Blogging Strategy to Get Your Business Found Page 1 of Google

Blogging Strategy to Get Your Business Found on Page 1 of Google

We live in an Internet search-based world where customers, friends and fans are searching Google, Bing and Facebook on their phones to find where their friends, family and neighbors are shopping, eating and hanging out. The need for a business, brand or Company to be on the first page of Google is greater now more than ever.



We live in an Internet search-based world where customers, friends and fans are searching Google, Bing and Facebook on their phones to find where their friends, family and neighbors are shopping, eating and hanging out. The need for a business, brand or Company to be on the first page of Google is greater now more than ever.

There are a number of ways to get Website traffic and potential customers to your Website. Primarily you can pay for it or you can get it organically by blogging about your topic using your keywords.

Google’s algorithms change frequently and leave many business owners frustrated with their page rank in Google search engines. But by having a comprehensive long-term blogging strategy, business owners, brands, book writers and bands can be assured of overall long-term success in getting found on the Internet without breaking the bank or Google’s rules. 

Here are a few blogging tips to implement to maximize your online results

1.)    Blog frequently using your keywords. Google is always looking for relevant content around topic to push higher in the search results. If you have a local business or a National brand the traction you get from Google can be substantial if you will blog frequently-it doesn’t have to be a long blog (300 words or less would do) Be sure it is relevant, unique to the Web (something you wrote and not something you copied from another Website.) To make sure it’s unique content check

2.)    Use Creative Headlines-Ask yourself “What are my customers typing into Google?” If you have a blog with that headline you are liable to come up #1! This is what makes blogging about your FAQ’s or using case studies so powerful!

3.)    Optimize Your Photos-It’s not enough to just optimize your content. Optimizing photos and videos for search engines are huge, especially since Google now owns YouTube getting your video raked high in YouTube means better first page results for your Website overall.

4.)    Use Social Media to further leverage Your Brand- By having social media share buttons on your blog and each page of your Website it makes it easier for your readers, fans and followers to share your content with their friends and you have a better chance for your content to go viral. Also by having your Company active on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and local search directories you greatly enhance the value of your band and show Google you are a legit business and not just passing through!

For a free and complete analysis of your current Website and Blog go to:

Michael D. Butler is the Founder of a Digital Social Media & Online PR Firm and the Co-Founder of

What are YOUR favorite SEO & Blogging Success Tips? Let us know below we may link back to you and share your Website. Let’s talk Blogging Strategies for Success!  
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Tulsa Website Design – Best Website Design For SEO

 Sound Advice On Best Web Designs In Tulsa


A Website design might be described like a web site that’s designed superbly to draw in potential customers to be able to make sure they are conscious of your company and business methods. Clearly it will likely be in the advantage of both you and your business ultimately. A remarkable website design is definitely required for a company selling product to be able to catch the attention of their customer. In age technology and class where everything around us is moving so quick when someone in some way manages to lose its pace he cannot catch it again. Therefore to be able to improve your business it is important to manage your Tulsa Search engine optimization methods correctly.


Everything on the web is so detailed and informative that you could always discover desirables within virtually no time. To be able to have a good business and also to conserve a good repute, you must have online presence. Now’s modern times, a lot more than 80 % around the globe business has promoted on the internet. Operating business through Tulsa is much more responsive and competitive so you have to work more if you wish to boost the business making profit. A masterfully made Tulsa site certainly is a superb help to the company. In by doing this it appears more professional and prominent. Your possible client is going to be enticed to buy your product using your web as well as your share of the market increases enormously.


Tulsa Website Design – Some Suggestions On Website Design For Search engine optimization


With the rise in technology, it is simpler to pay for things over time. I am talking about with the development of machines it is easy that the work that is normally completed in an inadequate will take 2 or 3 days to become completed. Individuals who were  did so use their hands are actually doing the work with machines. Rapid advancement nowadays, certainly is incorporated in the advantage of guy however the guy nowadays rather than making use is applying they for that destruction of peace in world.


