Tulsa Business Owners Sunsations Tanning Score Big PR With Miss America Pageant Angle

Sunsations Tanning Tulsa has a policy: ”We are proud to support our local ladies and this is why the crown holder tans free and active participants get discounted at all levels of tanning,”

By offering ‘free tanning’ to crown holders Susations has been able to attract the ‘wall of fame’ featured are: 

  • Shawtel Smith Wuerch 1996

  • Jennifer Berry Gooden 2006

  • Lauren Nelson 2007

Hoping to add Alicia Clifton to this ‘Wall of Fame’ after Saturday night in Las Vegas as the world watches.
Full story here in the news PRWeb Las Vegas, NV to Tulsa, OK

Miss Oklahoma Alicia Clifton on her recent visit to Sunsations Tanning Tulsa Tune in to Miss America LIVE from Las Vegas Saturday Jan. 13, 2013

Alicia Clifton at Sunsations Tanning Miss Oklahoma will compete in Miss America

Alicia-Clifton Miss Oklahoma

What could you offer as a Tulsa Business owner to incentivize and reward current customers?
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Social Media Brings Dollars to Oklahoma College Tuition ‘Paid’ Says Parents

Kelsie-Berg-Winner of Dr. Pepper Tuition Challenge M3 New Media Tulsa OK
Photo ©M3 New Media

Social Media Brings Dollars to Oklahoma Kelsie Berg, OU Student Wins Dr Pepper Tuition Challenge & $100K Scholarship Featured At BCS Halftime Show Parents How to Fund College Education!  OU Sooner Kelsie Berg Wins Dr. Pepper Tuition Challenge & $100,000 at BCS Game

M3 New New is pleased to announce that Kelsie Berg, Miss Broken Arrow, is the Official Winner of the Dr. Pepper Tuition Challenge and will be featured during the Halftime show at the BCS Orange Bowl Game on Monday in Florida between Alabama and Notre Dame.

Kelsie’s decision to stay and study in Oklahoma has positive impact on state’s economy as she prepares for Miss Oklahoma and sees her platform go viral says Michael D. Butler.

Paying for college can be a daunting task for parents in the midst of fiscal cliff’s, recession and economic crisis. Many parents and teens are turning to the Internet and for good reason – more and more Global and National Brands are promoting Online Social Media Contests to do Scholarship Giveaways.

Kelsie Berg has been declared the official winner of the Dr. Pepper Tuition Challenge and the winner of the $100,000 scholarship fund. Kelsie is a 2012 grad of Broken Arrow and was recently crowned Miss Broken Arrow, is attending the University of Oklahoma. She is getting her undergrad in Mass Communications and her post graduate work will be in Law.

Kelsie will be featured during the BCS halftime show when the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Alabama Crimson Tide square off Monday night in Miami Gardens Florida.

“When you think about it – it just makes sense, says Michael D. Butler, CMO at M3 New Media. National Brands like Dr. Pepper need a younger crowd with established friendship networks to bring viewers and eyeballs back to Network Television. We recently helped our clients reconnect with niched demographics in opening for the Beach Boys, get movie deals, fund free agents in the NFL between gigs and professional boxers during training between title bouts.

“I saw the Dr. Pepper Challenge Online and decided to go for it…and I’m glad I did!” Kelsie

You could say Kelsie and her Social Media story is already positively affecting the University of Oklahoma, local Tulsa and Broken Arrow businesses as she decides to spend her new tuition dollars in Oklahoma. Sunsations Tulsa has agreed to let Kelsie tan for Free and many Oklahomans eyes will be on Kelsie as she competes for Miss Oklahoma in June. Michael D. Butler says, “There are a ton of local Oklahoma individuals and business owners to thank for supporting Kelsie and getting her to Florida for the final competition. Including Sunsations Tulsa, Tyler Jones Radio Group, Broken Arrow Merchants and M3 New Media clients and Fans.

Photo M3 New Media

GKelsie!! Go Oklahoma!! Go Dr. Pepper!! Kelsie is the daughter of Dean and Jill Berg in Broken Arrow Oklahoma. Dean is the owner of OnFirstPage.com an SEO & Web Development Firm. Kelsie is a 2012 grad of Broken Arrow and is attending the University of Oklahoma. The family has been involved at Rhema Bible Training Center.

