Future of Book Marketing Beyond Bookstores Bestselling Authors

The Future of Book Marketing Beyond the Bookstore for Authors & Bestsellers

book-marketing for authors-beyond the bookstore

Book Marketing has changed and opportunity is everywhere. We live in a post book store era.

The new distribution model via the web will be pioneered in the next 10 years the question is: “Will you be ready?” Will you, as an author be able to find your online tribe and connect with them and bring them valuable content again and again? Tune in 11/22/11 when we give you 5 keys to online marketing for authors.

1. Get active and engaged on your Twitter account.

2. Use the LIST feature on Twitter to organize book reviewers, book buyers, book clubs, publishing houses and book marketers into lists so you can easily connect with them and engage them.

3. Get engaged on Facebook and post frequently, quality content.  

4. Do not underestimate the power of YouTube
-It is an emerging giant and will be the biggest of all social networks in a few years. Connecting with your fans, followers and future alliance on YouTube with quality content is huge. It is still early enough on Facebook that what you do NOW will leverage you far into your future.

5. Don’t wait until you have everything perfect. The web and online communities are moving quickly. Every day that you set back and do nothing is another 7 years you lose for not being proactive.

Get started, find your tribe, engage them, have fun and if you do that you won’t ever have to try and sale another book, people will come to you and your books will fly off THE SHELVES (virtual shelves that is!) 

Authors get your very own book trailer for just $197 here is an example:

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OSU Tulsa Leads the Way with Social Media Education

OSU was one of the first Universities in the region to offer Social Media Education

OSU-Tulsa-Campus-Social-media -class-speaker-Michael D. Butler
OSU Tulsa Campus

The Oklahoma State Cowboys have excelled in Veterinary Medicine Education, Agricultural and Economics for years and are now poised to take the lead in the Social Media and Technology space.

As one of the first Universities in the region to offer courses in Social Media that began with the hiring of Professor Bill Handy; OSU continues to the lead the way for students in the Web 2.0 Edulution (a new word that comes from Education and evolution.)

A SNAPSHOT of Michael Butler’s the talk:
Writing for Humans vs. Writing for Search Engines
Leveraging Social Media to Build Your Brand Beyond the Corporate Era 9/14/11

Communication is changing. Penmanship is going away as elementary age children forget how to write in cursive and the internet exacerbates our societal A.D.D.

Michael D. Butler 9/13/11  Syndicated  M3NewMedia.com    MichaelDButler.com
This, combined with several seismic shifts such as global economics, evolution of the internet,
and the end of the industrial revolution and a 24/7 news cycle combined with the Magic Power of a Word Press
blog has created the perfect storm for anyone wanting to be “Rock-Star” famous beyond
the 9-5. Barack Obama in 2008 was elected as the first “Social Media President” 

•	Celebrities, News anchors, Actors, Authors, Speakers-we are ALL free agents!
•	The “Knowledge Doubling Curve” makes ACCESS to information more valuable than the actual info.
•	The internet evolution from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 will create “over night online Rock-Stars”
•	Every industry and every niche. Ie Fitness instructors (from gym to membership website, e-book,
videos,Voice and Music Instructors, Anything that can be taught will be monetized online.

  • M3 Publishing Author who just got a movie deal because of Twitter & M3 Client- 91 Year old author on Twitter.
  • Oklahoma Blogger turned New York Time’s Best-Selling author The Pioneer Woman on M3 & a movie!
  • New York author “Julie and Julia” http://juliepowell.blogspot.com/ becomes movie with Meryl Streep
  • Tulsa boy turns TulsaFood.com into cha-ching!

    With the web becoming more intuitive every day we see the growing value of and evolution of Web 2.0 into
    Web 3.0 when Amazon suggests what book we should buy. Our personal apps are learning us and serving up
    Niche specific-Data-Preferences at our finger tips. And the exploitation by marketers to intimately know and sell our buying, reading and online behavior habits.
    Long form content (Long-tail key words) for more content creation information see ReadWriteWeb.com and CopyBlogger.com.


Heather Cupp – Engineering & Technical Recruiter at Switchgear Search and Recruiting
Volunteer Career Coach at Asbury UMC – OJT (Overcoming Job Transitions)
Heather on Twitter and on Linkedin she is one of the nations premier social media hiring coaches.  

osu tulsa m3 new media-michael d butler
Heather Cupp presented with Michael D. Butler & M3 New Media her topic to the OSU Tulsa class: Social Media Hiring

Stay tuned for more from this class. Thanks to Joe Williams the Professor for the Creative Copyrighting class at OSU Tulsa. In the coming weks they will have Walsh Branding Interactive, Littlefield Brand Development, Acrobat Ant a guest from the Ogilvy Mather Agency and their class project will be with the Tulsa Zoo.

