Twitter for Business Success

Twitter Tips for Your Business Success
Many are still saying: “I just don’t get it.” about Twitter. While others are maximizing Twitter for their business using it as the “first touch point” for new business alliances and strategic partnerships. A casual glance at Twitter and you will see messages like “Get thousands of followers for free” and other profiles that look like porn bots leave many asking: “Is Twitter really worth it?” The first key to success on Twitter is:

Twitter for Business Success-Have a Strategy

What is your marketing strategy? Is it to get new business? To find new clients? Twitter can become an excellent place for you to discover people within your industry by searching key words and following lists.
Recent questions from clients:

Question #1: Can We Do it Wrong?

The answer is Yes, Here’s how to do Twitter wrong:

1) Don’t get started
2) Don’t reply to your @’s
3) Spamming content & links
4) Not saying thanks

Keys to success on Twitter is:

1) Engagment-Connect, Ask Questions, and Dialogue
2) Get started-The early adapters on any social network have the most to gain
3) Pick a lane-What will you talk about? Who will you follow? What is your style?
4) Have fun  having a presence and letting it grow virally is what the net is about

Remember, Twitter is the 1st touch point, the opening of the funnel-it collects your targeted prospects and brings them to you.

Question #2: What do I do About Twitter Spam?

Clean Twitter Spam

Our free pick for cleaning up Twitter Spam is Twit Sweeper

The other thing is people know that Twitter is the first point of contact and that people can and do change their profile name and picture and you have no control over that.
Twitter is like the 100 acre yard to your Castle, Facebook is the frontdoor and your website is your Living room and the boardroom.

Question #3: Would it be cool if I followed no one on Twitter?

While it may “look cool” to have 20-50K followers while you aren’t following anyone. Social media etiquette says it is polite to follow people back. Here’s what we shared with a recent client who asked us this question: You have 3,500 people that are following you that you have not yet followed back. If you want to get to 50,000 you will follow people. The understanding with Web 2.0 is that it’s all about engagement. I think Ashton Kutcher missed it by not following his fans back. Imagine the buzz he could create if he followed back every teenage girl who followed him-you get my point.
How do you use Twitter? What are your favorite tools? What frustrates you about Twitter? What is your best success story using Twitter? Would you like to be included in our case study? Please leave a comment and let us know so we can contact you.
Try our Twitter software for as little as $29 a month we can ensure that you follow people tweeting your keywords and that you auto-un-follow those who don’t follow you back. We can even schedule your tweets for you. Publishing your short-form content to the web can drive tons of traffic to your website and get you listed and re-tweeted dozens of times and establish you as the expert in your industry. Learn more.
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Michael D. Butler, Sr. is the Principle Consultant and Chief Editor of M3 New Media a 21st Century New Media Ad Agency & Strategic Marketing Firm specializing in Online PR, Corporate Blogging & Viral Social Media Campaigns. M3 New Media offering: Website design, SEO, Blogging & Social Media, Television production, Online Broadcasting & Reporting, Grassroots Buzz,Viral YouTube Campaigns, Mobile & Web Apps & Text Marketing & a full suite of Publishing Services through M3 Publishing and a complete Tele-marketing call center for outbound and inbound calls.

Move Over Groupon & Living Social Moolala is New Daily Deal

2/23/11 Austin, TX  Move Over Groupon & Living Social Moolala is the New Kid & Pays to Play

Michael D. Butler, Sr.

moolala-groupon-living social-daily deals
Moolala Trumps Groupon, Living Social & Daily Deals with Payouts

People love to use coupons. People love to save money. People love to use Facebook and Twitter. The success of Groupon, Living Social and Daily Deals are a testament to this fact.  Many business owners say Groupon has helped them advertise their business to more people. One Chiropractor said: “We had 500 new clients come in for a massage and while we didn’t make any money that is 500 new people who came into our business who otherwise wouldn’t have known about us.”

Value conscious consumers have created quite a buzz in recent months and driven the stock price of these companies through the roof. Note-Groupon recently turned down Goolge’s $6 Billion offer. Basically the way it works is, you see a deal you like, you share it, and if enough people buy it, you win. Well now with Moolala, consumers will have a chance to win big. Not just by scoring some cool stuff at a great price but actually getting paid to share it with their friends.     

