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In a world filled with noise, how does a business owner, brand, author or entrepreneur stand out in the crowd?

One of the BEST ways for you as a business owner, author or brand to gain credibility and market share is to rely on third party validation and testimonials.

And the best way to build real and lasting relationships and turn new customers into raving fans, advocates and evangelists for your brand is to have an ongoing comprehensive social media strategy.

It’s one thing to brag on yourself but quite another thing entirely when a customer, client or new contact does.

Ford Motor company

This is why social media is such a powerful tool that provides third party credibility and klout. It’s one thing to tell your clients how good you are but the fact is smart consumers read reviews, reports and comments Online.

Agree or Disagree? It’s not enough on Social Media to just talk about YOURSELF, you need OTHERS talking about you!

This is WHY we created the You Pick Two Social Media packages for Authors, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners. Take your pick with Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, YouTube, Google+ Pinterest, instagram and other social media platforms to connect you with your target market, generate tons of relevant, keyword rich content, syndicate that content to the web, 24/7 while you sleep, play, work and do other things.

This package literally becomes a traffic funnel for you, driving new leads, prospects and potential clients to your business 24/7 while you are not even thinking about it.

National Twitter Mktg    $199 value invite/engage/grow/broadcast™         2000 new followers in 3 months
National instagram Mktg   $199 value   invite/engage/grow/broadcast™    200+ fans in 3 months
Facebook Fanpage $299 value invite/engage/grow/broadcast™      2K Fans in 3 months       
YouTube & Google+ Mktg
  $199 value invite/engage/grow/broadcast™ hundreds of views dozens of likes

Support 24/7 online, email, video, training, support M-F 9-5 phone & email UNLIMITED
Pre-pay and save. Prepay 6 months save 10% Prepay 12 months save 15% Prepay 18 months save 20%

You Pick Two $197

You Pick Two + 1 $272

About Michael D. Butler

Author|Publisher|Book Launch Expert
Michael owns  & Facebook’s Fastest Growing Online Community for Authors and Book Launch Experts and He  helps authors and speakers sell more books Online so they can charge more for speaking and consulting.
His new book Best Seller Status – Become a Best-Selling Author in the Digital Age is launching in 2015 in addition to  Twitter Success for Authors and Single Dad’s Survival Guide are being distributed globally.
Michael has delivered over 1,000 presentations and has been a featured guest on stages, radio and TV shows to discuss Viral Book Launches, Best Seller Status and Becoming a Best Selling Author in the Digital Age.
He is most proud of his work to help stop human trafficking by landing four clients on Fox News including ‘Truckers Against Trafficking’ to 2 Social campaigns that are now signed ‘movie deals’ including Twilight’s Boo Boo Stewart in the Pineville Heist and ‘More Than Rice- A Journey Through the Underworld of Human Trafficking’
Best-Selling Author, Client & Publicist Arielle Ford who works with Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’s’ Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield says, “I’ve been referring your services to everyone…are numbers are up – way up!”
BEYOND PUBLISHING is a full service publishing company based in Las Vegas NV helping authors, speakers and entrepreneurs have a wow customer experience and build a platform that they can monetize for life with print books, e-books and international distribution.


Endometriosis Author Ania G Launches Crowd Funding Campaign

Endometriosis Author, Speaker, Psychologist  Ania G launches Crowd Funding Campaign on Pubslush to help her translate her book into 5 languages.

Visit Endometriosis Author, Speaker, Psychologist Ania G’s Pubslush Crowed-funding campaign here.

What new author survived the largest nuclear disaster of our time  ̶  Chernobyl, Is also a survivor of Endometriosis along with 175 million women globally and is  translating her book about Living Well with Endometriosis into 5 languages? Meet Author Ania G from Poland now residing in Seattle, WA. Endometriosis Author, Speaker and Psychologist, Ania G is helping women everywhere live well with endometriosis.


Ania G says, “In 2014 it does not make sense for a woman to have to wait 10 years for a diagnosis. This is too long, and these women are suffering and many of them have a shrink because their families think they are crazy. Too many women suffer in pain and silence and have no idea what is wrong with them. My crowd-funding campaign launches this week and I’m hopeful to raise awareness and the funds I need to translate my book into Russian, Polish, Lithuanian, French and German.
It’s not hard to imagine launching a crowd funding campaign in today’s Internet world.  Kickstarter, indigogo and Pubslush have become household names synonymous with start-up ventures, book launches and non-profit kickoffs. What makes this crowd-funding campaign so unique is the topic affects so many women globally. Famous celebrities like Susan Sarandon, Whoopi Goldberg, and Padma Lakshmi all suffer with Endometriosis and have all shared their stories publicly.

