge victorious from the cocoon of lull, but also take to the skies and scale new heights like a just emerged bright butterfly. By looking at this phase like an opportunity to grow and make innovations, rather than a depressing time, you will be able to take your business to new heights that it hadn’t been before the lull!

By being patient, positive and hardworking, no period of inactivity in business, should either bother or threaten you. Being able to look into the eye of a problem is what it takes to defeat it and destroy it like it never existed.

About the author: Brianne is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she is fond of gadgets. Recently an article on audi a6 price attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on Samsung S5620 Monte.


Brianne Walter

Blogger & Writer

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Tulsa Social Media Tools From M3 New Media Amid Facebook IPO Buzz

Tulsa Businesses Now Have Access to Total Social Media Agency with M3 New Meida Tools in Tulsa amid Facebook IPO Buzz says M3 New Media Founder Michael D. Butler

With Facebook set to go public later this month and the world watching the activity around the Facebook IPO, Business Owners scramble to connect with future customers on the social media platform that has over 900 Million users and, according to over half of those users log in daily. Social Outbreak, a product of Total Social Media Agency in Scottsdale, AZ launches with a bang in Tulsa, OK earlier this week says Founder

According to Total Social Media Agency in Scottsdale, AZ 93% of Marketers use social media. And those business owners and marketers now have a new tool to effectively and systematically grow their Facebook Fanbase with a new tool called Social Outbreak™ powered by Total Social Media says Tulsa, Oklahoma based M3 New Media Founder, Michael D. Butler.

Social Outbreak Team Tulsa

For as low as $50 per month a business can now have access to a full blown social media agency and many of these same business owners have spent hundreds, even thousands of dollars on advertising and marketing on social media and particularly on Facebook. Product creator, Jim Lupkin, was in Tulsa this past week to share with Oklahoma business owners about the Social Outbreak™ product. “It basically makes any Facebook Fanpage a Website. That, coupled with the fact that you get to offer an ipad sweepstakes and the busienss owner is not even out the cost of the ipad. there is no product on the market that competes with ours and there is nothing even close to this affordable. We have 2 major National companies, one being a household name that we will be announcing soon is using our product, said Lumpkin.

“The Internet is coming of age and to have a tool like this for any business, author, brand, band, church or non-profit is simply a no-brainer,” says Michael D. Butler who was present at the Tulsa launch with his wife and other social media agency and Facebook Marketing PR Firm owners.

The research on shows that people are more likely to try a new product or service if their friends on Facebook have written a favorable review. “The truth is we will lose some short term sales by not providing some of our new clients with the expensive set up, design and management of their social media properties, the fact is now, with Social Outbreak we will have a more long-term, sustainable and educated client-and that will translate into long-term revenue for us and for them. And, since our customers get such quality step-by-step training on how to design their page, engage with new customers, and build a loyal fan base I think we will have loyal, happy customers for life. And that is a “win-win”‘ says Butler.

Social Outbreak is a direct sales model that pays multiple levels for referrals on product introduction making it a fast-growing, viral opportunity. Those individual business owners and social media agencies who want to know more can visit

BEFORE                                                          AFTER

social outbreak oklahoma

Oklahoma social media outbreak facebook marketing

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M3 Client in The News-The Venture Network Launches in Tulsa, OK

Oklahoma Businesses and Entrepreneurs See a Silver Lining in the Economy


the-venture-network-Tulsa, OK
The Venture Network-Tulsa, OK

The Venture Network  is an organization dedicated to offering referral networking, 24/7 Social Media Interaction, and Master-Mind Groups, in an effort to help area Business Owners and Entrepreneurs End Their Recession.


Two local entrepreneurs are hoping to help business owners prosper in this economic downturn. Nathan R. Mitchell (MBA, CPC) Founder of Clutch Consulting and Michael D. Butler with M3 New Mediahave started The Venture Network, a business networking referral community that helps its members gain new business through referrals, both online and in person. Full story here Oklahoma Businesses and Entrepreneurs See Silver Lining in Economy

“It’s a proven fact that people do business with those they know, like and trust. The Venture Network gives consumers and business owners in a specific geographic location referrals based on needed products and services,” says Serial Entrepreneur Michael D. Butler.