Now there is a new kid on the block Moolala based out of Austin, TX (it’s free-get it here) will throw it’s cowboy hat into the arena and see if they can lasso some of those coupon fanatics. Moolala offers great daily deals but here is where they are different. They actually pay out fees based on referrals. Watch the video to learn how it works.

So the business wins, the referrer wins and Moolala the comapny wins, hopefully, we’ll see but they sure have a good model to follow with the other internet based discount programs.

Will Moolala give Groupon and Living Social a run for their money? It may be too soon to see but on March 1, 2011 Moolala will officially “launch” and consumers and business everywhere can see if their life will forever change.

Michael D. Butler, Sr. is the Principle Consultant and Chief Editor of M3 New Media a 21st Century New Media Ad AgencySpecializing in Online PR, Corporate Blogging & Viral Social Media Campaigns.

Twitter for Your Business-Get Connected Grassroots to Wall Street

Every Billion dollar brand had a starting place. Every Fortune 100 company needs a place to incubate.
Twitter is the perfect place for you to start building your brand.
twitter for business
Twitter for business

Once we work with you to discover your keywords we start you on a journey to build your brand and take it to the next level. The first stop on our journey for brand building and creative collaboration is Twitter.  We take your existing Twitter account, optimize it for keywords and get you listed with key influencers within your target demographic.

These new followers we connect you with help you connect with Corporations, Individuals and Non-Profits within your verticals who are looking to partner with “out-of-the-box” companies like yours.

M3 New Media PricingTurbo Twitter-Gain Targeted Followers based on Keywords, Demographic & Psychographic Data

We put your twitter account and keywords in our software & you watch the magic happen!

Our average client easily gets 2,000 followers within 3 months, Gets listed dozens of times and gets retweeted regularly.

Keyword rich search, targeted follow/unfollow proprietary software, prices do not reflect monitoring.

Twitter- Keyword rich follow/unfollow; 20 tweets per week no monitoring …….$29/month
Twitter-Keyword rich follow/unfollow; 40 tweets per week, no monitoring…….$39/month
Twitter-Keyword rich follow/unfollow; 80 tweets per week, no monitoring…… $49/month
Twitter Basic Set up (Existing Account add $30 for Customized)……………………$59/One Time
Set-UpTwitter Basic Set up (New Account add $30 for Customized)………………$99/One Time

Add weekly monitoring (Listen, reply FAQ & website, notify client, RT)……..$10-40/month

Twitter is the best ways to publish short-form content to the web. Twitter allows you to create “bread crumbs” to bring viewers and searchers back to your website/blog again and again. Since Twitter is so quickly and easily indexed by Google based on location, content and context it makes it easier for your website to get found and for potential customers to connect with you. You can write the content or let the M3 team write your content for you.

To write 100 tweets for you we charge  $69
To write 200 tweets for you we charge  $99
To write 300 tweets for you we charge  $149
(These are ‘tweets’ you will own for life-You own all the content on your Social Media sites)

Take your pick of the above Twitter options and speak with one of our representatives at M3 who can get you started. Our goal at M3 is to provide your brand as much exposure and marketing while providing you with the appropriate listening and feedback. We look forward to working with you to build your brand in your geography and want to be your alliance partner for a very long time.

The above pricing/plans works great for: Authors, Speakers, Entrepreneurs, Corporations, and Non-Profits. We do offer special pricing to companies needing help with 3 or more Twitter accounts. Call us today at 918.550.800 or email and inquire further.