We’ve invited the students to contribute updates to this blog post so you may see some updates, links, photos and continuing information on this page soon, so book mark it and check back often. Also, please leave us comments below about your experience at OSU Tulsa, the class or any questions you may have for the students, Mr. Williams or the Tulsa Zoo project.

5 Social Media Fundamentals

As a business owner, CEO, entrepreneur, author, speaker, affiliate marketer or network marketer there are certain social media fundamentals that can help you succeed in connecting with your target. 9/8/11


social media-twitter-linked-in-facebook-youtube-wordpress-blog
Social Media Essentials

Having a basic understanding of the differences and uses of each of these networks can help add value to your online networking that can pay reach dividends in the offline business to business world and help you gain referrals and leverage more business. Like 5 fingers on a hand, these networks work together but are uniquely different in design and function.


1. Twitter

Twitter is a favorite tool for finding people based on your keywords. As a business owner you can quickly identify potential alliance partners and affiliate partnerships based on keywords, geography, demographics and shared interest not to mention klout score. Also, you can quickly determine if someone is selfish on Twitter and if they are a go-giver of not. Do they share referral and make introductions or do they only talk about themselves? My entire purpose of being on Twitter is to ask: “Do you want to be friends on Facebook?”

2. Facebook

Quickly approaching 1 Billion users Facebook is the leader in online connection not just for Gen Y’s & Gen X’ers but also among the Boomers and Traditionalists. In fact a recent survey found the fastest growing segment on Facebook is women ages 55 and older. Many business owners are using their Facebook fan pages to grow their list as well they should. The main thing with Facebook is to HAVE FUN! Connect with people based on mutual likes and shared interests and BUSINESS will happen naturally. Facebook shows business will happen when we connect with like-minded people and just have fun!

3. YouTube

55% of all videos NOW viewed online were found through search. Video marketing with YouTube is huge and businesses who work hard on it for the next 3 years will reap huge dividends over time in new customers and clients. The real SEO value is in the fact that Google owns YouTube and that is one of the major things that drive video search when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. You can read more about this in my popular blog that received 20+ ReTweets http://m3newmedia.net/blog/business-video-marketing-strategy-priority-1-for-ceos-2011


4. Linked-in

Twitter is more about numbers to bring people through the wide end of what many marketers describe as the “sales funnel.” Linked-in is the valuable, professional network that may have few friends for you that Facebook or Twitter but can be very valuable to your career and your resume. My friend Joel Comm at JoelComm.com describes it like this,”Twitter is powerful. Facebook is a force to be reckoned with. Both are great sources for generating new business. But there is one site that gets the short end of the stick when it comes to social media influence. And if you know how to use it right, you can generate tons of targeted leads for your business.I’m talking about LinkedIn.com.

LinkedIn is the most significant social media site to use for business because it is where business  people are. Unlike Facebook that is overrun by useless novelty apps and Twitter which is limited to 140 characters, LinkedIn allows professionals to meet and network in a format that opens doors of opportunity. Over the past couple years, I have built a network that connects me to over 16,373,345 professionals! That’s significant. I can meet just about anyone else on the site I want to with relative ease.” Read more from Joel’s blog HERE

5. Word-Press Blog

I include your blog last, not because it’s the least important but because it is the most important. And I suggest WordPress.org because in my opinion it is THE BEST blog/website platform for 96% of the business owners I meet. And when it comes to SEO and getting your business found based on your keywords it is simply second-to-none.  I will soon have a link for your to get your themes for as low as $1 each. I am in the process of getting 12 different affiliates set up and yes I am a HUGE believer in affiliates! M3 specializes in building Word Press blogs and website’s. We have built over 100 websites in the past 2 years and 98% of them are wordpress and customers LOVE them! This website is wordpress and so will MichaelDButler.com (under construction) you can bookmark it now-THANKS. The TRUTH is blogging targeted keywords with quality, relevant content, served up to Google consistently will keep you at the top of Google’s search engines! Most people quit but as my friend Brian at the TulsaFood.com blog who gets 100,000 unique visitors a month says: “Something magical happens after you blog consistently for a year.” Most people give up after 6 months!