Ania G Crowd-funding Campaign on Pubslush

Enodmetriosis Author Speaker Psychologist Ania G shares her story with 175 Million women globally who suffer from Endometriosis. Her new book Alone in the Crowd – Living Well with Endometriosis is being published by BEYOND PUBLISHING in Las Vegas, NV and is currently being translated into: German, Russian, French, Polish and Lithuanian.

Becoming a Best-Selling Author in ‘Post-Borders’ Era

Authors, Do you feel LOST when it comes to getting your book FOUND Online? Don’t know ‘where to start’?  Are you feeling overwhelmed? We’ve got some good news and some bad news: 


If you’re an author and ever thought or said: “If I could just get my book in the bookstore I know it would sell right?”


The Shocking Fact is: Probably not! In fact, the brick and mortar bookstore can be the WORSE place to sell your book and here’s why – Your buyer has moved!


The year 2011 was the year the Internet KILLED the publishing industry. That is the year that Amazon announced to the world that, for the first time, e-books had outsold traditional print books.


Now before you get all worked up thinking it’s the end of the world and start preparing for the Apocalypse, let me share some good news with you.


The same Internet that KILLED the publishing industry in 2011 is creating a rebirth or a renaissance for new authors in 2014 and beyond. It was also 2011 that Amazon announced that out of it’s top 100 e-books that year that 27 of their top sellers were self-published and not traditionally published by an ‘old school’ publisher. The lesson here is: We are on the verge of a massive shift in publishing and you, the author, can benefit and prosper greatly from this new distribution model IF you know how to position yourself correctly and take advantage of this historic global shift.

Why it is Harder to Become a Best-Selling author in the Internet Age 

Over 1 million new books were issued ISBN numbers in America in 2012. That represents at least 500,000 new authors. Of those, 60% are self-published authors, with 85% of Americans saying they want to publish a book in their lifetime, according to Bowker book research.

With so many new authors writing new books every year the amount of noise in the publishing world has made it harder for a new author to get noticed.

But, in the midst of the noise, authors who correctly utilize social media can and are becoming best-sellers, landing movie deals, getting media coverage and selling more books.

I stuttered as a child. From the ages of 5-11 I had trouble communicating my thoughts and many times was laughed at and made fun of by my peers and adults. I eventually grew out of my speech impediment and stuttering and one way I coped was to pretend I had a TV show and interviewed interesting guests from all over the world. As long as I was ‘on the set’ of my show (which was on our small family farm) I could talk without stuttering. I believe this, along with several other things, helped me overcome my stuttering. During this time I read a lot of books and did a ton of writing myself. In fact, I remember reading a book written by an 11 year old boy and said to myself: ‘I want to be a writer too.” I share that story to illustrate the evolution that is taking place in my lifetime from brick and mortar stores to Online shopping and how the Internet has changed everything – especially the publishing industry.

How to Leverage Social Media in the Internet Age to Sell More Books

Like the printing press bringing us out of the Dark Ages the Internet is revolutionizing the publishing industry, giving new authors an unprecedented opportunity.


Fact #1

Authors who learn how to leverage Social Media and the Internet with an Online Community will sell more books and gain more notoriety.


Fact #2

Most authors do not know HOW to correctly use Social Media and instead of helping their brand they actually hurt their brand by doing it wrong.


7 Simple Steps to Getting it right with Social Media and Selling More Books as an Author 

(note these tips will help you sell more books as a marketer but not but not necessarily make you a better writer as an author)

1. Brand Your Name

Fiction authors, non fiction authors and self help and religious authors will find the benefits of branding their name by owning their URL can take them far in their writing career. If is not available you may want to add a middle initial like I did

By owning your URL you can continue with a lifetime of blogging and update your fans and readers as each new book becomes available.

You will also want to brand your name on all social media channels ie:, etc… This will make it easier for fans to find you and follow you and will give you tremendous search engine boost over time.