The Internet makes our planet a worldwide village, it’s provided the world a platform where people become familiar with each other and share their ideas. The positive thing in discussing ideas is the fact that individuals are implementing newer and more effective cultures. Individuals are no more not aware of internet and also to individuals who don’t learn about it, are attempting challenging the understanding about internet. Mostly, people love conducting business which is their need to grow their business to some greater level where it meets the requirements around the globe. They invest lots of money however they frequently don’t have any creating a good strategy.


Publicizing your company through internet is really a new and lucrative method to earn good quality money. Without a doubt how it operates.


Creating a creative website certainly is a superb generating for any business, because you may already know because of the rise in internet sites there’s traffic of large amount of possible client as well as their reason for going to is to buy the preferred information by supplying them information you need you are able to convince the client to talk to your web site over and over to enable you to get good quality money.


You can generate just a little reduction in your company on the internet page whenever you put some unnecessary ads in your page. The client isn’t keen on this whatsoever that rather than getting information they’re going to a webpage getting lots of irrelevant advertisements. And also the other loss you bear is your web site is going to be not able to keep a great Search engine optimization ranking. Creating a good Tulsa website design will definitely attract the folks and you will earn a great deal.


Tulsa Website Design Tips – Five Tips About Website Design For Search engine optimization


Progress in science makes a glorious effect overall world. Now almost the world is applying internet most of the people knows the benefit of using internet. With online marketing rising high over the sky a lot of us has known the benefits of doing that. A Tulsa website design is an efficient method to attract the individual since it is useless to achieve the best designed website which no-one can find. While creating a website more appealing various features like text, images, and various colors are utilized delicately to really make it beautiful. The primary objective of Tulsa web site design is to create a website and offer the contents in attractive manner.


As every web design service knows, focusing on and making a useful website certainly takes considerable time. When creating an internet site and attempting to utilize Search engine optimization, you will find some key elements to bear in mind. It’s observed that more often than not while surfing on the web people doesn’t have time for you to wait and find out those sites over and over. They merely want the appropriate information, so supplying the preferred information necessary for person will be described as a good helpful tip.


The navigation links play an important role in this region. It’s a very annoying factor to go over exactly the same page over and over. It is crucial that you should alter the font and colour of the visited links. This can certainly allows you to lessen the bounce rate of the site. Web site traffic has elevated a great deal within the last decade, to be able to make Tulsa website design attractive, it should be suitable for multiple browsers.


It’s annoying to listen to through the web proprietors their site doesn’t work in the search engines chrome and something of that nature. With the rise in media, advertisement has had a great place online. Creating a good Tulsa website design will definitely attract the folks but by putting lots of advertisements you’ll ruin your creative work.


With the aid of popular search engines like google like Google, yahoo, live it is simple for Tulsa Search engine optimization to make use of this appropriate techniques and lift ranking to create a Google slot within the search engines like google. People frequently make an excellent start for his or her business but don’t create a good strategy as well as their business fails in Search engine optimization. It’s as they do not create a web site for his or her business. A artistically Tulsa website design is unquestionably in support of the company.


Beginning a brand new business and which makes it lucrative is definitely an ultimately in the benefit of the dog owner but without correct strategy it’s impossible for any business to develop. It is crucial for any business to create a Tulsa web site to be able to create a prosperous business and consult some professional if required.

Let’s talk about your next Website project.

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Tips to Improve Your Business When Growth is Slow

Tips to Improve Your Business When Growth is Slow

M3 Guest Blogger

There is always that time in business when the growth is slow and things move at a slow pace. Most businessmen fret and panic when their businesses see this phase.


What they fail to see is that this is the time, rather an opportunity to make improvements to their business, to make amendments, grow the existing network, review business strategies, chalk out new plans for sales, advertising and brand promotions, plan for diversification, and add new products and so on. So, what can be done and achieved when there is a lull in business?

Build contacts

This is the best and the most ideal time to socialize and grow your network. You never know who you may stumble across and how they might be a positive influence to your business. Your potential customer might be just around the corner. Try and attend as many networking events, get together, corporate conferences as you can and make new contacts. Be honest and genuine when you come across people and try to make their acquaintance with you as memorable as possible. Find a Networking Organization where you can grow your Network with Referrals. 

