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Mayor Dewey Bartlett officially named Chuck Jordan the police chief on Friday 11/12/10

Bartlett says Jordan, who served as the interim police chief since January, has cut overtime expenses and put two helicopters back in the air.

FOX23’s Abbie Alford leanrs now he wants to make sure TPD is doing what it can to track child predators. She talked to Jordan who is working with Stop Child Trafficking Now to help expose child predators.

Thousands of children are sold in heinous crimes such as sex, drugs and gratification.

“Child exploitation and trafficking is happening in Tulsa,” says Tulsa’s Chapter Director for Stop Child Trafficking Now, Jason Weis.

He says the Department of Justice ranks Tulsa tenth in the nation for child trafficking, a pipeline city.

“We are taking the fight to the predators. We are going to where they are,” says Weis.

Stop Child Trafficking Now is doing that already, now the group is partnering with Tulsa Police.

“They are bringing it to people’s attention and they are getting the message out there and that’s what we need,” says Chief Jordan.

The partnership is in phase two.  

Latest News: NJ Times- A pledge from Tulsa’s top cop as he takes over amidst a federal investigation into
allegations of corruption within the Tulsa Police Department. “I love this police department, I love this
community, and that is exactly what fuels my passion to make sure we go back to where we were as a police
department the community can trust and have faith in. I don’t expect you to swallow that right now but I ask
you watch. It will happen, we will take care of business,” says Chief Chuck Jordan.

tulsa police chief
New Police Chief Chuck Jordan Nov 2010

“We are bringing counter terrorism tactics to the fight against child trafficking,” says Weis.

A former Navy Seal is leading the effort, crews have mapped out hot spots for potential child abusers including massage parlors, truck stops and underground businesses….

This type of crimefighting is one of its kind in the nation and Tulsa is on the frontlines.

“We are going to send a loud message to child predators that we are coming for you and we are not going to tolerate this any longer,” says Weis.


The chief says it’s a concern that needs to be taken down in Tulsa.

“We’d like to champion this and this is an issue that needs to be brought to the forefront and we don’t know how many children are involved,” says Jordan.

Stop Child Trafficking Now (SCTN) is a non-profit organization. In December SCTN plans to share what it is gathered in the field with local law enforcement and officers within the Tulsa Police Department.

The chief also says in the coming weeks he wants to make changes to personnel but would not give specifics.

Jordan says in an effort to build trust within the community the Department is in the process of having patrol officers share informant information with Special Investigation officers so there is more oversight.

Right now there is a federal investigation into current and former Tulsa Police officers and a federal agent for alleged corruption.

The chief selection committee and the mayor says the two internal candidates, Deputy Chief Mark McCrory and Daryl Webster were turned down for the job. The mayor says seven other external candidates applied for the Chief’s job but were not interviewed. Jordan was the only external candidate interviewed for the job. The mayor says the other external candidates did not meet job qualifications.

Jordan’s salary right now is $100,000. His official salary has not been determined.

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