2. Brand Your Face 

Having a close up, current photograph/profile picture will serve you well in the long run. You may love your dog, your grand kids or your automobile but people want to connect with you the author and this is why a photo of your face is preferable to one of your pet. People buy from us when they know us, like us and trust us and nothing helps that happen faster than a current profile picture that is consistent across all social media channels. With the majority of social media being done from smart phones it is so important to make it easy for people to recognize you by using a consistent, easy to see and easy to share photo of your face. Use the same photo on Facebook, Twitter, instagram, Pinterest, your blog/Website, Linked-in, YouTube and all other social media channels.


3. Tell a Compelling Story


We all want our stories to go viral. For them to go viral they must be compelling, authentic and relatable. “He or she who tells the best story wins.” We all know that being a better writer does not necessarily help you sell more books. But telling a better story WILL help you be remembered and will help you leverage your way to ‘best-seller’ faster. Facts tell but stories sell and to make the biggest impact an author must learn how to tell the best stories.


As a public speaker who’s delivered nearly two thousand keynotes and workshops, 90% of the time I tell the story of me stuttering as a kid. I tell this to connect myself with my audience in a way that hopefully fosters authenticity, trust and connection. Many times I tell my story about being a single dad of 4 sons, of being a marathoner or of my son overcoming cancer and having a bone marrow transplant and how his courage and faith inspired thousands.

Stories endear us to our audience, make us more human and create an emotional bond that makes our customers trust us and want to buy from us. Decide what stories fit in your overall social media ‘story’ and weave them in with testimonials, FAQ’s, valuable content and educating your customers. For example if you’re a financial advisor and you write about how to save, choose investments and minimize risk, tell us stories about clients you’ve helped but also tell us WHY you got into the business of helping people save for retirement.

Many times when an audience or individual hears your ‘WHY’ it’s just the thing they need to cement that relationship for life! So, tell your story, tell it early, often and with passion. It will create a lifetime of raving fans ready for book #2 book #3 and book #4 from you!


4. Leverage Your Keywords Across Multiple Social Media Channels 

The Internet gives us the opportunity to connect with potential joint venture partners by leveraging keywords Online.For example, if I’m a self-help author it is very beneficial for me to connect with other self-help authors on social media. This will not hurt my book sales. This will allow others who are following them to find me and it adds value to us both.


We’ve seen it happen again and again in every genre of books, authors who are not threatened by ‘competition’ end up winning in the long run. We’ve even seen two of our authors land movie deals as a result of leveraging their keywords on social media platforms and getting others to talk about them. This ‘third party’ credibility caused a production company to take notice and take action!


There are a number of free and fee based tools to help authors find potential joint venture partners Online and sell more books. and are two of my favorites. A Google search or a search on will show the latest and most reputable tools for managing your brand Online.


Experienced authors who are getting royalty checks should consider outsourcing part of all of their social media to a qualified agency. It is more affordable than many authors realize and it can free up more time for the author to do what their good at and what produces the most income – write more books. Outsourcing one’s social media does not make it less personable. Any qualified agency will take the necessary time to get to know the core message of the author and insure that the message, content and personality of the writer comes through in all Online interactions.


5.  Get Others to Talk About You and Your Books

Third party validation is so powerful when it comes to Online buying. This is why creating a relationship with potential joint venture partners is huge. An author who only talks about themselves will lose followers, but those who brag on others will find that others naturally want to brag on them too. ‘Go-Givers Gain’ when it comes to broadcasting Online. By using what we recommend as our 25% Rule of Engagement ™ where only 25% of the time you talk about yourself and the other 75% you talk about: Industry News and Facts, Humor and FAQ’s and quote experts in your niche you will find those same experts, soon, esteem you as a colleague and begin sharing your stuff freely. One sure fired way to insure others won’t keep talking about you is by ignoring or not replying to FAQ’s and Online sharing. Utilize free monitoring software to track when others are talking about you and your book Online so you can thank them and return the favor.

6. Have a Winning Content Creation Strategy that Includes Video 

The fastest way for your content to go ‘viral’ is is to have it on video. Since Google owns YouTube and 75% of search results are based on video content you will be miles ahead of others in your field if you focus on video marketing for the next 5 years. Finally, make your content shareable. If you want people to share your content – Make it shareable. Use social media buttons like If you’re following our 25% Rule of Engagement ™ formula we mentioned above you can feel confident in asking people to Re-Tweet and share your content across all their social media channels. Finally, this brings me to my important final point,

 7. Re-Purpose Your Content

There is nothing lazy about re-purposing content it is smart! Content is king on the Internet and to get found you must have new and fresh content on a weekly basis written for humans and search engines to get found, indexed and shared. ‘A tweet grows up to become a New York Time’s Best-Seller’ is always our goal and it starts today with you!