Kelsie-Berg-Winner of Dr. Pepper Tuition Challenge M3 New Media Tulsa OK
Photo ©M3 New Media
Photo ©M3 New Media

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M3 New Media Tulsa Internet Marketing Company | Tulsa PR | Social Media Marketing
Tulsa, Oklahoma based social media, Internet marketing & Online PR agency. M3 gets businesses found on search engines with SEO

Social Media Influences Brand Perceptions Online & Mobile

Social Media Influencers Show Metrics for Web 2.0 ROI

In a recent interview with Ronald Skelton, Michael D. Butler, Sr. with M3 New Media asked “How do you connect with Influencers & what Social Media Tools do You Use?” 6/14/11

This along with a new study released by BusinessWire.com (6/14/11) shows that 38 Million Americans are influenced by Social Media when it comes to making purchases.  Part of the article is included below:

“Social Media Now Influences Brand Perceptions, Purchase Decisions of 38 Million in U.S.
Second Wave of Breakthrough Study Shows Increasing Role of Mobile

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As marketers struggle to define the value of social media to their brands, new Knowledge Networks findings demonstrate that consumers are much more likely to discover new products and brands or refer to social media before making purchase decisions than they were just a year ago.

In fact, the purchase decisions of 38 million 13 to 80 year olds in the U.S. are now influenced in various ways by social media — up 14% in just six months.
“The on-the-go consumer is becoming more mobile in their social media usage” The results come from Wave 2 of The Faces of Social MediaSM syndicated research, which provides a consumer-centric view of social media involvement and its effects on 39 product categories. The syndicated study, focused on the marketing consequences of social media (“SoMe”), is a Joint Research Venture of Knowledge Networks (KN) and MediaPost Communications’ Center for Media Research.
Teens and adults who are social media users in 2011 reported high levels of influence as follows:

  • 23.1 million discover new brands or products through social media (up 22% from 2010)
  • 22.5 million use SoMe to learn about unfamiliar brands or products (up 9%)
  • 17.8 million are strongly influenced in their purchase decisions by opinions in social media (up 19%)
  • 15.1 million refer to social media before making purchase decisions (up 29%)
  • Consumers are also integrating social media usage with their mobile phone activity.

In 2010, 40% of teens and adults who have ever used social media are accessing it through their mobile device – up from 28% versus 6 months ago. This means that roughly 80 million people check social media from a mobile device.

As a result, social media is now a ‘wherever I am’ option, integrated into the mobile-plus social media users’ shopping experience and habits; 27% compare or check prices via SoMe, 24% refer to reviews for brands/places/services, and 16% (23% of Boomers) use social media to find coupons or other discounts for local businesses.”

Are you surprised by these stats? Do you agree or disagree? What tools do you use to connect with influencers on Social Media? What is your Web 2.0 strategy? How do you find the best tools to stay at the top of your game? How do you adjust to the changes? Ronald is a certified Guerilla Marketing Coach and you can follow Ron on Twitter @RonaldSkelton You can also follow @MichaelButlerSr for random things that pop into his head & @M3NewMedia for the latest in Social Media News you can use. Michael is the principle strategist at M3NewMedia.net a global online PR Agency serving clients on several continents in the for profit and nonprofit worlds. We love your comments, questions and remarks and if you follow us on Twitter; we WILL follow you back!

Why Social Media is LIKE a Small Town

I grew up in a small town. And according to @BeckMcCray Social Media is like that small town-not just because the neighbors kids still get disciplined by the community but because you can ask around and find out how legitimate and authentic a person or business owner is.

“Everyone has a small town connection, so I think everyone understands the principle of ‘small-town.'”
“When the whole world is looking to build communities online the same rules apply,” say McCray.

Becky was a recent speaker at Social Media Tulsa Conference along with Michael D. Butler, Sr. and many other entrepreneurs, start-ups, business owners and CEO’s. Stay tuned for more videos coming to you soon from M3NewMedia.net

What are your thoughts? Where do you see Social Media taking us? Please leave a comment below to get a shout back! Thanks

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Michael D Butler SR
M3 New Media is a 21st Century New Media Ad Agency Specializing in Online PR & Digital Influence

Does Your Twitter Marketing Plan Focus on Listening-Keywords & Search?