Nathan R. Mitchell teams up with Michael D. Butler, founder of  M3 New Media, a Tulsa-based Digital PR Firm. “Consumers are suspect of new businesses and they need a place to find Businesses, Contractors and Service providers they can hire based on peer-reviewed recommendations,” says Mitchell.


Nathan R. Mitchell is a Business Consultant, Author, and Motivational Speaker. He has worked with a Fortune 50 company for more than a decade, and is now focused on helping Business Owners and Entrepreneurs become more efficient and more profitable, while benefiting from referral marketing. Most recently, he has been on a speaking tour with his Brian Tracy endorsed book “Give me the Ball-Winning the Game of Entrepreneurship.”


The Venture Network hosts monthly meet-ups for business owners who participate in the organization at a Basic or Platinum level. Group members receive the benefits of networking face-to-face, participating with members globally in 24/7 online networking, and business development through Master-Mind groups.


“Networking for business referrals is not new,” says Butler. “In fact, it has been around for centuries; but now, more than ever, because of the Internet and Social Media, we have a Perfect Storm for some real ‘win-win’s’ in Oklahoma and beyond.”


The Venture Network is located in the Impact Office Building at 3939 S. Harvard Suite 175 and has received calls from numerous states and cities inquiring about launching a Network in their area. Butler and Mitchell have recently traveled to Los Angeles and to meet with Venture Partners who understand the importance and significance of bringing businesses together; businesses such as: IT Consultants, Contractors, Realtors, Insurance Representatives, Tax Professionals, Legal Attorneys, Chiropractors, Bankers and Mortgage Professionals.



Michael D. Butler, Sr. & Nathan R Mitchell (MBA, CPC)

The Venture Network

3939 S. Harvard Ave. Suite #175

Tulsa, OK 74135



Twitter Success for Your Business Marketing & Publicity with Social Media

Get the E-Book NOW: Twitter Success for Your Business Marketing & Publicity with Social Media


Social Media Marketing for Authors-Best Seller
Get Your Free E-Book Now


Twitter is a social network and micro-blogging platform that allows you to send 140-character “tweets”. With these tweets, you can let your people know what you’re up to, share links and cool resources, communicate with your customers, drive traffic to your website, and much more.


According to the Twitter website, Twitter allows you to answer the question, “What are you doing?”


Oklahoma Businesses See a Silver Lining in the Economy


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Tulsa, OK   12/27/11

 ‘Oklahoma Businesses See a Silver Lining in the Economy’

A new Tulsa business hopes to help business owners end their recession.
the venture network-Michael d butler nathan r mitchell tulsa ok

Two local entrepreneurs are hoping to help business owners prosper in this economic downturn. Nathan Mitchell, M.B.A. and Michael D. Butler have launched a business networking referral community that helps its members gain new business through referrals online and in person.

“It’s a proven fact that people do business with those they know, like and trust and The Venture Network gives consumers and business owners in a specific geographic location referrals based on needed products and services,” says Serial Entrepreneur Michael D. Butler.

Nathan R. Mitchell teams up with Michael D. Butler founder of M3 New Media a Tulsa-based Digital PR Firm. “Consumers are suspect of new businesses and they need a place to find businesses, contractors and service providers they can hire based on peer-reviewed recommendations,” says Mitchell.

Nathan Mitchell Founder of Clutch Consulting LLC has consulted with Fortune 50 companies in the past 11 years and is now strictly focusing on Entrepreneurs in start-up mode which need to benefit from referral marketing. He has been on a speaking/book tour with his new book: “Give me the Ball-Winning the Game of Entrepreneurship.”

The Venture Network hosts monthly meet-ups for business owners who participate at a basic or premium level. Group members get the benefit of networking face to face and participate with members globally in a 24/7 online master-mind community.

“Networking for business referrals is not new but now more than ever, because of the Internet and Social Media coupled with this economy we have the perfect storm scenario for some real business ‘win-win’s’ in Oklahoma and beyond,” says Butler.

The Venture Network has partnered with Entrepreneurship Academy Bootcamp to offer a one-day intensive for Saturday, March 17th to give business owners and start-ups an 8-hour intensive covering: Business planning, Branding, Social Media, Taxes and Publicity.