Growing up on the farm I loved eating Mom’s cooking. She always made something delicious, nutritious and enjoyable but only used the same 4 food groups over and over and many times mixed a new dish with leftovers from the day before.  For example, everyone of these numbered points in this book (yes this post will be a chapter in a best-seller in Barnes and Noble in May 2014) chapter were a YouTube video, a blog post, a series of Tweets, Facebook posts and Google + posts. The easiest way, in my opinion, to create content is to shoot a weekly video from some of our FAQ’s we get from our clients. I then type up the manuscript (text) from the video. And post this text along with the video on my YouTube channel and my blog. Now I have a Search Engine Optimized piece of valuable content that will drive traffic to me based on what we do for authors and I make it shareable using and Tweet it, Facebook it, post it on Google+ Pinterest, and the social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Stumble Upon, Digg and Delicious.




About Michael D. Butler

Michael  has been helping Authors, Speakers and Entrepreneurs sell more books Online so they can charge more for speaking and consulting. He and his clients have been seen on Fox News, CNN, Dr. Phil, Fox Business, Inc 500, Garnered 2 Movie Deals, Dallas Morning News, San Francisco Chronicle, Houston Chronicle and many more.


He’s delivered thousands of keynotes and speaks about Social Media Strategy, Funding Non-Profits,  Social Commerce Emergence and Author Marketing Best-Seller Strategies. He blogs and at and can be reached at


Michael Butler has recently been acknowledged by America’s PremierExperts® as one of the leading experts in his field. America’s PremierExperts® recognizes leading experts, across a wide array of industries, who are willing to provide information and education to consumers as a public service.


He’s conducted interviews with or shared the stage with Brian Tracy, Governor Mary Fallin, Senator Orrin Hatch, Nick Nanton, Jill Lublin, Fox Business – Judy Hoberman, Berny Dohrmann, Billy Joe Daughtery, Eric Lofholm, Cindy W. Morrison, Dr. Jeff Magee, Coleen Paine, Lisa DeMayo, Olympian Jake Dalton, Mia Davies, Devin D. Thorpe and many more.


STAY TUNED —  SPECIAL Holiday Author Marketing Package right here!

Optimal Brand Building Online – Joint Venture Partners & Content Syndication

Content Syndication for Optimal Brand Building Online with Joint Venture Partners By Michael D. Butler

Michael D Butler Best Selling Author Speaker Social Commerce Pioneer on Brian Tracy Show
Michael D Butler Best Selling Author Speaker Social Commerce Pioneer on Brian Tracy Show San Diego, CA

When it comes to building your brand Online one of the fastest and most effect way is to syndicate content across multiple channels and with many joint venture partners in similar areas of expertise.

Let’s define Syndicate from   syn·di·cate noun \ˈsin-di-kət\

1. a group of people or businesses that work together

2. a group of people who are involved in organized crime

3. a business that sells something (such as a piece of writing, comic strip, or photograph) to several different newspapers or magazines for publication at the same time : a business that syndicates something

Let’s go with definitions #1 and #3 for obvious reasons.   Creating content is the most valuable thing you can do to get others to find you on the Internet, come to your Website and hopefully buy something. Creating content is like going into the record studio in Nashville and producing an album.

While Syndication is like the distribution channels after your CD is completed.
  Once you’ve decided what your topics are and have produced a reasonable amount of content on your topic you’ll want to identify who the influencers are in your chosen space and begin building relationships with them. Your hope is to create mutually beneficial relationships so you can help each other reach a great market size or niched demographic within a nich, ie: micro niche.

It may be something as simple as exchanging banner ads or links or doing a guest blog post for each other. Depending on who you are wanting to syndicate, their klout score and following Online and how far along you are in the process with your Online ‘tribe’ of followers they may or may not, yet, be willing to reciprocate.

The main thing to remember is to maintain a positive, long-term strategic attitude and show them you have a ‘Go-Giver’ spirit and are in it, not just for yourself but for the overall good and development of the ‘Online Community’

Eventually, and probably sooner rather than later you’ll be a ‘Rock Star’ in your Niche and will have tons of opportunity to be a guest on your idols shows and offering e-products to their raving fans who are now your raving fans!

