Next Century Publishing Hires M3 New Media to help Self Published Authors


Next Century Publishing Hires M3 New Media for Author Book Marketing   


Next Century Publishing aka Readers Legagy LLC is out to change the way the World Writes, Reads and Experiences Books – Las Vegas based Next Century Publishing recently announced hiring Tulsa based M3 New Media.

Oklahoma based M3 New Media CEO,  Michael D. Butler says, “We’re excited to offer our consulting services to the Publishing Industry as 99% of our clients are in that space.”

“It really is a win-win-win for authors, publishers and book readers everywhere,” says Butler who’s been leveraging social media for authors for years.  “We’ve been following what Ken and the team at Next Century Publishing are doing to give authors, readers and publishers the ‘cutting edge’ advantage so it just makes sense for us to consult with Ken Dunn and the Founders of Next Century Publishing to modernize the publishing industry and make life better for new and existing authors,” Butler went on to say.

Ken Dunn and Michael Butler are both ‘Best-Selling’ authors and have experienced what new authors go through in the process of publishing and marketing their books online. Dunn says, “There are too many online marketing companies trying to take advantage of unsuspecting customers by over promising and under delivering. NCP does the opposite, our goal is to under promise and over deliver and we are receiving weekly testimonials from authors who are finding this to be true.”  Dunn and Butler have been talking about innovation in the publishing space for years and are excited to be officially coming together to create magic for authors everywhere! says 85% of Americans want to publish a book in their lifetime. NCP plans to optimize this opportunity by modernizing the process for an author to write, publish and market their books.




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M3 New Media Announces Fox Business Contributor Judy Hoberman New Book Famous Isn’t Enough

Fox Business Contributor and Best Selling Author Judy Hoberman of ‘Selling in a Skirt’ shares her new book “Famous Isn’t Enough’

From the back of Famous:

“After working for three decades in sales, Judy thought she would naturally be successful as an entrepreneur. But, simply believing “If you build it, they will come” doesn’t work when you’re launching a business.

That’s why I wrote Famous Isn’t Enough, says Judy.  In the book, I share the lessons that I’ve learned being a serial entrepreneur – some good, some bad, and some quite humorous. I offer alternative ways to approach your venture and questions to make you think about your decisions. The book is meant as a guide to help you prepare for the exciting journey ahead, and set you up for success.

When all is said and done, nothing beats being your own boss. With that roll come responsibilities, courage and a lot of hard work. Enjoy, share and let me know how you are doing.”

Michael D Butler and M3 New Media are proud to present Sales Trainer, Business Coach and Best-Selling Author from Dallas, TX Judy Hoberman

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Author Holiday Marketing Packages to Get Your Book Found & Selling Online

Authors, Do you feel LOST when it comes to getting your book FOUND Online? Don’t know ‘where to start’? Are you feeling overwhelmed?


If you’re an author and ever thought or said: “If I could just get my book in the bookstore I know it would sell right?”

The Shocking Fact is: Probably not! In fact, the brick and mortar bookstore can be the WORSE place to sell your book and here’s why – Your buyer has moved!

The year 2011 was the year that the Internet KILLED the publishing industry. That is the year that Amazon announced to the world that, for the first time, e-books had outsold traditional print books.

Now before you get all worked up thinking it’s the end of the world and start preparing for the Apocalypse, let me share some good news with you.
The same Internet that KILLED the publishing industry in 2011 is creating a rebirth or a renaissance for new authors in 2014 and beyond. It was also 2011 that Amazon announced that out of it’s top 100 e-books that year that 25 of their top sellers were self-published and not traditionally published by an ‘old school’ publisher. The lesson here is: We are on the verge of a massive shift in publishing and you, the author, can benefit and prosper greatly from this new distribution model IF you know how to position yourself correctly and take advantage of this historic global shift.
M3 New Media-Author-Book-Marketing

  • #1 Amazon Best Seller Rank: Mystery & Thriller (April 2012)
  • #1 Amazon Best Seller Rank: Children’s Mystery, Espionage and Detective (April to July 2012)
  • #3 Best Seller Rank for all books in the Kindle Store (April 2012)
  • Award-Winning Finalist – Young Adult Fiction : 2012 International Book Awards
  • Grand Prize Screenplay Winner : 2011 Canadian International Film Festival

Fact #1

Authors who learn how to leverage Social Media and the Internet with an Online Community will sell more books and gain more notoriety.

