Author Cora Darrah announces the launch of her new Dementia Book


Duraham, North Carolina

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Author – How one family created a final home for a father with love, honor, and dignity. Not only is Cora Darrah launching her book on Amazon she is making it available for $0.99 cents. When asked, “Why,” she replies, “I know there are many families who are going through what our family went through and I want them to have my book as a resource; so for a limited time people around the globe can get my book for just $0.99 cents.”
“This book is about my Father -in-Law Joe and our journey with his dementia diagnosis. We’ve learned a lot on our journey, not only from our research but first hand in taking care of Joe. This book is our story and can help families who are struggling. Cora goes on to share, “People with Alzheimer’s and dementia can be moody and demanding, they quickly forget everything you tell them and many times are very frustrated because they feel like a stranger in their own home.”

With 5.4 Million Americans suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia in the USA it is the 6th leading cause of death according to One out of three seniors will die with Alzheimer’s or another dementia and two thirds of sufferers are women. “It’s a growing number of people that are being diagnosed because we are living longer,” says Cora. Another interesting fact to note is that in 2014, friends and family of people with Alzheimer’s and other dementias provided an estimated 17.9 billion hours of unpaid care, a contribution to the nation valued at $217.7 billion.

Cora has been active on social media connecting with Alzheimer’s and Dementia support groups on Facebook and other platforms, building relationships, establishing quality connections and becoming a resource with her speaking, interviews and Website leading up to the launch of her book. Her book will be available on Amazon Tuesday, July 28th for a limited number of days at just $0.99 cents.

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About Cora Darrah
Cora has been a special educator for over thirty years and has worked in a variety of settings from kindergarten through higher education. She has a passion for the child with a disability and the innate ability to discover how to best reach their learning potential. She has a master’s degree to work with children with learning disabilities and has earned her National Boards. She has recently retired from working in public schools and is now using her skills to assess children and develop educational plans for children that are home-schooled. Recently, with the development of her book, Cora spends more time interacting with individuals that have Alzheimer’s or dementia with the hopes that her skills as a special educator can help develop plans that may help ease the stress of this condition.

She is a first time author. Here We Go Joe is being published by The Cheerful Word in Hendersonville North Carolina. Cora is planning to publish several more books.

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M3 New Media Book Author Wins Major Award ‘Best Use of Visual Effects’ Movie Deal Near


Writer/Director Lee Chambers and Visual Effects Artist George Renner with M3 New Media Praise
Writer/Director Lee Chambers and Visual Effects Artist George Renner
CREDIT: Darren MacDonald

(Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada)Full Story on PRWeb 2/12/13

RennerVFX was recently honored with a Platinum Pixie Award by the American Pixel Academy for their Hollywood-style cinematic teaser trailer for the novel and planned movie of The Pineville Heist.

Currently in the financing stages for big screen treatment with Twilight Saga star Booboo Stewart, The Pineville Heist thriller is also a bestselling eBook, audiobook and paperback.

Writer and Director Lee Chambers and screenwriter Todd Gordon teamed up with RennerVFX to produce a 30 second spot that is 95% computer generated. This in addition to M3 Client Pamala Kennedy Chestnut ‘More Than Rice’ Movie Deal.

This creative collaboration took a staggering two and half months and has now won the team the Best Use of Visual Effects. The American Pixel Academy honors outstanding creativity in motion graphics, effects and animation.

Writer/Director Lee Chambers and Visual Effects Artist George Renner CREDIT: Darren MacDonald
Writer/Director Lee Chambers and Visual Effects Artist George Renner
CREDIT: Lee Chambers

Chambers explains the reason for the length of time for development. “The realism of each shot is near perfect and there are over 300 standalone pieces in this trailer with each one having to be meticulously built up, layer upon layer.”

To further explain the process of the computer generation involved in producing the trailer, VFX guru George Renner explains, “We looked at numerous real school hallways before crafting up our virtual environment using 3D Studio Max, Syntheyes and Fusion to create over a thousand frames. Even after six weeks of building the framework, rendering alone took over three weeks and multiple computers to complete the final version. The rendering process happens one frame at a time, sometimes taking over 2 hours to render each one out.”