 Someone once said and it’s true, that “on the Internet Content is King and if Content is King then Context is Queen.” I couldn’t agree more with this statement. Google recently changed their algorithims again context, proximity and social rank are now more important than ever for getting your content ‘pushed out’ by Google and other search engines.

With these simple suggestions and enough patience anyone including musicians, book authors, brand advocates, public speakers and future celebrities can and will dominate some of the largest stages in the world Online! Now start syndicating and soon you’ll be the one with the celebrities lined up to be on your stage!

Are you a business, book author or brand who needs to get noticed in 2014? See what others are saying about M3 New Media and Michael D Butler then give us a call.

 About Michael D. Butler   Serial Entrepreneur & Personal Development Catalyst Michael D. Butler has been called a reinvention specialist and personal branding coach.

As seen on Fox News, Butler’s clients have been featured on: Fox News, CNN, Dr. Phil, Fox Business and Inc 500.   He’s helped his clients land 2 Movie Deals, get seen on: Dallas Morning News, San Francisco Chronicle, Houston Chronicle and many more “We help authors, speakers and entrepreneurs sell more books Online so they can charge more for speaking and consulting,” says Butler.

His humor, facts and ‘Did You Know’ content puts him in great demand as a speaker, consultant and partner on various projects globally. Michael’s content has been syndicated into multiple industries from Technology to Non-profits and from Start up’s to Fortune 500 Companies.

Mr. Butler is a grassroots marketing strategist and personal branding coach who has helped CEO’s and start-ups understand where their brand is evolving in a Web 3.0 world and how to reach the largest target market in our lifetime “The Millennials”.

Michael has delivered over 2,000 presentations and has been a featured guest on stages, radio and TV shows to discuss social media, social trends, and authentic marketing evolution. Michael Butler has recently been named as one of America’s PremierExperts® in recognition of his success and knowledge as a Business Consultant & Social Commerce Pioneer.

Michael Butler has recently been acknowledged by America’s PremierExperts® as one of the leading experts in his field. America’s PremierExperts® recognizes leading experts, across a wide array of industries, who are willing to provide information and education to consumers as a public service.   Michael D. Butler, Sr. is the Owner of and

He helps authors and speakers sell more books Online so they can charge more for speaking and consulting.

He is also a best-selling author, has authored 5 e-books including “How to be a Best-Selling Author in a Post-Borders Era” including “Twitter Success for Authors” and “Monetize Yourself Online” are being distributed globally.   Recently interviewed on the Brian Tracy TV show and his co-authored book with Dr. Nido Qubein will be a best seller and on the shelves of Barnes and Noble and everywhere books are sold in May 2013.

Want to talk about your brand? Leave a comment or question below.

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M3 New Media Announces Fox Business Contributor Judy Hoberman New Book Famous Isn’t Enough

Fox Business Contributor and Best Selling Author Judy Hoberman of ‘Selling in a Skirt’ shares her new book “Famous Isn’t Enough’

From the back of Famous:

“After working for three decades in sales, Judy thought she would naturally be successful as an entrepreneur. But, simply believing “If you build it, they will come” doesn’t work when you’re launching a business.

That’s why I wrote Famous Isn’t Enough, says Judy.  In the book, I share the lessons that I’ve learned being a serial entrepreneur – some good, some bad, and some quite humorous. I offer alternative ways to approach your venture and questions to make you think about your decisions. The book is meant as a guide to help you prepare for the exciting journey ahead, and set you up for success.

When all is said and done, nothing beats being your own boss. With that roll come responsibilities, courage and a lot of hard work. Enjoy, share and let me know how you are doing.”

Michael D Butler and M3 New Media are proud to present Sales Trainer, Business Coach and Best-Selling Author from Dallas, TX Judy Hoberman

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Understanding Mobile Customers – Smart Phones Shopping & Buying – Agencies

Continue reading Understanding Mobile Customers – Smart Phones Shopping & Buying – Agencies

M3 Launches New Website to Help Fund Speakers, Authors, Pastors & Free Agents

Michael D. Butler Announces Launch Of To Help Professional Speakers, Workshop Hosts, Pastors & Artists Fund Their Travel Expenses & Expand Their Network Professional Speaker Pastor Affiliate Funding

The speaking industry has taken a hit in the recession – But right now Pastors, Retired Athletes, Professional Speakers and Online Celebrities are all funding their dream of speaking, lecturing and training using a proven affiliate system that funds speaking careers while growing Networks to keep them on the road at

Keynote speakers, Pastors and Spokespersons of nonprofits have seen finances, honorariums and speaking fees go down over the past several years as a result of the recession are turning to affiliate marketing and joint ventures to fund their passion.

