M3 Launches New Website to Help Fund Speakers, Authors, Pastors & Free Agents

Michael D. Butler Announces Launch Of 4GSpeaker.com To Help Professional Speakers, Workshop Hosts, Pastors & Artists Fund Their Travel Expenses & Expand Their Network

4GSpeaker.com Professional Speaker Pastor Affiliate Funding

The speaking industry has taken a hit in the recession – But right now Pastors, Retired Athletes, Professional Speakers and Online Celebrities are all funding their dream of speaking, lecturing and training using a proven affiliate system that funds speaking careers while growing Networks to keep them on the road at 4GSpeaker.com

Keynote speakers, Pastors and Spokespersons of nonprofits have seen finances, honorariums and speaking fees go down over the past several years as a result of the recession are turning to affiliate marketing and joint ventures to fund their passion.

Pastors, Professional Athletes, Professional Speakers are all funding their dream of speaking, lecturing and training using our proven affiliate system that funds your speaking career while putting you in front of more people.

Michael D. Butler, Serial Entrepreneur from Tulsa OK announces the launch of 4GSpeaker.com to help Professional Speakers, Authors, Pastors, Workshop Leaders and Online Celebrities underwrite their dream and stay on stage.

Michael & Michelle Butler with Brendon Burchard in Dallas, TX

“As a speaker myself it was getting to the point were many of our colleagues were having to come off the road to get a ‘day job’ to support their families and do gigs on the weekend. Since launching 4GSpeaker.com we’ve had a number of Pastors, Speakers and even Retired Athletes decide to book their 2013 knowing that their affiliate fees would kick in by spring and summer to fund their tours,” said Butler.
“As an independent business owner helping with the launch of Solavei, a new Social Commerce Compnay, learn more at Oklahoma4G.com that is helping make commerce more affordable for customers by providing 4G unlimited voice, data and text for $49 per month and I can see it as a great ‘baseline’ revenue creation tool that can help sustain a Speaker because of the ongoing, recurring income.

“It’s almost like Facebook or Twitter having a shopping card that allowed their members to save money at retail outlets across the country,” said Michael Butler. “That is exactly what Solavei and their Social Commerce Network is all about and how it can benefit member based organizations.”

The income the speaker receives is continuous. It is paid out monthly to the speaker directly from Solavei based on the number of members using the service. It also gives the chance of a business consultant in New York or a Mommy Blogger in Memphis to get funded by a grow group of customers because of the viral nature of the network the donor base can expand exponentially.

Solavei launched in September 2012 and has 100,000 customers receiving no contract 4G nationwide coverage with Solavei. Solavei’s initial product offering is 4G unlimited talk, text, and data with no contract for $49 a month. It operates as a MVNO through a strategic partnership with T-Mobile USA. Solavei is led by former Fortune 100 telecom and retail executives and advisors.

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About MichaelDButler.com
In 2008 he launched M3 New Media an Online Social Media & Public Relations Firm in Tulsa, OK helping Entrepreneurs and Authors get their message out in the new media. Michael speaks nationally on Social Media trends and personal branding. Michael D. Butler is an Independent Solavei™ Social Member, not an employee or agent of Solavei™ Michael Butler is not a tax attorney or CPA. Check with your tax attorney or CPA about investment and end of year deduction advice as it relates to giving to nonprofits.

About Solavei™
Solavei™ is a social networking and commerce platform that enables users to connect, share and capitalize on the power of social networks. Solavei’s mission is to make commerce less expensive by empowering individuals to earn income on the products and services they enjoy and use every day. Solavei™ pays its members to refer 4G Unlimited Voice, Text, and Data for $49 per month.

Marketing Your Book Just Got Easier-Online Book Sales Soar

Online Book Sales Soar as Bookstore Sales Dwindle
Why Authors Have the Power-Not the Big Publishing Houses

Buzzing Authors books-book-marketing
Author Book Marketing
Selling books to the end consumer has gotten easier thanks to the internet-By taking bookstores out of the equation.
Last year there were over 1 million new book titles, yet there were more best sellers than ever before.

The book is ALWAYS better than the movie-right? Yours should be no exception.

Online Book Sales Soar
Whether you are writing a novel, biography, self-help or how-to book the marketing goal should be the same: to sale a ton of books!
It is becoming easier to sell books online because the barrier to sale ie: The bookstore has been removed. Twitter is just one Social Media channel that allows direct connection with targeted followers and can generate tremendous interest in a niched topic.
A book with a narrow focus and niched following can outsell a book with a broader appeal and general context because the internet allows for specific loyalty from grassroot: causes, brands and flavors of topics.   How is this online success possible? The internet: ie book blogs, book review sites, independent book reviewers and book titles on Twitter have made it easier to locate, connect with and market to the end consumer of a book in any genre.
Keys to creating online awareness about your book:

1. Have a Twitter profile for your book. Since every book is a product launch-engage your audience 12 months before you ever sale a book.
2. Use all Social Media channels to connect with your target. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Blog/Website. Connect with the age/genre appropriate book reviewers/bloggers.
Market Your Book with Our Proprietary Software
3. Crowd-Source your content to your followers to get feedback in real-time. Let your followers help you write your content. Use them as case studies. Tweet them questions and use their feedback and when you do cite them. The greater the emotional connection to the brand of you the author and you the book will drive book sales and market demand exponentially before your book ever launches. Know your audience-find out what they like to read-then write that!Why not crowd source your content and have “the crowd” help you write a best-seller. Will “crowd-sourcing” be the new model for book authors?
4. Sale the heck out of your e-book before you ever offer the book. Better yet-offer e-chapters before you offer the e-book. The demand for e-products will grow as borders become less important.
5. Tweet your book out for feedback, sharing and excitement. Throw the crowd some crumbs and start a feeding frenzy. This will pay you richly in the long run.  Every book is a product launch-so why would a Twitter page & Fan page be an after-thought if you are an author? Most people don’t do any marketing on their book and expect to be a Best Seller!
Once we work with you to discover your keywords we start you on a journey to build your brand and take it to the next level. The first stop on our journey for brand building and creative collaboration is Twitter.  We take your existing Twitter account, optimize it for keywords and get you listed with key influencers within your target demographic.
We put your twitter account and keywords in our software & you watch the magic happen!

We put your twitter account and keywords in our software & you watch the magic happen!
Our average client easily gets 2,000 followers within 3 months, Gets listed dozens of times and gets retweeted regularly.

Keyword rich search, targeted follow/unfollow proprietary software, prices do not reflect monitoring.


  • Twitter- Keyword rich follow/unfollow; 20 tweets per week no monitoring …….$29/month
  • Twitter-Keyword rich follow/unfollow; 40 tweets per week, no monitoring…….$39/month
  • Twitter-Keyword rich follow/unfollow; 80 tweets per week, no monitoring…… $49/month
  • Twitter Basic Set up (Existing Account add $30 for Customized)…………………….$59/1 time set-up
  • Twitter Basic Set up (New Account add $30 for Customized)…………………………$99/One Time
Add weekly monitoring (Listen, reply FAQ & website, notify client, RT)……$10-40/month
Twitter is the best ways to publish short-form content to the web. Twitter allows you to create “bread crumbs” to bring viewers and searchers back to your website/blog again and again. Since Twitter is so quickly and easily indexed by Google based on location, content and context it makes it easier for your website to get found and for potential customers to connect with you. You can write the content or let the M3 team write your content for you.

To write 100 tweets for you we charge  $69
To write 200 tweets for you we charge  $99
To write 300 tweets for you we charge  $149

(These are ‘tweets’ you will own for life-You own all the content on your Social Media sites)
More Than Rice, is no exception. The More Than Rice Twitter page began September 1, 2010 and as of this writing 2/4/11has 2,158 followers, sent 982 tweets (that is approximately 10 tweets per day during the daylight hours broadcasting from the CST-as of this writing there is no app for tweeting a book-all of the tweets have been scheduled manually through@HootSuite from the text of the Novel and here is the big thing: been listed 66 times.
The list is the real value  with people listing the Novel on Twitter this means they have “bookmarked” the Twitter page and want to go back to it and learn more. As you can see from the chart in the photo that book sales at Barnes & Nobles and Borders have decreased in recent years while online book sales at Amazon and direct book blogs and websites have increased. Expect this trend to continue.
The Novel’s author Pamala Kennedy Chestnut 2746 followers and listed 93 times.
Content syndication is key when it comes to authors dominating their niche online. Here’s a thought-Market your Book for 9 months before you launch the ebook. Authors do you want your book selling at Amazon and Barnes and Noble?  Do you have a strategy to make that happen? Do you have a plan for getting your ebook published? How about publishing in e-format? Kindle, Nook, Google Reader? Ipad?

Our standard publishing agreement comes with e-book publishing as a standard service not as an upgrade.
Having a book to sell 1)Adds credibility to you 2)Makes you the expert 3)Gives you revenue from back of room sales 4)More speaking gigs.
Take your pick of the above Twitter options and speak with one of our representatives at M3 who can get you started. Our goal at M3 is to provide your brand as much exposure and marketing while providing you with the appropriate listening and feedback. We look forward to working with you to build your brand in your geography and want to be your alliance partner for a very long time.
The above pricing/plans works great for: Authors, Speakers, and Ministers.
We do offer special pricing to companies needing help with 3 or more Twitter accounts. Call us today at 918.550.800 or email info@M3NewMedia.net and inquire further.
Twitter Book Marketing Help For You

Legendary Restauranteur ‘Big Daddy’ of Big Daddys BBQ Passes Away Tulsa OK

Johnnie ‘Big Daddy’ Ball 1949-2010

It was summer of 2010 and a business phone call where the entrepreneur on the other end suggested we meet up for lunch at Big Daddys BBQ. The caller was Tommy ‘Lil Daddy’ Wallace. Wallace had just recently connected with his Father Johnnie ‘Big Daddy’ Ball (owner of 4 Big Daddy’s BBQ in Tulsa) 18 months before. The story is too long to share here but is in Tommy’s new book Son of A King.