Seal the new professional relationship with the aid of ‘follow-up’

Just a chance meet with someone has never really done much good to any business. It all depends on how one changes that chance meet into something that is mutually benefiting, is what doing business is all about. This calls for timely follow-ups. By doing so, you are ensuring you remain in their memory, and so, whenever arises a need for something that you deal in, you would be the first person to crop up in their minds.

Get active on social networking sites

With almost half the population being on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc., these networking sites are a right place to grow your contacts. People who you may have chanced upon in a business meet or events might be there on any of these sites. Trace them and get them to join your network. Chances are, from them you may come across many more contacts that might really be of help to you. Invite your existing friends and business partners to join these networks, in case they already aren’t on any. This way you can keep growing your contact base.

Grow your products and services

Innovation, creativity, and thinking out of the box have always played key roles in getting a business to bounce back in action. This period is best suited for diversification, because it helps you taste success from different streams. It also works on the ‘ do not put all your eggs in one basket’ rule. Sticking to just one product can be suicidal especially when the growth is slow. If this product dies, then so would your business! However, if you choose to diversify, you may have another product to bail you out, in case one betrays you. Diversification therefore is the smartest thing to indulge in during trying times like these.

Strengthen your existing customer base

Show your customer what they mean to you. Thank and reward them for their loyalty by offering your customers of long standing, special rebates and discounts. This will ensure they continue to be by you. Improve your customer service. Not tending to your customers on time, especially during times like these, can prove fatal to the health of your business. Remember, it’s the customers who can both make or break a business.

Get your marketing folks to pull up their socks and get to work

It might sound contradictory to focus on marketing when the times are slow. But, this is indeed the department that should get to work at the slightest available opportunity, because you now would be needing more customers and it’s precisely during times like these that you would be needing new customers in order to survive the phase of lull.

Brush up and add to your own skills

It’s not just the business that you need to be concentrating on during a time like this, but also take time out to improve your own self, in terms of your skill sets. Add new feathers to your cap. Enroll for some course that compliments your career. For instance, if you happen to be an HR professional, you might want to take up a certification course in psychometric tests. This would add to your skills and bring more weightage to your profile.

Organize and make necessary purchases

Use this time to re-organize, re-design your place of work. Clear all the clutter and unwanted stuffs from your office and check if there is any scope for beautification of the office premises. You could also indulge in that long pending shopping for your office like purchasing a more efficient office desk & chairs, new systems or a mac system.

Be patient and positive

Always remember that this too shall pass and that this is only a temporary phase. Losing hope and courage can only multiply your woes. Instead, by looking at the whole thing with a positive perspective, you can not only emerge victorious from the cocoon of lull, but also take to the skies and scale new heights like a just emerged bright butterfly. By looking at this phase like an opportunity to grow and make innovations, rather than a depressing time, you will be able to take your business to new heights that it hadn’t been before the lull!

By being patient, positive and hardworking, no period of inactivity in business, should either bother or threaten you. Being able to look into the eye of a problem is what it takes to defeat it and destroy it like it never existed.

About the author: Brianne is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she is fond of gadgets. Recently an article on audi a6 price attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on Samsung S5620 Monte.


Brianne Walter

Blogger & Writer

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Tulsa Business Found on Internet with Social Media & Online PR

What does a Tulsa business owner do who wants to get found on the Internet?

Tulsa Oklahoma Businesses


“They’ve spent a lot of money on the Yellow Pages but they aren’t getting found.”

Maybe you’ve spent a ton of money on advertising and marketing, on television, on radio, billboards. But you haven’t tried the Internet.

You will find, as a business owner that the best ROI for your marketing dollars is the dollars you spend online.

Are you a Chiropractor, Veterinarian, Attorney, Skin Care Clinic, Car Dealership competing for business online?

Have you tried a comprehensive Social Media & Online PR Strategy? 