Pastors, Professional Athletes, Professional Speakers are all funding their dream of speaking, lecturing and training using our proven affiliate system that funds your speaking career while putting you in front of more people.

Michael D. Butler, Serial Entrepreneur from Tulsa OK announces the launch of to help Professional Speakers, Authors, Pastors, Workshop Leaders and Online Celebrities underwrite their dream and stay on stage.

Michael & Michelle Butler with Brendon Burchard in Dallas, TX

“As a speaker myself it was getting to the point were many of our colleagues were having to come off the road to get a ‘day job’ to support their families and do gigs on the weekend. Since launching we’ve had a number of Pastors, Speakers and even Retired Athletes decide to book their 2013 knowing that their affiliate fees would kick in by spring and summer to fund their tours,” said Butler.
“As an independent business owner helping with the launch of Solavei, a new Social Commerce Compnay, learn more at that is helping make commerce more affordable for customers by providing 4G unlimited voice, data and text for $49 per month and I can see it as a great ‘baseline’ revenue creation tool that can help sustain a Speaker because of the ongoing, recurring income.

“It’s almost like Facebook or Twitter having a shopping card that allowed their members to save money at retail outlets across the country,” said Michael Butler. “That is exactly what Solavei and their Social Commerce Network is all about and how it can benefit member based organizations.”

The income the speaker receives is continuous. It is paid out monthly to the speaker directly from Solavei based on the number of members using the service. It also gives the chance of a business consultant in New York or a Mommy Blogger in Memphis to get funded by a grow group of customers because of the viral nature of the network the donor base can expand exponentially.

Solavei launched in September 2012 and has 100,000 customers receiving no contract 4G nationwide coverage with Solavei. Solavei’s initial product offering is 4G unlimited talk, text, and data with no contract for $49 a month. It operates as a MVNO through a strategic partnership with T-Mobile USA. Solavei is led by former Fortune 100 telecom and retail executives and advisors.

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In 2008 he launched M3 New Media an Online Social Media & Public Relations Firm in Tulsa, OK helping Entrepreneurs and Authors get their message out in the new media. Michael speaks nationally on Social Media trends and personal branding. Michael D. Butler is an Independent Solavei™ Social Member, not an employee or agent of Solavei™ Michael Butler is not a tax attorney or CPA. Check with your tax attorney or CPA about investment and end of year deduction advice as it relates to giving to nonprofits.

About Solavei™
Solavei™ is a social networking and commerce platform that enables users to connect, share and capitalize on the power of social networks. Solavei’s mission is to make commerce less expensive by empowering individuals to earn income on the products and services they enjoy and use every day. Solavei™ pays its members to refer 4G Unlimited Voice, Text, and Data for $49 per month.

M3 Client & Indie Author Gives Marketing Praise Amazon E-Book Best-Seller



Full story in the news

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    LEE’S RESULTS (Results may vary):
  • #1 Amazon Best Seller Rank: Mystery & Thriller (April 2012)

  • #1 Amazon Best Seller Rank: Children’s Mystery, Espionage and Detective (April to July 2012)

  • #3 Best Seller Rank for all books in the Kindle Store (April 2012)

  • Award-Winning Finalist – Young Adult Fiction : 2012 International Book Awards

  • Grand Prize Screenplay Winner : 2011 Canadian International Film Festival


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Broken Arrow Teen Selected as Top Finalist for Dr. Pepper Scholarship BCS


Kelsie Berg Broken Arrow OK
Dean Berg, Kelsie Nikole Berg “Miss Broken Arrow” Jill Agee-Berg, Austin Berg and Nik Berg.


Kelsie Berg, a 2012 graduate from Broken Arrow, is 1 of 10 finalists whose video was chosen for the National Dr Pepper $100,000 Scholarship Giveaway. Dr. Pepper offers these scholarships as a way to help students nationally fulfill their dreams by paying for college tuition. Of the 10 finalists, the top 5 video vote getters will get the chance to compete for $100,000 in college tuition with an all expense paid trip to the Discover BCS National Championship Game on January 7th in Miami, FL.