Chambers commissioned Fabio Acri, an award-winning musician to compose music specifically for the trailer from his studios in London, England, while Dan Gold in Los Angeles provided the flawless voiceover. The only ‘real’ element in the spot was Canadian actor Tanner Drabick who appears in the virtual world as the on-screen bad guy.

Writer/Director Lee Chambers and Visual Effects Artist George Renner CREDIT: Darren MacDonald
Writer/Director Lee Chambers and Visual Effects Artist George Renner
CREDIT: Lee Chambers

Chambers advises, “Animating an actor as well would have doubled the time it took to produce the trailer. Cinematographer Kevin Fratpietro shot that particular scene using a Red Camera, and then Renner VFX seamlessly incorporated this single live-action element into the trailer.” Book and movie teaser trailer:

Lee Chambers is a British Canadian writer, director and producer who has received critical acclaim from Total Film Magazine and Fox Television. In 2005 Chambers developed the Make It Short Film Project gaining Executive Producer support from Academy Award winners, Paul Haggis, Denys Arcand and Roger Corman. In 2012, Chambers won Screenwriter of the Year Award by Music Film and Motion in Canada for his short film, ‘Hugh Jackman Saves the World’.

Lee Chambers, Author of Pineville Heist hires M3 New Media:

M3 New Media-Author-Book-Marketing

M3 New Media provided some amazing tools to help creative folks reach out to the world. It’s one thing to write the great book and it’s another to educate the world on why they should take a chance on it.

“M3 helped me spread the word about The Pineville Heist and in turn, thousands have been entertained by my creation. Beyond the tools and expertise… they have a passion to help and are truly supportive! Thanks M3!” Lee Chambers

Previous story on M3 New Media Client Pineville Heist Attracts Twilight’s Teen Movie Star Boo Boo Stewart

Past Movie Deals: Pamala Kennedy Chestnut signs Movie Deal ‘More Than Rice’ A Journey Through the Underworld of Human Trafficking’

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M3 Client & Indie Author Gives Marketing Praise Amazon E-Book Best-Seller



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  • Award-Winning Finalist – Young Adult Fiction : 2012 International Book Awards

  • Grand Prize Screenplay Winner : 2011 Canadian International Film Festival


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Marketing Your Book Just Got Easier-Online Book Sales Soar

Online Book Sales Soar as Bookstore Sales Dwindle
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Buzzing Authors books-book-marketing
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A book with a narrow focus and niched following can outsell a book with a broader appeal and general context because the internet allows for specific loyalty from grassroot: causes, brands and flavors of topics.   How is this online success possible? The internet: ie book blogs, book review sites, independent book reviewers and book titles on Twitter have made it easier to locate, connect with and market to the end consumer of a book in any genre.
Keys to creating online awareness about your book:

1. Have a Twitter profile for your book. Since every book is a product launch-engage your audience 12 months before you ever sale a book.
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We put your twitter account and keywords in our software & you watch the magic happen!
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Twitter is the best ways to publish short-form content to the web. Twitter allows you to create “bread crumbs” to bring viewers and searchers back to your website/blog again and again. Since Twitter is so quickly and easily indexed by Google based on location, content and context it makes it easier for your website to get found and for potential customers to connect with you. You can write the content or let the M3 team write your content for you.

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More Than Rice, is no exception. The More Than Rice Twitter page began September 1, 2010 and as of this writing 2/4/11has 2,158 followers, sent 982 tweets (that is approximately 10 tweets per day during the daylight hours broadcasting from the CST-as of this writing there is no app for tweeting a book-all of the tweets have been scheduled manually through@HootSuite from the text of the Novel and here is the big thing: been listed 66 times.
The list is the real value  with people listing the Novel on Twitter this means they have “bookmarked” the Twitter page and want to go back to it and learn more. As you can see from the chart in the photo that book sales at Barnes & Nobles and Borders have decreased in recent years while online book sales at Amazon and direct book blogs and websites have increased. Expect this trend to continue.
The Novel’s author Pamala Kennedy Chestnut 2746 followers and listed 93 times.
Content syndication is key when it comes to authors dominating their niche online. Here’s a thought-Market your Book for 9 months before you launch the ebook. Authors do you want your book selling at Amazon and Barnes and Noble?  Do you have a strategy to make that happen? Do you have a plan for getting your ebook published? How about publishing in e-format? Kindle, Nook, Google Reader? Ipad?

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