4  Case Studies:

Social Media Tweets Benefit Wildlife Conservation in South Africa

Tulsa News Channel Uses Social Media to Stay Connected with Viewers

Tulsa Companies Use Social Media to Connect with Consumers on Internet

50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Your Business with Chris Brogan

Tulsa News Channel uses Social Media to Stay Connected With Viewers

Social Media ‘Re-Invention’ for Tulsa Television Station

Unless you have been living under a rock the past three years you know that network news and traditional media like newspapers, radio and TV have struggled to maintain viewers, listeners and advertisers.

fox 23 news tulsa
Fox 23 Tulsa uses Social Media to Stay Connected with Fans

Many of the “old dogs” criticized the new media masters but one local Tulsa Network has embraced it. Flashback 14 months ago when Tulsa decided to take their Social Media public. “Fox 23 had the most to gain by going social,” says Mandy Vavrinak whose team lead the charge in coaching the news room to new media success. With Vavrinak’s help Fox 23 began Tweeting, Facebook-ing & YouTube-ing and if the ratings are any indication-that was the right choice.

Mandy gives more of an insider view of how the entire strategy and process unfolded on her website

Many of the “old school” networks were laying off anchors hoping to survive the recession. One of those casualties was News channel 8 anchor from KTUL TV. Cindy was part of team Vavrinak that lead the “re-invention” operation at the Fox 23 station, the “re-invention” platform would become Cindy’s launching pad for her new speaking career and book tour.

Fox 23 Tulsa uses social media to stay connected with fans and has on more than one occasion used social media to not only break stories but to find stories. When you visit the Fox 23 GET SOCIAL portion of the website you can follow all the anchors and staff on Facebook and Twitter with several easy clicks. Or if you want to go hardcore community reporter and Tweet potential stories to the entire Fox 23 news room you can follow the entire team on Twitter here >

You can get Fox 23 on your iphone, droid, blackberry, through text alerts, email alerts, on other smart phones and mobile devices. What will this look like in the future? Tune in to Day Break Tulsa Monday January 10th to hear Pamala Kennedy Chestnut, author of More Than talk about her new book and Global Human Trafficking Awareness Day in Tulsa.  Fox 23 has covered the issue of human trafficking a lot in the past year and may continue to cover it more and more as the issue becomes more clear to Oklahomans.

No doubt the future of news has changed. The way people get their news, consume it, share it and store has forever changed and will continue to change. Fox 23 Tulsa is a good example of a company that is evolving and re-inventing with new technology to stay connected with current and new customers.

Check back with us soon when we will update you on the real numbers from Nielsen services on the numbers for Tulsa’s television stations and other media outlets.

What effect do you think social media has had on traditional media? How can “old school” media re-invent themselves? Can it? Does it need to happen? What will the future look like? Please leave us your thoughts in the comment section and your Twitter @ so we can follow you and can keep the conversation going.

Business Marketing Passion Flows When You Adopt a Non-Profit for Your Organization or Company

There is a lot of Twitter buzz today about New Year’s Resolutions and Business goals for 2011. Employees already have requested off for summer vacation and as an HR manager, CEO or employer you may be wondering how to infuse some passion into the post-holiday back-to-work blues. Below are a few Non-Profit ideas your company can adopt now for a year long of fun and giving back.

social-good- tulsa
Social Good Tulsa

Why not Adopt a Non-Profit for your company and make them a part of your new year’s calendar?

There are many great local Non-profits, charities and organizations that need help all year long not just at the holidays. We will mention a few you are familiar with and maybe a few you haven’t yet heard of:

1. Salvation Army Tulsa

Adopt a Cause for Your Company This Year

We all tend to think of the Salvation Army at Christmas time. And they are huge at Christmas. But the Salvation Army is a year round ministry that constantly gives back to the Tulsa community. And they are a lot of fun for companies to work with because they are so big on Social Networks like Twitter.
Read the Story here of Social Media Tulsa gives back-Christmas 2010.

2. Junior Achievement of Oklahoma on Facebook

JA Worldwide is the world’s largest organization dedicated to educating students about workforce readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy through experiential, hands-on programs.

3. Big Brothers & Big Sisters

Many an employees life has been enriched by volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters. This is a great program with a proven track record that can add value to a Company’s work-force through volunteerism and giving back.

There are many great organizations to work with. One of the best ways to identify your corporate cause is to ask: What are our Companies “Core Values?” By identifying the mission of the company or the core values you can better determine what might be a good fit. Larger companies may want to provide several options for employees to choose from even allowing extra time at lunch or after work for participation in community service and for volunteering.