Fans decide – Fancs can help one of Oklahoma’s own make the top 5 by voting daily until December 17th


To vote for Kelsie, go to from your laptop or desktop computer (no cellphones). In the top 10 finalists, look for Kelsie Berg’s video (she’s the lawyer). Her link is The top 5 finalist videos with the most votes will win an all expense paid trip to the BCS Bowl National Championship Game to throw for $100,000 in college tuition.  Kelsie will also get 1 bonus vote per day if you Tweet #TuitionForKelsie. Note: You must have a public Twitter profile for Twitter votes to count. You can vote everyday until December 17th!!!  


Go Kelsie!! Go Oklahoma!! Go Dr. Pepper!! Kelsie is the daughter of Dean and Jill Berg in Broken Arrow Oklahoma. Dean is the owner of an SEO & Web Development Firm. Kelsie is a 2012 grad of Broken Arrow and is attending the University of Oklahoma. The family has been involved at Rhema Bible Training Center. 

Business-Makeover Specialist, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Tim Redmond in Tulsa for Event

Virtual Book Tour Slated for Tim Redmond, Author of the Highly Endorsed Book Power to Create, and Founder of the Redmond Leadership Institute and Redmond Growth Initiatives.
Business Author Tim Redmond
In His New Book “Power to Create,” Business-Makeover Specialist, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Tim Redmond Reveals Inside Secrets for Business Growth. 

Tim Redmond will be in Tulsa Thursday and appear at Book Signing/Launch Party

This Thursday, September 27th, in Tulsa, Oklahoma Tim Redmond’s Power to Create Amazon Best-Seller/ Book Signing /Launch Party kicks off at 5:30 pm at the Crowne Plaza (formerly the Hilton Hotel across from ORU).  RSVP on Facebook.

Tim Redmond, world renowned speaker, author, and business makeover specialist, has spent decades working closely with corporate and business leaders to identify mistakes and problems that stifle growth. Using Scriptural principles, Tim provides the needed tools and strategies to guide companies back on the path to growth and profitability.

Gleaning from these experiences, he includes such tools and strategies in his new book Power to Create. One of the principles outlined in the book is that of First Be Fruitful, Then Multiply. As Tim points out, “If you don’t first become fruitful, then you tend to multiply mistakes and unlearned lessons.”

Rarely is massive wealth obtained instantaneously. The journey of success usually starts small. In the age of instant, we think success suddenly happens to the lucky few who sit on mounds of abundance.

It is this type of thinking that causes some business leaders to expand too quickly before learning from their small mistakes. For instance, millions can be spent in marketing without ever proving whether or not the advertising efforts were profitable. Add to the fact that marketing results were never closely measured. If they are measured, such statistics and calculations allow the company to adjust what is not working. If this is done steadily as the growth progresses, mistakes are then eliminated.

“If a company is not profitable in what they are currently doing,” Tim explains, “rarely is it wise to expand because they tend to multiply unprofitability.” Then he adds, “First become fruitful in what you are currently doing before you expand and multiply.”

Such seasoned and trusted insight makes Power to Create a must-read for leaders in all walks of life.

About Tim Redmond

Using over 25 years of experience in growing multi-million dollar organizations, coaching leaders, and intensely studying leadership, business, and the wealth creation process, Tim brings powerful, positive change to individuals and organizations through his innovative, insightful and entertaining training approach. He earned his CPA while working at PriceWaterhouseCoopers before joining Tax and Accounting Software Corporation and Intuit, where he served for over 15 years.

A gifted author and speaker, Tim has published a multi-media curriculum, numerous books and training programs designed to strengthen and expand the leadership and wealth creation capacities of leaders and teams worldwide.

About Redmond Growth Initiatives

Founded by Tim and Sandy Redmond, Redmond Growth Initiatives coaches leaders to significantly grow their organizations and fulfill their amazing purpose without sacrificing relationships that matter most to them. Tim and Sandy also operate the Redmond Leadership Institute (RLI), the non-profit aspect of their work which is focused on reaching, restoring and releasing leaders into their unique purpose via seminars and conferences in the US and overseas; particularly in developing nations with huge potential.