When it comes to Growing Twitter-Tulsa is quickly Becoming a Smart Location for Social Media Keywords

Michael D. Butler, Sr. 5/16/11

Michael D Butler Sr on Twitter

I love watching new entrepreneurs, business people and companies jump on Twitter. Twitter is one of my favorite ways to listen for keywords on the internet. The overall marketing strategy of any company is unique but covers some of the same basic components. An online strategy that includes publishing short-form content to the web on a channel like Twitter is not an option for the serious business who wants others talking and driving traffic. We want to point out a few case studies to show how quickly a business owner can gain targeted followers on Twitter and by using keywords can find potential alliance and joint venture partners. Follow MichaelButlerSr on Twitter for up to the minute communication with me. Just 5 weeks ago we began working with @Coach_JC an author and speaker and  local trainer and owner of @BootCampTulsa & @DSDStrength in just 5 weeks on our basic Twitter package Coach JC says, “You guys rock, you have exploded our Twitter account.” We say thanks Coach. With just an average of 3 tweets per day Coach JC shows us you don’t have to be noisy to be effective.

Coach JC of Tulsa-Twitter Success Quality Connections

Coach JC will surpass 2,000 followers this week. But keep in mind it’s not about the quantity of followers it is about the quality of followers.

The primary rule on Twitter is ENGAGEMENT

Coach does a good job engaging people. With our software we have been able to use keywords like: Exercise, workout, run, marathon, Olympic Trials, Qualify, NBA, NCAA, NFL, Bench Press, Triathlon, Lose Weight, Swim Suit, Metabolism, etc. to help him connect with potential clients.  When we began working with Coach on his Twitter accounts just 5 weeks ago he had no followers @DSDStrength Stay tuned tomorrow we will show you what other keywords Coach has used to connect with health conscious people in Tulsa.

We engage people by LISTENING to KEYWORDS & asking questions not just by preaching 24/7

Coach JC hires M3 New Media for Twitter Marketing 4/7/11

You can see Coach JC had been stuck at 350 followers since January. We were able to do something for him in 5 weeks that he had not been able to do in months.

Watch my video on YouTube about this topic NOW Let’s talk today to see how we can help you get started for as little as $29 per month.

YouTube Trends
M3 New Media & Michael Butler on YouTube

Marketing Your Book Just Got Easier-Online Book Sales Soar

Online Book Sales Soar as Bookstore Sales Dwindle
Why Authors Have the Power-Not the Big Publishing Houses

Buzzing Authors books-book-marketing
Author Book Marketing
Selling books to the end consumer has gotten easier thanks to the internet-By taking bookstores out of the equation.
Last year there were over 1 million new book titles, yet there were more best sellers than ever before.

The book is ALWAYS better than the movie-right? Yours should be no exception.

Online Book Sales Soar
Whether you are writing a novel, biography, self-help or how-to book the marketing goal should be the same: to sale a ton of books!
It is becoming easier to sell books online because the barrier to sale ie: The bookstore has been removed. Twitter is just one Social Media channel that allows direct connection with targeted followers and can generate tremendous interest in a niched topic.
A book with a narrow focus and niched following can outsell a book with a broader appeal and general context because the internet allows for specific loyalty from grassroot: causes, brands and flavors of topics.   How is this online success possible? The internet: ie book blogs, book review sites, independent book reviewers and book titles on Twitter have made it easier to locate, connect with and market to the end consumer of a book in any genre.
Keys to creating online awareness about your book:

1. Have a Twitter profile for your book. Since every book is a product launch-engage your audience 12 months before you ever sale a book.
2. Use all Social Media channels to connect with your target. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Blog/Website. Connect with the age/genre appropriate book reviewers/bloggers.
Market Your Book with Our Proprietary Software
3. Crowd-Source your content to your followers to get feedback in real-time. Let your followers help you write your content. Use them as case studies. Tweet them questions and use their feedback and when you do cite them. The greater the emotional connection to the brand of you the author and you the book will drive book sales and market demand exponentially before your book ever launches. Know your audience-find out what they like to read-then write that!Why not crowd source your content and have “the crowd” help you write a best-seller. Will “crowd-sourcing” be the new model for book authors?
4. Sale the heck out of your e-book before you ever offer the book. Better yet-offer e-chapters before you offer the e-book. The demand for e-products will grow as borders become less important.
5. Tweet your book out for feedback, sharing and excitement. Throw the crowd some crumbs and start a feeding frenzy. This will pay you richly in the long run.  Every book is a product launch-so why would a Twitter page & Fan page be an after-thought if you are an author? Most people don’t do any marketing on their book and expect to be a Best Seller!
Once we work with you to discover your keywords we start you on a journey to build your brand and take it to the next level. The first stop on our journey for brand building and creative collaboration is Twitter.  We take your existing Twitter account, optimize it for keywords and get you listed with key influencers within your target demographic.
We put your twitter account and keywords in our software & you watch the magic happen!

We put your twitter account and keywords in our software & you watch the magic happen!
Our average client easily gets 2,000 followers within 3 months, Gets listed dozens of times and gets retweeted regularly.

Keyword rich search, targeted follow/unfollow proprietary software, prices do not reflect monitoring.


  • Twitter- Keyword rich follow/unfollow; 20 tweets per week no monitoring …….$29/month
  • Twitter-Keyword rich follow/unfollow; 40 tweets per week, no monitoring…….$39/month
  • Twitter-Keyword rich follow/unfollow; 80 tweets per week, no monitoring…… $49/month
  • Twitter Basic Set up (Existing Account add $30 for Customized)…………………….$59/1 time set-up
  • Twitter Basic Set up (New Account add $30 for Customized)…………………………$99/One Time
Add weekly monitoring (Listen, reply FAQ & website, notify client, RT)……$10-40/month
Twitter is the best ways to publish short-form content to the web. Twitter allows you to create “bread crumbs” to bring viewers and searchers back to your website/blog again and again. Since Twitter is so quickly and easily indexed by Google based on location, content and context it makes it easier for your website to get found and for potential customers to connect with you. You can write the content or let the M3 team write your content for you.

To write 100 tweets for you we charge  $69
To write 200 tweets for you we charge  $99
To write 300 tweets for you we charge  $149

(These are ‘tweets’ you will own for life-You own all the content on your Social Media sites)
More Than Rice, is no exception. The More Than Rice Twitter page began September 1, 2010 and as of this writing 2/4/11has 2,158 followers, sent 982 tweets (that is approximately 10 tweets per day during the daylight hours broadcasting from the CST-as of this writing there is no app for tweeting a book-all of the tweets have been scheduled manually through@HootSuite from the text of the Novel and here is the big thing: been listed 66 times.
The list is the real value  with people listing the Novel on Twitter this means they have “bookmarked” the Twitter page and want to go back to it and learn more. As you can see from the chart in the photo that book sales at Barnes & Nobles and Borders have decreased in recent years while online book sales at Amazon and direct book blogs and websites have increased. Expect this trend to continue.
The Novel’s author Pamala Kennedy Chestnut 2746 followers and listed 93 times.
Content syndication is key when it comes to authors dominating their niche online. Here’s a thought-Market your Book for 9 months before you launch the ebook. Authors do you want your book selling at Amazon and Barnes and Noble?  Do you have a strategy to make that happen? Do you have a plan for getting your ebook published? How about publishing in e-format? Kindle, Nook, Google Reader? Ipad?

Our standard publishing agreement comes with e-book publishing as a standard service not as an upgrade.
Having a book to sell 1)Adds credibility to you 2)Makes you the expert 3)Gives you revenue from back of room sales 4)More speaking gigs.
Take your pick of the above Twitter options and speak with one of our representatives at M3 who can get you started. Our goal at M3 is to provide your brand as much exposure and marketing while providing you with the appropriate listening and feedback. We look forward to working with you to build your brand in your geography and want to be your alliance partner for a very long time.
The above pricing/plans works great for: Authors, Speakers, and Ministers.
We do offer special pricing to companies needing help with 3 or more Twitter accounts. Call us today at 918.550.800 or email info@M3NewMedia.net and inquire further.
Twitter Book Marketing Help For You