The Venture Network is located in the Impact Office Center at 3939 S. Harvard Suite 175 and has received calls from numerous states and cities inquiring about launching a Network in their area. Butler and Mitchell have recently traveled to Los Angeles and Memphis TN to meet with Venture Partners who are bringing businesses like: IT, Contractors, Realtors, Insurance, Tax Professionals, Attorneys, Chiropractors, Bankers and Mortgage Professionals.


Media Contact: Michael D. Butler, Sr.
3939 S. Harvard Ave. Suite #175
Tulsa, OK 74135

M3 Sponsors Entrepreneurship Academy Bootcamp Tulsa, OK

Tulsa to Host the First Entrepreneurial Academy Bootcamp 2013

Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Sales Managers, Authors, Start-Up Companies and CEO’s will converge in Tulsa in March 2013  for 8 hours of “MBA level instruction, inspiration and practical “How-To” info to take their business to the next level. “This is not just some ‘feel-good rah-rah session,” says Michael D. Butler the CEO and Founder of M3 New Media and the Co-Founder of The Venture Network. This will be power-packed with solid ‘how-to’ stuff you can use from MBA’s, CPA’s, and best-selling authors.” Nathan R. Mitchell, MBA Founder of and Co-Founder of with Butler says, “I saw a need for a one-day business intensive for business owners in a local market. I don’t know of a more quality business optimization product a CEO can get without having to fly to the East or West Coasts.”

And to celebrate the holiday season, my business parter, Michael and Nathan have decided to offer their loyal subscribers $50.00 off the single-ticket purchase price for a reserved seat at Entrepreneurship Academy Boot Camp in Tulsa, OK.

You heard that right! For a limited time, you can attend Entrepreneurship Academy for only $147.

All you have to do to get registered is visit the website for the event at

We have an excellent lineup of speakers, entrepreneurs, and INC 500 CEOs that are ready to give you the inside scoop on what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur in the wonderful world of Free Enterprise!

You will have the opportunity to learn from:

  • Jim Stovall – World Renowned Speaker, Author, and Founder of the Narrative Television Network. Jim authored “The Ultimate Gift.” Now a major Motion Picture!
  • Jill Lublin – Master Strategist, International Speaker, and Publicity Coach to Celebrities and Author of the book “Get Noticed, Get Referrals!”
  • Jay Myers – Founder and CEO of Interactive Solutions, and INC 500 company in Memphis, TN
  • Ed Bogle – Senior Strategist and Founder of IdeationEdge
  • Colleen Payne – Founder of Tulsa-based INC 5000 company MCI Diagnostic Center, and Author of the book “I Did It My Way, And It Worked…”

In this one-day event, you will learn…

  • The Importance of Passion and Mindset in Entrepreneurship

  • The Art of Branding, and How You Can Personally Develop a Brand That Creates “Top of Mind Awareness.”

  • The Seven Common Causes For Small Business Failure, and How You Can Minimize Your Risk.

  • How You Can Effectively Utilize Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn to Compete With the Big Players in Your Industry

  • How to Network and Build Sustainable, Mutually Beneficial Relationships

And More…

It is literally an event that has been designed with new and experienced business owners in mind. There is empowering and insightful information here for everyone that loves the great game of business and desires to win!

**Entrepreneurship Academy Boot Camps support the Stovall Foundation–an organization dedicated to furthering free market education through sponsorships to students.

PS: Hurry, because this offer ends on December 31st 2011. Sponsorship opportunities are still available. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, contact Nathan or Michael at

Nathan R. Mitchell is the Owner and Founder of in Tulsa, OK a business consulting firm that optimizes and enhances core business and CEO processes.

New Accelerated Marketing-Faster Business Results in New Economy

Business is changing at warp speed—How does your company stay relevant?

Business Networking is 24-7 and on Multiple Platforms

The internet and globalization have opened a new flood of opportunities and challenges. How does your business stay relevant? How does your brand stay consistent with customers? Now your customers have a choice. How do you keep them coming back to you and not your competitor? In Seth Godin’s book Small is the New Big he shows businesses how to be great by being remarkable at being small.  Get a free business evaluation at today and take your business to the next level!