It’s kind of like this, if you were to spend three thousand dollars on a billboard in Tulsa, you would have no control over who is driving down the highway to see that billboard about your business. On the internet, it’s different! We can actually select who sees your advertising and for a fraction of the price! Online marketing in Tulsa is the best marketing dollars you will spend, because we can track it and you can test your ROI.

Social Media Marketing & Online PR Strategy 

So we launched M3 New Media as an agency two years ago to help business owners get found on the internet. Google was changing, Google Local was important and competing for keywords was getting tougher. We recently had an Attorney say that after two weeks on twitter, he had a personal injury case come in his front door. We recently had an Oklahoma Author get a movie deal as a result of social media. You say,”Can that happen?” Absolutely, it can happen. And not just for Oklahoma business owners, but for business owners in Dallas and Oklahoma City and NW Arkansas, who want to understand how pay-per-click campaign works, but they don’t want to do it themselves, we do that for you. It’s very affordable.

When it comes to Tulsa social media marketing and Online PR, you know we now own an online PR tool that forty nine of the top fifty PR firms in the world own, and that’s Vocus service on PR Web. Vocus bought PR Web last year. It has been a powerful win-win. We have acquired the software, we’re using it for our clients, our authors, our speakers, our business owners, and our brand builders who want to get their message to the marketplace and to the masses quickly.

It’s very affordable and it’s much targeted. There are thirty thousand targeted media subscribers to Vocus services and two hundred forty nine thousand individuals, activists like you and I that love to read our news in the niche. And niche news is what you get; it’s delivered to the inbox of the mover and shaker, the decision maker.

For an author, it’s great because the book reviewer, the book blogger, the decision maker, the book buyer and the person who is going to talk about your book is going to be reading that press release and possibly doing a book review on it. So we target the influencers, the software that we use is very intuitive. It’s very similar to what Amazon uses to make a book buy suggestion, when you buy a book from Amazon; our software, it works almost like that. That if somebody is connecting with somebody on the internet based on the keyword.

Keyword Research

So if your keywords are “Tulsa Chiropractor”, we can connect (you) to people in Tulsa that may need a chiropractor. If your keywords are “Tulsa Plumber”, because you know in the middle of the night when somebody needs a plumber, they don’t go to the Yellow Pages; they go to and type in “Tulsa Plumber”. We help you get found on the Internet based on those keywords, using social media, blogging and online PR.

Recently, we began work on a Tulsa veterinarian who needs to get found when it comes to “spay”, “neuter”, “geriatric health”, “pet health”, “Tulsa pet health”, “and South Tulsa pet health”. When it comes to email marketing, Tulsa advertising, our pricing is very, very affordable.

We help you with your Facebook marketing, your Twitter marketing, your public relations, your search engine optimization (SEO). Helping people find you organically based on your keywords because we do the keyword research for you. Would you like to have keyword research done for your business? We do it! And it’s a very powerful tool that we use and we can help you narrow down, discover your target market. Who is your target market? Who is your number one buyer? Who are your potential alliance partners? We help you identify those and connect with those people online and we help you take it to the next level.

So, at M3 New Media, we help you create viral branded buzz in real time conversations in the marketplace. Did you know people are more likely to buy or use a new product or service if they read reviews from their friends on Facebook? What if you had a thousand Facebook fans? Would that be powerful for your business? Some studies say that Facebook fan is worth up to a hundred and thirty dollars per fan. Give us a shout today and let the Tulsa team at M3 New Media help you get found on the Internet and take your business to the next level.

Fill out the form below and speak with a knowledgeable and kind Marketing Consultant to see what the next step for your Oklahoma Company and Business might be.

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Tulsa Social Media Tools From M3 New Media Amid Facebook IPO Buzz

Tulsa Businesses Now Have Access to Total Social Media Agency with M3 New Meida Tools in Tulsa amid Facebook IPO Buzz says M3 New Media Founder Michael D. Butler

With Facebook set to go public later this month and the world watching the activity around the Facebook IPO, Business Owners scramble to connect with future customers on the social media platform that has over 900 Million users and, according to over half of those users log in daily. Social Outbreak, a product of Total Social Media Agency in Scottsdale, AZ launches with a bang in Tulsa, OK earlier this week says Founder

According to Total Social Media Agency in Scottsdale, AZ 93% of Marketers use social media. And those business owners and marketers now have a new tool to effectively and systematically grow their Facebook Fanbase with a new tool called Social Outbreak™ powered by Total Social Media says Tulsa, Oklahoma based M3 New Media Founder, Michael D. Butler.