This short post is in no way a complete list. The goal here was just to get your mind thinking about what might work for your business for Social Good this year. There is also Little League Sports (I like to capitalize too much-have you noticed?) Church groups, civic groups, school, band, music, football, cheerleading, etc.

One of the web’s favorite resource for Social Good and Non-Profit information is at What are your favorite Non-Profits? What has worked best for your organization? Have you used Social Media to expand volunteerism beyond your corporate walls? How did that work? What did you learn. Thanks for your comments. Or email us directly Feel free to tell us what you want to see on the blog.

Social Media Tulsa Gives Back at the Holidays with Web 2.0 Tweet For Toys

Social Media Tulsa Gives Back with Tweet For Toys

Every Christmas we see the red kettle and hear the bells ringing. Maybe we throw a few bucks in and say “thanks.” Thanks to the person standing in the cold ringing the bell and a “thank-you” to God above that Christmas is already hiding in the closet for our 4 kids. This year in Tulsa, the group Social Media Tulsa gives back by hosting Tweet For Toys <see full story via PR Web here.

Tweet For Toys Tulsa Social Media

Cheryl Lawson has spear-headed most of the events for Tulsa Social Media every since the first one launched globally on June, 30, 2010 by Mashable’s founder Pete Cashmore. Cheryl and and several of the groups members decided in October that it would be great for the group to “give-back” for Christmas. Click on the Tweet For Toys link above and see Lindsay with @SalArmyTulsa talk about the Tweet For Toys campaign in Tulsa.

There have been many Re-tweets and write-ups online about the Tweet for Toys event.

Like from

“The Salvation Army Facebook Page features a customized application for the Angel Giving Tree, a program presented by JCPenney that provides clothes and gifts for children and senior citizens. This year, Facebook users can participate, share their stores, and invite others to become fans of the cause on their Facebook page. And in Tulsa, the Salvation Army partnered with Social Media Tulsa to launch Tweet4Toys, a toy drive for needy children that banks on Twitter for its primary means of promotion. Participants are encouraged to use the #Tweet4Toys hashtag and to share photos, for example, a picture of a toy they’ve dropped off. The accompanying website includes a live counter that tracks Twitter mentions, and displays the profile photos of people who’ve used the hashtag to support the cause.”

The official Twitter hashtag for the Social Media Marketing Tulsa Tweet for Toys is #tweet4toys In 2009 the Salvation Army had 3,000 forgotten angels in Tulsa So please help us out this year. You can stand in the cold ringing a bell or you can RT us and show up Monday night for the event-Tulsa’s children thank you! Follow the founder of M3 New Media, Michael D. Butler, Sr. on Twitter @MichaelButlerSr for real-time, photos, updates & more on Tweet4Toys throughout Christmas.

M3 New Media works with many for profits and Non-Profits to create buzz about causes, events and promotions. Visit M3 New Media today and request your free e-book Real Time Marketing and PR.

Tulsa Social Media Success with Facebook Fan Pages & Twitter

1.Content is king-so start talking!
The key to Fanpage success is consistent engagement without too much frequency.
Once in the am and once in the evening/afternoon is what I recommend to clients who have less than 1,000 fans more than that is too much for Facebook (in my opinion-now when you have 1,000+ followers) they expect the page to be more noisy.

2. Communication is a 2-way conversation.
Listen and ask questions. This is what sets the good apart from the great ones online.

3. Use Twitter more frequently than your Facebook Fanpage.
Twitter has a higher tolerance for frequency as followers expect more frequent posts. Twitter is designed for that. Twitter has a higher tolerance for frequency as followers expect more frequent posts. Twitter is designed for that. is a great tool to help broadcast your tweets. I love it and use that and daily.

Ultimately you make the call, but I can say as we grew (first the group over 5,000 then the Fanpage over 5,000) we added more admins and diversity of content from different time zones. So be thinking about who you want to add as admins in the future.