Michael D. Butler & Nathan Mitchell The Venture Network WNYC Radio

Black Friday shopping traditionally is the day after Thanksgiving but retailers and consumers are playing the game all month long from tent camping outside best buy to tweeted specials via social media like Twitter& Facebook.



Michael’s post on that Black Friday 2009 read: me and MG shopped, had breakfast, i took her home, she’s asleep and I’m home tweeting. Black Friday, we bought: Napkins, coffee, and an electronic thingy-what did you buy? November 27, 2009 at 6:46am

Michael forgot about creating that post until the Producer at with WNYC called on Black Wednesday asking for an interview on Black Friday. Michael quickly seized the opportunity even though it meant rolling out of bed at 4:30 am on Friday, hey that was sleeping in compared to some Black Friday shoppers and radio show hosts!

M3 New Media had just wrapped up a Black Tuesday Twitter event: Tuesday Night Twitter Event Gets You Black Friday Ready. with the to help customers get cash rich for Black Friday and Christmas Holiday shopping deals!

Black Friday Shopper Group on Facebook

This is an edited copy of the email Michael received from the show producer:


Thank you so much for talking with me today. As we discussed, we’re thrilled that you can join us Friday at 6:00am EST on The Takeaway.


We will give you a call to check your line at 5:45am EST. The interview will begin at 6:00am EST. You will be joined by New York Times finance and Wall Street reporter Louise Story, as well as by a former Black Friday shopper who won’t be shopping this year.

If you has any questions in the morning, you can call our Senior Editor and Line Producer Rupert Allman -We will call you on skype using your skype login michaelbutlersr. This will be a LIVE interview with our hosts John Hockenberry and Celeste Headlee.

A bit more about the show: The Takeaway is a live public radio news show, co-produced with WNYC, the New York Times, and the BBC. We broadcast all across the United States during morning drive time. Our hosts are John Hockenberry and Celeste Headlee. John, a 30-year veteran of radio and television news, has won four Emmys and three Peabody awards. Celeste was the Midwest Correspondent for NPR’s Day to Day before joining our program. We have nearly a million listeners and are broadcast across the country.

Michael D. Butler & Nathan R. Mitchell on Black Friday Shopping and Your Business

Michael D. Butler & Nathan Mitchell, MBA, Co-Founders of and Co-authors of “Leverage Your Network 24/7″ will be on WNYC Radio talking about Black Friday Shopping, Consumer Confidence, Social Media Trends Retailers are using to attract and gain customers and how customers can leverage social media platforms like Twitter to find the best deals this Black Friday.

The program The Takeaway is produced by WNYC and PRI, with the New York Times, the BBC World Service & WGBH Boston. Reach us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr.

M3 New Media is a 24/7 Digital PR and Social Media Firm based in Tulsa, OK. The Venture Network is a 24/7 Business Development Incubator based in Tulsa, OK and launching nationally in 2012. “Most businesses fail in the first five years” This is why I wrote “Give Me The Ball-Winning the Game of Entrepreneurship” says Nathan Mitchell, MBA in Tulsa OK and Co-Founder of The Venture Network. “I’m thankful to have business success mogul and networking expert Brian Tracy write an endorsement for my book ,” says Mitchell.

“One of the main reasons we are launching The Venture Network now, in this economy is to give start-up businesses and business owners the support they need to get their businesses back on track, find more customers and gain market share again,” said Michael Butler.

Nathan is the Founder of a power-packed 1 day seminar for entrepreneurs and the owner of in Tulsa and is a featured speaker on college campuses on the topics of Entrepreneurship, Business and Success. Michael Butler is the Co-Founder of with Nathan R. Mitchell and the CEO of M3NewMedia in Tulsa. Michael does celebrity coaching and social media branding for authors, celebrities and business owners.

Networking Your Business for Referral Success Tulsa OK

Save the Date Tulsa The Venture Network along with M3 New Media and Clutch Consulting will host an after hours business to business networking at 3939 S. Harvard on Wednesday November 9th.

nathan mithchell-michael butler-the-venture-network
The Venture Network, Tulsa, OK


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