LinkedIn Surprises Investors as Social Media Network Goes Public

Online Social Network LinkedIn Makes Wall Street & Silicon Valley Take Notice!

How Much Time Do You Spend on Social Networks? Your LinkedIn Stock Just Doubled-Don’t You Wish Your Connections Did? 5/22/11

LinkedIn Info-Graphic
LinkedIn Info-Graphic

Thursday was an exciting day for the folks at LinkedIn. The Social Media Network went public at the NYSE and surprised investors as the stock quickly posted double digit gains-something that hasn’t been done in several years. Many are remembering the bust and hoping we are in for another surge in the tech/social media world. If Thursday is any forecast of things to come Facebook, Twitter and other social networks are in for a great 2011-2012!

From on Thursday: “LinkedIn announced its intention to file for an IPO in January. At the time, the company was valued at $2.51 billion based on shares traded on secondary market SharesPost.

The eight-year-old company hit the 100 million user mark in March and became profitable in 2010 with a net income of $10.1 million and net revenues of $161.4 million in the first nine months of 2010. In Q1, LinkedIn’s revenues hit $93.9 million, a 110% increase from the year-ago period. Net income was $2 million, compared to $1.8 million in Q1 2010.

LinkedIn is the first of a slew of anticipated social media IPOs set for the next year or so. Others include Facebook, Zynga, Groupon, Pandora, Kayak, Yelp, Rovio and Zillow. Renren, billed as the “Facebook of China,” went public this month and raised $743.4 million.”

Myspace is one of the older and well known social networks and has struggled to re-invent itself. It will be interesting to see how things play out in the Web 2.0 industry and where we are headed with mobile social networking. Let us know your thoughts. Leave a comment below. Will you spend more time on LinkedIn now or will LinkedIn going public not change the way you do things?

I will continue to use LinkedIn weekly as before, but honestly-I spend 7 days per week on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and only one day per week on LinkedIn.

Follow my LinkedIn list on Twitter here is 164 people strong. I have 668 connections on LinkedIn and 164 of my connections are also Twitter so I made it easy for you just click the link and follow the list. LinkedIn is very business professional and Twitter is a great way for me to index, list, and favorite my favorite connections and get work done quickly.

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There are so many media channels available to us. We’ve gone from not being allowed to communicate in any meaningful way to having a hundred Gutenberg presses, a thousand video networks, and a million chances to catch someone’s eye. There are problems with this.

Often we run across very good blogs from other New Media Consultants, Bloggers & Writers. Chris Brogan is one of those bloggers I like to read weekly. He’s graciously allowed us to share this article in it’s entirety that I’ve linked back to his site below-enjoy:

2/8/2011 from from his 2/6/11 post Used by Permission

media photo
New Media Channels

For every new channel you turn on, you’ve set up a little phone, a little bank of cameras, some seats for people to come and observe. Marcel Lebrun from Radian6 used to say, “The social phone is ringing. Is anyone there to answer?” I’m thinking that the social TV network is also waiting to see when the show starts. With a million channels and a million potential touchpoints, where should you spend your time?


The obvious answer is to go where your people are, but this presupposes you know where they are. The other answer used to be to use Rapleaf to find them (but last I knew, Rapleaf was gone). Besides, that answer also presupposes that you have a list of people you know you want to contact. Media doesn’t always work that way. Quite often, we only have a sketch of the person we want to reach. A buyer persona, if we use David Meerman Scott’s language. We know that much, don’t we?


My communication and media plan has shifted a bunch lately, yet it follows advice similar to what I wrote about in A Simple Presence Framework. The plan I have is similar to older plans, but I’ll give you an updated view:
Listen – everything I do hinges on listening to people. I do this via my grow bigger ears methodology. This informs me of ideas, of ways to help my audience, of things I could do to help them grow.

A Home Base – this site, [], is my home base, and will be for the foreseeable future. I very much love Escape Velocity, and hope that it grows to surpass this site, but for the time being, and for the near future, I want to hinge everything around [], so that people know there’s “one stop shopping” on my media message.
Outposts – My outposts have shifted. I’m finding a little less engagement on Twitter, a little less response. Though it’s far more powerful as a serendipity engine than any other social network I frequent, I’m looking at other places like Facebook and LinkedIn to pick up the slack in my engagement responses.
Databases – I’m working email marketing hard now. I’m learning new ways to do it. I’m also shifting some of my efforts to content marketing and content products, like my blog topics project. Why? Because this is and always will be where the REAL gold is. The opportunity to make media is wonderful. If you can’t convert it, you’ve got nothing more than wishes.