Social Outbreak Team Tulsa

For as low as $50 per month a business can now have access to a full blown social media agency and many of these same business owners have spent hundreds, even thousands of dollars on advertising and marketing on social media and particularly on Facebook. Product creator, Jim Lupkin, was in Tulsa this past week to share with Oklahoma business owners about the Social Outbreak™ product. “It basically makes any Facebook Fanpage a Website. That, coupled with the fact that you get to offer an ipad sweepstakes and the busienss owner is not even out the cost of the ipad. there is no product on the market that competes with ours and there is nothing even close to this affordable. We have 2 major National companies, one being a household name that we will be announcing soon is using our product, said Lumpkin.

“The Internet is coming of age and to have a tool like this for any business, author, brand, band, church or non-profit is simply a no-brainer,” says Michael D. Butler who was present at the Tulsa launch with his wife and other social media agency and Facebook Marketing PR Firm owners.

The research on shows that people are more likely to try a new product or service if their friends on Facebook have written a favorable review. “The truth is we will lose some short term sales by not providing some of our new clients with the expensive set up, design and management of their social media properties, the fact is now, with Social Outbreak we will have a more long-term, sustainable and educated client-and that will translate into long-term revenue for us and for them. And, since our customers get such quality step-by-step training on how to design their page, engage with new customers, and build a loyal fan base I think we will have loyal, happy customers for life. And that is a “win-win”‘ says Butler.

Social Outbreak is a direct sales model that pays multiple levels for referrals on product introduction making it a fast-growing, viral opportunity. Those individual business owners and social media agencies who want to know more can visit

BEFORE                                                          AFTER

social outbreak oklahoma

Oklahoma social media outbreak facebook marketing

Or fill out this contact form to speak with someone today:

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Social Outbreak™ Tulsa OK Facebook for Business

Social Outbreak™ Tulsa OK Facebook Fanpage Marketing for Your Business

social outbreak Tulsa

Total Social Media & M3 New Media are pleased to announce Jim Lumpkin was in Tulsa recently to help independent reps launch an opportunity for local business owners to partner with an established brick and morter Social Media Agency. Social Outbreak is the product created by Total Social Media for  Facebook Marketing Strategies for business owners in Tulsa, OK and all over the USA and the world.


“Jim has developed a product that has revolutionized our business advertising return on investment and our results.”

Come learn how for only $50.00 a month you can promote your business, ministry or art in social media. I know it is on short notice, however you don’t want to miss this event if you want more clients for an affordable price.

Who is Jim Lupkin?
He is the creator of the Total Social Media product.
Who is talking about Jim Lupkin?
He was recently interviewed by Inc. Magazine because of his business accomplishments using Social Media. What exactly has he done in the past that makes him an authority figure on Social Media?


Jim Lupkin had been using social media marketing tactics long before the genesis of the term “social media.” For 15 years, he has aggressively used social media to capture market share in his respected industries; whether it was capturing 20,000 customers on a consumable product, providing Web services to 1,200 small business owners as a small business owner himself, or crafting a social network. In addition, Jim has helped thousands of small business owners around the world—including Dr. Mikel Harry, co-creator of world-renowned Six Sigma—simplify and demystify their social media processes.
Jim Lupkin and his partners have launched the first-of-its-kind “Virtual Social Media Agency” service, which allows a small business to have direct access to a full-service social media agency for $50 a month. Two nationally recognized companies have recently signed up for the product. Their names are so profound, it lends a major credibility factor to all who promote Social Outbreak.