Fact #2

Most authors do not know HOW to correctly use Social Media and instead of helping their brand they actually hurt their brand by doing it wrong.


For a limited time we are offering a limited ‘Done for You Author Holiday Special’

This is the exact same Marketing program that has helped dozens of our authors land on Fox News, CNN, Dr. Phil, Online Media Pickups, Garnered 2 movie deals and helped them receive countless new traffic to their Website and buy now page. Fiction Author Arleen Alleman says, “More traffic to my Website, more media inquiries and more book sales since I’ve been working with you.”

Let us ease your mind this Holiday Season, You can feel confident knowing your book is being marketed 24/7 while you sleep!


To celebrate the completion of your book and get you on the ‘fast track’ for Author Book Marketing Success in 2014 we’ve decided to per-release our 2014 ‘Best Seller Package’ with special introductory pricing.

Here are your options:


>Initial Keyword Research done for you
>Premium invite/engage/grow strategy on Twitter and Facebook
>National Twitter Mktg We write 20 initial tweets for you based on your keywords and book (you can give us more too we auto broadcast for you – up to 12 tweets per day -Gets you indexed on Google faster)
>We give you full profile optimization on Twitter and Facebook
>Invite, engage & grow your Facebook & Twitter (includes $30/mon ad spend to grow your Fanpage)
>We target book reviewers, book bloggers, book buyers for you on Twitter and Facebook
>Get premium listing on NCP Fanpage and get promoted, liked, shared, commented, etc…
> 1  Nationally Syndicated Press Release on major news wires done for you (1 per month)

>This package is $297/month 

or if you need a simple place to get started the Local Best-Seller may be for you: 


>Basic Twitter Marketing (You provide tweets for us to broadcast up to 3 per day)
>No Keyword Research (You provide us with 5 keywords)
>Basic invite/engage/grow strategy
>We target book reviewers, book bloggers, book buyers for you on Twitter
>No profile optimization
>Get basic listing and promoted on  NCP FanPage

This package is $97/month



  • You get 12 FULL MONTHS of Social Media Marketing powered by M3 New Media to get your book noticed by: Book Reviewers, Buyers & Bloggers
  • We give YOU the videos to take Your book to Best-Seller

    $1,200 value for FREE

Brendon Burchard with Founder Michael D Butler at Expert Author Speaker event

We target your target market 24/7

“Because if no one is talking, no one is being transformed…we get others talking about you while you sleep!”

We start with Twitter as the wide end of the ‘engagement funnel’

Drives traffic to your Website 24/7

  • You get 12 FULL MONTHS of Social Media Marketing powered by M3 New Media to get your book noticed by: Book Reviewers, Buyers & Bloggers
  • BONUS: We give YOU the videos to take Your book to Best-Seller and show you STEP BY STEP how to do it and what to do next! $1,200 value

Leverage our proprietary tools to help target:

  • Book Reviewers

  • Book Buyers

  • Book Bloggers

While you sleep, while you do other things our software is working hard for you!


“I can’t say enough about M3 New Media and what they did for me to get my book Pineville Heist as a #1 Bestselling Thriller on Amazon 40,000 downloads and 60,000 Twitter followers and I owe almost all of that to M3-Check them out!” Lee Chambers

These are the EXACT same tools my clients have used to get on:

  • Fox News
  • CNN
  • Dr. Phil
  • Countless other local and regional media outlets

About Michael D. Butler
I work with authors, speakers & entrepreneurs helping increase Online influence so they can sell more books and charge more for speaking & consulting!

So what are you waiting on? Let’s get you started NOW!

If, for whatever reason you are not completely satisfied we will return your money no questions asked

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