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More Than Rice Novel-Pamala-Kennedy-Chestnut-Human-Trafficking-Author

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Why a Bookstore is the Worst Place to Sell Your Book-Online Sales Soar

Online Book Sales Soar as Bookstore sales dwindle.

Selling books to the end consumer has gotten easier thanks to the internet. By taking bookstores out of the equation.

bookstores bad place to sell books-online book sales soar
Online Book Sales Soar

It is becoming easier to sell books online because the barrier to sale ie: The bookstore has been removed. Twitter is just one Social Media tool that allows direct connection with targeted followers and can generate tremendous in a niched topic. A book with a narrow focus and niched following. Last year for example there were over 1 million new book titles, yet there were more best sellers than ever before. How is this possible? The internet: ie book blogsbook review sites, independent book reviewers and book titles on Twitter have made it easier to locate, connect with and market to the end consumer of a book in any genre.

Keys to creating online awareness about your book:

1. Have a Twitter profile for your book. Since every book is a product launch-engage your audience 12 months before you ever sale a book.

2. Use all Social Media channels to connect with your target. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Blog/Website. Connect with the age/genre appropriate book reviewers/bloggers.

3. Crowd-Source your content to your followers to get feedback in real-time. Let your followers help you write your content. Use them as case studies. Tweet them questions and use their feedback and when you do cite them. The greater the emotional connection to the brand of you the author and you the book will drive book sales and market demand exponentially before your book ever launches.

4. Sale the heck out of your e-book before you ever offer the book. Better yet-offer e-chapters before you offer the e-book.

5. Tweet your book out for feedback, sharing and excitement. Throw the crowd some crumbs and start a feeding frenzy. This will pay you richly in the long run!

Book Authors get your Book Trailer for just $147. See example:




More Than Rice, is no exception. The More Than Rice Twitter page began September 1, 2010 and as of this writing 11/27/10 has 1,645 followers, sent 982 tweets (that is approximately 10 tweets per day during the daylight hours broadcasting from the CST-as of this writing there is no app for tweeting a book-all of the tweets have been scheduled manually through@HootSuite from the text of the Novel and here is the big thing: been listed 53 times. The list is the real value  with people listing the Novel on Twitter this means they have “bookmarked” the Twitter page and want to go back to it and learn more. As you can see from the chart in the photo that book sales at Barnes & Nobles and Borders have decreased in recent years while online book sales at Amazon and direct book blogs and websites have increased. Expect this trend to continue.

Because we love our blogging friends, book reviewers and online bookstores. We are sending a Free copy of More Than Rice, A Journey Through the Underwold of Human Trafficking by author Pamala Kennedy Chestnut to any book reviewer/blogger who intends to publish an online book review by January 15th 2011. In addition to sending you a free copy of More Than Rice we will feature your book at M3NewMedia.net in multiple blog posts and through Twitter @WriteYourBook @TweetYourBook@M3Publishing and @MichaelButlerSR and on Facebook Write Your Book Group

Please send request for reviews to: Michael@M3NewMedia.net (Publisher) of “More Than Rice” “Book Review Request” in Subject line along with: 1) Email address for E-Book or mailing address for physical book copy 2) URL of your book review site. 3.) Once you verify your email address and the projected date of review you will be sent More Than Rice.

Thank you and Happy 2011! See this YouTube video interview of Pamala at a recent Barnes & Nobles location.More Than Rice Novel