Jim has already produced millions of dollars in sales using Social Media and this week he will be showing you how he did it. Text RSVP to 918.955.3227 to Save yourself a seat-it will fill up quick!   Don’t want to wait to SIGN UP NOW

5 Social Media Fundamentals

As a business owner, CEO, entrepreneur, author, speaker, affiliate marketer or network marketer there are certain social media fundamentals that can help you succeed in connecting with your target. 9/8/11


social media-twitter-linked-in-facebook-youtube-wordpress-blog
Social Media Essentials

Having a basic understanding of the differences and uses of each of these networks can help add value to your online networking that can pay reach dividends in the offline business to business world and help you gain referrals and leverage more business. Like 5 fingers on a hand, these networks work together but are uniquely different in design and function.


1. Twitter

Twitter is a favorite tool for finding people based on your keywords. As a business owner you can quickly identify potential alliance partners and affiliate partnerships based on keywords, geography, demographics and shared interest not to mention klout score. Also, you can quickly determine if someone is selfish on Twitter and if they are a go-giver of not. Do they share referral and make introductions or do they only talk about themselves? My entire purpose of being on Twitter is to ask: “Do you want to be friends on Facebook?”

2. Facebook

Quickly approaching 1 Billion users Facebook is the leader in online connection not just for Gen Y’s & Gen X’ers but also among the Boomers and Traditionalists. In fact a recent survey found the fastest growing segment on Facebook is women ages 55 and older. Many business owners are using their Facebook fan pages to grow their list as well they should. The main thing with Facebook is to HAVE FUN! Connect with people based on mutual likes and shared interests and BUSINESS will happen naturally. Facebook shows business will happen when we connect with like-minded people and just have fun!

3. YouTube

55% of all videos NOW viewed online were found through search. Video marketing with YouTube is huge and businesses who work hard on it for the next 3 years will reap huge dividends over time in new customers and clients. The real SEO value is in the fact that Google owns YouTube and that is one of the major things that drive video search when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. You can read more about this in my popular blog that received 20+ ReTweets


4. Linked-in

Twitter is more about numbers to bring people through the wide end of what many marketers describe as the “sales funnel.” Linked-in is the valuable, professional network that may have few friends for you that Facebook or Twitter but can be very valuable to your career and your resume. My friend Joel Comm at describes it like this,”Twitter is powerful. Facebook is a force to be reckoned with. Both are great sources for generating new business. But there is one site that gets the short end of the stick when it comes to social media influence. And if you know how to use it right, you can generate tons of targeted leads for your business.I’m talking about

LinkedIn is the most significant social media site to use for business because it is where business  people are. Unlike Facebook that is overrun by useless novelty apps and Twitter which is limited to 140 characters, LinkedIn allows professionals to meet and network in a format that opens doors of opportunity. Over the past couple years, I have built a network that connects me to over 16,373,345 professionals! That’s significant. I can meet just about anyone else on the site I want to with relative ease.” Read more from Joel’s blog HERE

5. Word-Press Blog

I include your blog last, not because it’s the least important but because it is the most important. And I suggest because in my opinion it is THE BEST blog/website platform for 96% of the business owners I meet. And when it comes to SEO and getting your business found based on your keywords it is simply second-to-none.  I will soon have a link for your to get your themes for as low as $1 each. I am in the process of getting 12 different affiliates set up and yes I am a HUGE believer in affiliates! M3 specializes in building Word Press blogs and website’s. We have built over 100 websites in the past 2 years and 98% of them are wordpress and customers LOVE them! This website is wordpress and so will (under construction) you can bookmark it now-THANKS. The TRUTH is blogging targeted keywords with quality, relevant content, served up to Google consistently will keep you at the top of Google’s search engines! Most people quit but as my friend Brian at the blog who gets 100,000 unique visitors a month says: “Something magical happens after you blog consistently for a year.” Most people give up after 6 months!

In conclusion, companies, individual entrepreneurs, business owners, authors, speakers and start-ups who strategically use social media can see long-term, measured ROI (Return on Investment) that can take the place of traditional advertising and marketing. SMO (Social Media Optimization) happens when a long-term comprehensive strategy is used in conjunction with video marketing, blogging, SEO and SMO.