In my case, I use video, text, some audio, webinars, live speeches, ebooks, and more. I use all kinds of different media, but I try to keep it all sorted by channel, not by media type. Know what I mean? I don’t want there to be a “video” place, a “text” place, etc. I want you to come to Kitchen Table Companies to talk small business. I want you to come to Third Tribe Marketing to talk marketing. I want you to watch me at such and such a conference to talk about whatever the theme of that conference is.
But what will YOU include? What will you add to your media? How will it make a difference? We all agree that video supposedly adds to engagement, but what’s your plan with it? Where will you add your off-topic information? How will you blend it all together?


There are two parts to this planning. You have to address what you want to accomplish, but you also have to take into account what your community wants. In most cases, they want to learn something from you and maybe even be entertained at the same time. On the other hand, you want to make sure you’re positioning your needs and goals in your communications and media plans.
My community comes to me for advice like what you’re seeing above. This post is why you come (or so I have been told). My own thoughts and needs layered onto it suggest that I do a few things while sharing the best of the best with you. One thing I have to do is make sure that my messaging makes sense for the larger story of my businesses. As Human Business Works shifts into representing “business systems for small business,” I have to carry that thread through other things I’m doing in other channels, so that people get the same experience and understanding on all the channels. But, if I do it well, it’s not like you feel that being smashed over your head. Instead, it’s the sense that you have a comfort level with what I represent when you’re consuming what you need. Does that make sense?


I’ve found that writing out the plan on paper really helps. I drew a picture of what my goals were, where my community seemed to be, the kinds of people I wanted to attract, and then the methods by which I thought I could attract them.

  • Goals
  • Community
  • New Attractions
  • Methods
  • From there, I could riff on what had to stay, what had to go, and what I should consider adding. This is how I came to start experimenting with Facebook. I haven’t been a very big fan of it, but right now, I’m pouring some effort into the Blog Topics Facebook community to see what that yields. So far, I’ve had an uptick in subscribers to my newsletter. I’ve also had even more engagement that’s given me more ideas for products and services that I could offer, so I see that as a win.
    That’s the trick of it. Once you’ve drawn out the plan, you can see the opportunity.

    What’s your communications and media plan? How are you approaching using all this stuff? What are you setting out to do with it? What are you communicating about you and your brand on these channels? What do you hope it yields?

    Please let us know if you like this guest blog and what you want to see on M3 New Media. Was this article helpful? Please tweet & share. Thank you.  Michael D. Butler, Sr. is the Principle Strategist at M3 New Media a 21st Century New Media Ad Agency.

    Facebook – Boost Your Visibility with This Social Network

    Facebook – Boost Your Visibility with This Social Network

    Facebook recently announced that it will go over 1 billion users in 2011. It just makes since to be engaged on Facebook.

    When it comes to social networks, there is nothing quite like Facebook.  This platform allows people all over the world to share information, videos, pictures, stories and more.

    Of course, it is also of benefit to companies and entrepreneurs.  How can you turn Facebook to your advantage?  How can you boost your visibility with this social network?  It all begins with a single step – creating an account.

    Account Creation

    The first step in harnessing the power of Facebook is to create an account.  Go to and you’ll see a link below the regular account creation fields.  It says, “Create a page for a celebrity, band or business.”  Click the link there, and you’ll be on your way to using Facebook in no time at all.

    When the next page loads, you’ll need to choose what sort of page to create.  Use the dropdown menus to choose the best possible category for you.  Be careful, though, because this cannot be changed later.  To change it, you will have to delete your entire page and start from scratch, so it pays to be as accurate and careful as possible right now.

    Information Is Key

    Once you have your page setup, a process that should take you only a short time, you will be faced with the prospect of adding information to your page.  Now, the most valuable tip here is that information is essential.  In fact, the more information you can put in there, the better.  Most people regard empty Facebook pages in a bad light.  The more information you can put in here, the better people will perceive your company or brand.

    A Picture Is Worth…

    The old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words is borne out on this network.  You HAVE to have a picture for your profile.  Make sure that the picture evokes the values and emotions that you want connected to your offer, but make sure that the picture is accurate, as well.  It might be an image of you, your company headquarters or something else, but choose your picture wisely.  Remember, this is what your fans will notice first when they come to your page.  A good option is to simply use a good image of your logo, as you want to attach the emotions your logo evokes with your Facebook page anyway.

    Share, Share, Share

    Once you have a picture up, and you have your profile information filled out, it’s time to start sharing with the world.  While you might be tempted to find fans first, go ahead and put up at least one post.  After all, you want to give your fans a reason to come back, right?  Showing them that there will be valuable information given out through your page is the best way to do just that.

    Find Fans

    Now, the time has come to find fans.  You can use the many different tools provided by Facebook to do just that.  Invite friends and family, employees or coworkers.  Invite people from your email address book and use the ad generator featured on Facebook.  These will allow you to draw people into your page and increase your visibility to a considerable extent.

    Talk to the team at today to get your Free Social Network Analysis and see how you could improve your Visibility on Facebook and other Social Networks!

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