3. Add Admins from other time zones.
Be thinking about who you want to add as admins in the future. The key to Fanpage success is consistent engagement without too much frequency. Once in the am and once in the evening/afternoon is what I recommend to clients who have less than 1,000 fans more than that is too much for Facebook (in my opinion-now when you have 1,000+ followers) they expect the page to be more noisy.

4. Snap Some Pictures!
More photos will be very helpful so be thinking about various photos we can post-a Picture really is worth a thousand words! Use different photo albums strategically and update content frequently because all comments go LIVE again every time you reload a photo to an album with comments on Facebook.

5. Make Friends Everywhere
The beauty of Social Media is you really can take your friends with you. It doesn’t matter if you live in Los Angeles, New York or Tulsa, Oklahoma– If you have your iphone-you are connected to your friends always!

Michael D. Butler M3 New Media on Twitter-Follow Me!

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...
Image via CrunchBase

Follow Michael D. Butler on Twitter!

Are you on Twitter? Is your Business?
Twitter is like the “first date” of Social Media. If I follow you on Twitter I may want to become your friend on Facebook. Twitter helps me decide if I want to take that next step.
When I follow you on Twitter it helps me learn about what you like and what makes you tick. Twitter is a “micro-blogging” platform that delivers “real-time” results when you are looking for people who are talking about things in the “Niches.”
If you are new to Twitter or just starting today please follow me and I will follow you back. @ me. That means when you do a status update mention me by saying: “Hi @MichaelButlerSr I’m on Twitter follow me back.” I will follow you back indeed and  Re-Tweet you and you can follow my tweets for practical help on how to use Twitter to Build Your Brand.
I will see you on Twitter! Don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any questions-this will be fun!


Facebook – Boost Your Visibility with This Social Network

Facebook – Boost Your Visibility with This Social Network

Facebook recently announced that it will go over 1 billion users in 2011. It just makes since to be engaged on Facebook.

When it comes to social networks, there is nothing quite like Facebook.  This platform allows people all over the world to share information, videos, pictures, stories and more.

Of course, it is also of benefit to companies and entrepreneurs.  How can you turn Facebook to your advantage?  How can you boost your visibility with this social network?  It all begins with a single step – creating an account.

Account Creation

The first step in harnessing the power of Facebook is to create an account.  Go to and you’ll see a link below the regular account creation fields.  It says, “Create a page for a celebrity, band or business.”  Click the link there, and you’ll be on your way to using Facebook in no time at all.

When the next page loads, you’ll need to choose what sort of page to create.  Use the dropdown menus to choose the best possible category for you.  Be careful, though, because this cannot be changed later.  To change it, you will have to delete your entire page and start from scratch, so it pays to be as accurate and careful as possible right now.

Information Is Key

Once you have your page setup, a process that should take you only a short time, you will be faced with the prospect of adding information to your page.  Now, the most valuable tip here is that information is essential.  In fact, the more information you can put in there, the better.  Most people regard empty Facebook pages in a bad light.  The more information you can put in here, the better people will perceive your company or brand.

A Picture Is Worth…

The old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words is borne out on this network.  You HAVE to have a picture for your profile.  Make sure that the picture evokes the values and emotions that you want connected to your offer, but make sure that the picture is accurate, as well.  It might be an image of you, your company headquarters or something else, but choose your picture wisely.  Remember, this is what your fans will notice first when they come to your page.  A good option is to simply use a good image of your logo, as you want to attach the emotions your logo evokes with your Facebook page anyway.

Share, Share, Share

Once you have a picture up, and you have your profile information filled out, it’s time to start sharing with the world.  While you might be tempted to find fans first, go ahead and put up at least one post.  After all, you want to give your fans a reason to come back, right?  Showing them that there will be valuable information given out through your page is the best way to do just that.

Find Fans

Now, the time has come to find fans.  You can use the many different tools provided by Facebook to do just that.  Invite friends and family, employees or coworkers.  Invite people from your email address book and use the ad generator featured on Facebook.  These will allow you to draw people into your page and increase your visibility to a considerable extent.

Talk to the team at today to get your Free Social Network Analysis and see how you could improve your Visibility on Facebook and other Social Networks!