The Tulsa World says: “Family was always first on Ball’s Menu” and none knew that more than Tommy. “I am so thankful I had these last two years with my dad.” Tommy’s enthusiasm and drive were evident to all that saw him when he was with “Big Daddy.” He told his dad: “Big Daddy the world would be a better place if there were more ‘Big Daddy’s’ in the world.'”

That hot Tuesday in July was worth it. To be inspired by the dreams of a man who had reconnected with his Father and to see it all happening there in real-time was worth the drive.

big daddy bbq tulsa ok
Michael Wallis from the Movie "Cars" with 'Big Daddy' & Tommy

Sure I enjoyed a generous portion of delicious BBQ that day and have been back again and again to cater food for my four teen-aged sons in Broken Arrow, OK. But the most I got out of the BBQ Business meeting that day was a friendship. A friendship with a man name Tommy Wallace that people now refer to as “Lil Daddy.” And I am thankful that for a few minutes that summer day I was able to meet ‘Big Daddy’ myself and to fully realize what his life meant to Tommy in the short amount of time they were together.

And now that he’s gone, he’s not really gone-he’s living on in the lives of those he touched in Tulsa and beyond. Who knows maybe someday there will be a movie?

tommy wallace tulsa ok author
Author Tommy Wallace with New Book Son of A King & Michael Butler at Barnes & Noble

In the words of Tommy:

My Father Johnnie “Big Daddy” Ball

(Johnnie Ball 1949-2010)

My father was the youngest of several brothers and sisters. He was raised around the Tallahassee, Oklahoma area. He grew up very poor. However, he was determined to make it. At one point he had a chain of snow cone stands across several states. He drove a bread truck for twenty-six years off and on. In the early eighties he started cooking turkey legs out of his house. From there he had a traveling barbecue truck. He traveled all over the United States with it, building up recognition. He was a self-made man.

Eventually he opened his first Big Daddy’s Barbecue restaurant in north Tulsa, Oklahoma on 46th street, then 11th and Garnett, Broken Arrow, and Jenks. He had another in Glenpool for a short while before he sold it. He was the greatest business man I ever had the privilege of being around.

You see the majority focused on Big Daddy the successful businessman, I chose for two years five days a week, to get to know Johnnie Ball the man. He was a very kind person, he was known for giving people jobs who couldn’t get jobs anywhere else. Every Thanksgiving he gave out hundreds of turkey dinners in north Tulsa. He always wanted to give back. He gave contributions to schools and several churches. The more he was blessed with, the more he wanted to give away. I truly feel like toward the end of his life, my dad’s parenting skills were getting better. I worked at the restaurant at 11th & Garnett for free just to be in his presence. It didn’t matter about money, it was about being with him.
Every time he would pull into the parking lot I would open the door for him. I would get him water and napkins. I enjoyed seeing him happy. I knew the happier he was the longer he would live. I went out of my way to make sure we always left each other on a good note. At this point I’m truly glad I did that. It’s nothing like being able to sleep peacefully. The best part of being my fathers’ son was my brothers and sisters. He loved us all the same. Even though I hadn’t known them long, I love them because their part of him. I have two sisters that do hair. One brother who likes cars. Another brother whose in the military in fact, a former instructor at the West Point Academy, he transferred to the air force and now instructs there. My father loved all our mothers the same. They along with his children had a special place in his heart. He talked about all of us with a smile.

The last time I saw my father, I knew he wasn’t feeling well, I said, “Daddy I wish every man, had a chance to have a dad like you, the world would be a better place. You spending time with me has made me a better man. It gave me what I was missing. I love you. My goal is to let every single person in the world know, that you are a King.”
I’m glad I said that to my father because that was the last time I would see him. He was my best friend. For two years he was my religion. I honestly never had anybody more that I looked up to than him. I knew he wasn’t perfect. But his positive far out weighed the negative. If your mother and father are living, don’t take them for granted. Tell them you love them, because you never know.
Every time I would come to the restaurant he would say, “You sharp today, you sharp today.” When I see him this Saturday at his funeral service, whether the casket is opened or closed, I’m going to look at him and say “You sharp today Mr. Ball, you sharp today.”
I will never forget the lessons he taught me. He was the nearest thing to a Black Superhero we’ll ever see. I felt like over the period of two years we spent time together, he was slowly handing me his cape saying, “Here son go fly higher than I ever flew.” He tied it around my neck, as I started to fly he faded into the distance. With tears streaming down my face, I glanced back briefly and said, “I’m flying daddy, I’m flying. I know you’re proud.”

Tommy “Lil Daddy” Wallace
P.S. I love you daddy.