In conclusion, companies, individual entrepreneurs, business owners, authors, speakers and start-ups who strategically use social media can see long-term, measured ROI (Return on Investment) that can take the place of traditional advertising and marketing. SMO (Social Media Optimization) happens when a long-term comprehensive strategy is used in conjunction with video marketing, blogging, SEO and SMO.

Was this blog post helpful? In what way? What would you like to comment below? We’d love to hear from you. Tweet us @MichaelButlerSr & @M3NewMedia we WILL tweet you back and follow you back! Please share your social media addresses with us so we can follow you back! M3 New Media is an online Digital PR Agency in Tulsa OK headed up by Michael D. Butler, Sr.

140 Conference in Tulsa & Hutchinson Kansas September 20

140 Conference Shout out Train was in Tulsa on Thursday Downtown at the new Back Alley BBQ & Blues.   8/14/11

Social Media is changing the way people connect and relate. Last year’s 140 Conference was in 10 major cities including New York, Tel Aviv, Israel. It was a phenomenal success and this year will in Hutchinson, KS on September 20th to represent small town Social Media connections—Big Time NOT small Time!

Special thanks to  Jeff Pulver, Alan Weinkrantz, and Oklahoma’s own Becky McCray for stopping in Tulsa for lunch as part of their tour through Oklahoma in support of September’s 140 Characters Conference in Hutchinson, Kansas, and they would love to meet you!

Jeff Pulver:
Jeff is known as the founder of FWD, the VON Coalition, PrimeTimeRewind.TV, Vivox, the co-founder
 of VoIP provider, Vonage, the creator of "the Pulver Order,"
and is an all around incredibly interesting person to talk/listen to. 

For more information about Jeff check out his website: http://pulverblog.pulver.c​om/
and on Twitter http://Twitter.com/JeffPulver

Alan Weinkrantz:
Alan is a strategic technology Public Relations and Social Media adviser to American
and Israeli companies, helping thought leaders establish their message, create visibility,
and build credibility via traditional and emerging media channels.
He also works with Jeff Pulver on New Business Development and
Sponsorship Opportunities for the #140Conf Events Worldwide. 

For for information about Alan check out his website: http://www.alanweinkrantz.​com and
on Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/alanweinkrantz

Becky McCray:
Becky is a small town business entrepreneur who also works with city governments with project
management and grant writing. She loves to talk about small town and rural issues in small
business, government and tourism. She has spoken at over 100 conferences in regards to social media,

small business, social networking and new technologies, business planning, and marketing, and is
very well respected both locally, nationally, and among the cattle on her ranch in Hopeton, Oklahoma. 

For more information about Becky check out her website: http://www.beckymccray.com​/ and on Twitter
140 Conference
Becky McCray, Jeff Pulver, and Michael D. Butler

Thanks to Melanie Nelson and Natasha Ball for organizing this get together with Becky McCray. Cheryl Lawson, founder of Social Media Tulsa was present and also shared. Everyone is encouraged to come to the 140Conf Hutchinson, Kansas on Tuesday, September 20th to connect and be a part of the Small Town Social Media Revolution!

Give me a shout if you wanna carpool @MichaelButlerSr 


Why Social Media is LIKE a Small Town

I grew up in a small town. And according to @BeckMcCray Social Media is like that small town-not just because the neighbors kids still get disciplined by the community but because you can ask around and find out how legitimate and authentic a person or business owner is.

“Everyone has a small town connection, so I think everyone understands the principle of ‘small-town.'”
“When the whole world is looking to build communities online the same rules apply,” say McCray.

Becky was a recent speaker at Social Media Tulsa Conference along with Michael D. Butler, Sr. and many other entrepreneurs, start-ups, business owners and CEO’s. Stay tuned for more videos coming to you soon from M3NewMedia.net

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Michael D Butler SR
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Tulsa Social Media Conference a Big Hit

M3 New Media will be gifting a $500 marketing package to one lucky winner at the Social Media Tulsa Conference today-

At 3:40 pm Michael Butler’s Power point will be available here Continue reading Tulsa Social Media Conference a Big Hit

Beyond Social Media Tulsa Talk

Beyond Social Media was the Talk for the Chick-Fil-A Leadership Team in Tulsa This Week

The M3 Team had a great time with the local Chick-Fil-A Leadership team-the topic: Beyond Social Media

Beyond Social Media

Many business people are still reeling from “the recession.” We have found the best way to extricate oneself from a recession is to “create your own” magic by creating a stage for yourself and becoming the “rock star” on your stage by hosting the experts on “your stage.”

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