Was this blog post helpful? In what way? What would you like to comment below? We’d love to hear from you. Tweet us @MichaelButlerSr & @M3NewMedia we WILL tweet you back and follow you back! Please share your social media addresses with us so we can follow you back! M3 New Media is an online Digital PR Agency in Tulsa OK headed up by Michael D. Butler, Sr.

3 Dimensional Branding & Why Hollywood Doesn’t Get It

Image is not just a haircut and a new change of clothes it is how others perceive you and your organization in the marketplace of Social Media 24/7

2/10/11 Michael D. Butler, Sr.

Michael D. Butler, Sr. is the Principle Consultant and Chief Editor of M3 New Media a 21st Century New Media Ad Agency Specializing in Online PR, Corporate Blogging & Viral Social Media Campaigns.

Recently I was coaching some clients who had a contract in Nashville a decade or so ago. When I used the word “Branding” they were thinking hair and makeup. What we began to discover is: Branding is much deeper than that.

Building a personal brand is important and image consultants are needed not just in Hollywood, New York City but also in Nashville and Tulsa. But when it comes to building a personal brand like George Burns or Morgan Freeman playing God in Hollywood there it’s much more than just hair, makeup and wardrobe.

life mission-image-consulting
Brand Development Software & Image Coaching

Branding is the air you breathe. Branding is the thoughts you think-it is your core. It is your core life message. It is more tangible than the car you drive and the house you live in. It is summed up in one word and that one word is- AUTHENTICITY.

1. Your Brand is YOU. At your core, you are your brand. Your life mission will become your brand and define your life calling. The things that motivate you are your brand and personal mission statement. The thing that angers you-that is the thing that defines your life calling and becomes your brand.

2. Your Brand is what you decide it is. Others will try to dictate to you who you are and what you are about-but ultimately each of us are responsible for answering our own calling. This doesn’t mean others can’t influence us-they will; but ultimately it is up to us individually to find our calling.

3. You and your brand are one. Once you get this settled the self-doubt and uncertainty leave. Confidence attracts destiny. Once you ”draw the line in the sand” resources, people and circumstances will start to line up for you.

4. Your brand can evolve. Give yourself permission to evolve and change. Who you are in your 40’s is not who you were in your 30’s or your 20’s or your teens (that’s ok)

The world is longing for the expression of men and women in the marketplace who are influencing Hollywood, Nashville and New York City with true authenticity, life mission and beauty that radiates from the inside out. Ask God who you are, what is your calling and life mission. Answering that call is different for every individual but the world is yet to truly see what happens when a human allows their true authentic self to shine forth.

While Hollywood and New York may influence what styles everyone is wearing next year the frustration, depression and suicides that litter green rooms and the B trailers of the hopefuls who’ve had their dreams dashed will tell a truly different story. I’m personally counting on grassroots middle America filled with wit, wisdom and common sense to not only once again fill the hearts and minds of entrepreneurs whispering an audacious goal to their spirit: “It’s safe to dream again…go ahead and launch your dream…launch your company.”

This 3 Dimensional Dream will resurrect in the hearts and minds of Start-up companies, Gen Y’s and Baby Boomers alike and will cause a true renaissance and revival to happen not just in Hollywood and the Big Apple but also with your brand and in your company and in your world. And it will be because you inspired a generation with your authenticity and life mission! We can’t wait to see what happens through you!

You can follow Michael’s tweets @MichaelButlerSr

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Brand Development Software & Image Coaching and to comment the article or tell us what you want to read next week on M3 -Thank you.


There are so many media channels available to us. We’ve gone from not being allowed to communicate in any meaningful way to having a hundred Gutenberg presses, a thousand video networks, and a million chances to catch someone’s eye. There are problems with this.

Often we run across very good blogs from other New Media Consultants, Bloggers & Writers. Chris Brogan is one of those bloggers I like to read weekly. He’s graciously allowed us to share this article in it’s entirety that I’ve linked back to his site below-enjoy:

2/8/2011 from from his 2/6/11 post Used by Permission

media photo
New Media Channels

For every new channel you turn on, you’ve set up a little phone, a little bank of cameras, some seats for people to come and observe. Marcel Lebrun from Radian6 used to say, “The social phone is ringing. Is anyone there to answer?” I’m thinking that the social TV network is also waiting to see when the show starts. With a million channels and a million potential touchpoints, where should you spend your time?


The obvious answer is to go where your people are, but this presupposes you know where they are. The other answer used to be to use Rapleaf to find them (but last I knew, Rapleaf was gone). Besides, that answer also presupposes that you have a list of people you know you want to contact. Media doesn’t always work that way. Quite often, we only have a sketch of the person we want to reach. A buyer persona, if we use David Meerman Scott’s language. We know that much, don’t we?


My communication and media plan has shifted a bunch lately, yet it follows advice similar to what I wrote about in A Simple Presence Framework. The plan I have is similar to older plans, but I’ll give you an updated view:
Listen – everything I do hinges on listening to people. I do this via my grow bigger ears methodology. This informs me of ideas, of ways to help my audience, of things I could do to help them grow.

A Home Base – this site, [], is my home base, and will be for the foreseeable future. I very much love Escape Velocity, and hope that it grows to surpass this site, but for the time being, and for the near future, I want to hinge everything around [], so that people know there’s “one stop shopping” on my media message.
Outposts – My outposts have shifted. I’m finding a little less engagement on Twitter, a little less response. Though it’s far more powerful as a serendipity engine than any other social network I frequent, I’m looking at other places like Facebook and LinkedIn to pick up the slack in my engagement responses.
Databases – I’m working email marketing hard now. I’m learning new ways to do it. I’m also shifting some of my efforts to content marketing and content products, like my blog topics project. Why? Because this is and always will be where the REAL gold is. The opportunity to make media is wonderful. If you can’t convert it, you’ve got nothing more than wishes.


In my case, I use video, text, some audio, webinars, live speeches, ebooks, and more. I use all kinds of different media, but I try to keep it all sorted by channel, not by media type. Know what I mean? I don’t want there to be a “video” place, a “text” place, etc. I want you to come to Kitchen Table Companies to talk small business. I want you to come to Third Tribe Marketing to talk marketing. I want you to watch me at such and such a conference to talk about whatever the theme of that conference is.
But what will YOU include? What will you add to your media? How will it make a difference? We all agree that video supposedly adds to engagement, but what’s your plan with it? Where will you add your off-topic information? How will you blend it all together?


There are two parts to this planning. You have to address what you want to accomplish, but you also have to take into account what your community wants. In most cases, they want to learn something from you and maybe even be entertained at the same time. On the other hand, you want to make sure you’re positioning your needs and goals in your communications and media plans.
My community comes to me for advice like what you’re seeing above. This post is why you come (or so I have been told). My own thoughts and needs layered onto it suggest that I do a few things while sharing the best of the best with you. One thing I have to do is make sure that my messaging makes sense for the larger story of my businesses. As Human Business Works shifts into representing “business systems for small business,” I have to carry that thread through other things I’m doing in other channels, so that people get the same experience and understanding on all the channels. But, if I do it well, it’s not like you feel that being smashed over your head. Instead, it’s the sense that you have a comfort level with what I represent when you’re consuming what you need. Does that make sense?


I’ve found that writing out the plan on paper really helps. I drew a picture of what my goals were, where my community seemed to be, the kinds of people I wanted to attract, and then the methods by which I thought I could attract them.

  • Goals
  • Community
  • New Attractions
  • Methods
  • From there, I could riff on what had to stay, what had to go, and what I should consider adding. This is how I came to start experimenting with Facebook. I haven’t been a very big fan of it, but right now, I’m pouring some effort into the Blog Topics Facebook community to see what that yields. So far, I’ve had an uptick in subscribers to my newsletter. I’ve also had even more engagement that’s given me more ideas for products and services that I could offer, so I see that as a win.
    That’s the trick of it. Once you’ve drawn out the plan, you can see the opportunity.

    What’s your communications and media plan? How are you approaching using all this stuff? What are you setting out to do with it? What are you communicating about you and your brand on these channels? What do you hope it yields?

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