Business Marketing Passion Flows When You Adopt a Non-Profit for Your Organization or Company

There is a lot of Twitter buzz today about New Year’s Resolutions and Business goals for 2011. Employees already have requested off for summer vacation and as an HR manager, CEO or employer you may be wondering how to infuse some passion into the post-holiday back-to-work blues. Below are a few Non-Profit ideas your company can adopt now for a year long of fun and giving back.

social-good- tulsa
Social Good Tulsa

Why not Adopt a Non-Profit for your company and make them a part of your new year’s calendar?

There are many great local Non-profits, charities and organizations that need help all year long not just at the holidays. We will mention a few you are familiar with and maybe a few you haven’t yet heard of:

1. Salvation Army Tulsa

Adopt a Cause for Your Company This Year

We all tend to think of the Salvation Army at Christmas time. And they are huge at Christmas. But the Salvation Army is a year round ministry that constantly gives back to the Tulsa community. And they are a lot of fun for companies to work with because they are so big on Social Networks like Twitter.
Read the Story here of Social Media Tulsa gives back-Christmas 2010.

2. Junior Achievement of Oklahoma on Facebook

JA Worldwide is the world’s largest organization dedicated to educating students about workforce readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy through experiential, hands-on programs.

3. Big Brothers & Big Sisters

Many an employees life has been enriched by volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters. This is a great program with a proven track record that can add value to a Company’s work-force through volunteerism and giving back.

There are many great organizations to work with. One of the best ways to identify your corporate cause is to ask: What are our Companies “Core Values?” By identifying the mission of the company or the core values you can better determine what might be a good fit. Larger companies may want to provide several options for employees to choose from even allowing extra time at lunch or after work for participation in community service and for volunteering.

This short post is in no way a complete list. The goal here was just to get your mind thinking about what might work for your business for Social Good this year. There is also Little League Sports (I like to capitalize too much-have you noticed?) Church groups, civic groups, school, band, music, football, cheerleading, etc.

One of the web’s favorite resource for Social Good and Non-Profit information is at What are your favorite Non-Profits? What has worked best for your organization? Have you used Social Media to expand volunteerism beyond your corporate walls? How did that work? What did you learn. Thanks for your comments. Or email us directly Feel free to tell us what you want to see on the blog.

Super-Sized, Down-Sized, & Globalized-The Changing Face of America’s Workplace

” We are no longer in the Agrarian age or the Industrial Age.  Time is moving and CHANGE is the only constant.”

Michael Butler, Business Consultant & Strategic Partner at M3 New Media changing place of americas workplace
Original published in Xposure Magazine 2008

America’s workplace has changed.  My grand-dad was a dairy farmer and my dad worked for corporate America.  People my age (Gen-X’ers) will change careers six times.  Corporate America has down-sized and Small Business is now Big Business!  We are in the middle of a Home-Based Business Boom with 50,000 new Home-Based Businesses (HBB’S) Starting weekly according to People who once looked down their noses at those who worked from home, now, envy those who Tele-Commute.

Several Key Factors to Look for when Choosing a HBB:

  1. Find a Reputable Company with proven leadership. Whether you are starting a traditional business, buying a franchise or joining a Network Marketing Company; a company is only as good as its leaders.  Do your homework, ask questions, and investigate.  A company can ultimately only be as good as the folks at the top.
  2. Is it the Right Industry? Servicing typewriters is out.  Servicing retiring Baby Boomers is IN  and will be IN for a LONG TIME!  The fastest growing segment of the population is those over 100! Companies that service this demographic will be in business for a LONG time.  Try to capitalize on the FRONT END of trends for maximum profitability.
  3. Check with a Qualified Tax Professional. Not every CPA knows HBB Tax Law.  Laws passed by Congress give HBB the best tax breaks.  But if your CPA is clueless you will not benefit.
  4. Go Global. In his book: The World is Flat Thomas Friedman points out that with the advent of Globalization; the world is a level playing field.  The average Jane/Joe can now do a better job, many times, than the big guys.  Start a company that is either Global in scope or can go global with minimal effort.  Is the product/service reusable?  Is the product/service border friendly?
  5. Infrastructure. In their new book: Why We Want You to be Rich Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki talk about leverage.  Smart people LEVERAGE themselves for maximum profitability.  America’s first billionaire, J. Paul Getty said: “I’d rather have 1% of 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own. Kiyosaki says: “Successful people look for and build Networks everyone else just looks for work.”  Whether it’s a franchise, HBB, or traditional business; ask yourself: “Is the infra-structure and Net Work in place to sustain long term growth and expansion?  This is why Infra-structure is sandwiched between: Going Global and the Internet.
  6. Use the Internet. Don’t fear it, use it.  You don’t have to be a “nerd” to “cash-in” on this trend that has only just begun.  Get on Facebook, Linked-In, My Space, Twitter, Blogger, and Word Press.  Start blogging.  Let people find you and use your help as the expert you are.

We are no longer in the Agrarian age or the Industrial Age.  Time is moving and CHANGE is the only constant.  Find something you are passionate about, plug into a success system, and let’s have fun, help people, and make a lot of money!

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Tulsey Awards Cap Off Global Entrepreneurship Week in Tulsa

The Tulsey Awards cap off the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Tulsa and show that the American Dream is alive and well in Oklahoma. In it’s third year. The Tulsey’s began featuring local start-ups in 2008 during the Global Entrepreneurship Week and Start-Up Weekend.

The Tulsey Awards

There is only one more full day of voting.

Click this link> VOTE HERE Scroll to bottom of page & vote!

Vote For Tulsa Start-Up "End Cap"
Vote For Tulsa Start-Up "End Cap"

Come on out Tulsa and support your local Entrepreneurs and Start-up companies. Tulsa was once the Oil Capitol of the world let’s make Tulsa the Tech Capitol of the Southwest!

Tulsa Start-UP Weekend Showcases Entrepreneurs Who Want To START ME UP The Economy & Save Rock & Roll!

Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa, Oklahoma at night.
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This past weekend local Entrepreneurs met to incubate and develop and launch their concepts to a room full of global fans. Tulsa participated with 14 entries and was among dozens of cities in many different Nations including the USA, Mexico, Bulgaria, Russia, Lebanon, and Portugal.

end cap start up tulsa weekend
The "End Cap" Tulsa Start-up team

The ideas were worthy of development, critique and crowd-sourcing and at the end of the day it was EndCap with Carlos Moreno and TJ Clark that were chosen to go to round two! Now these guys need our vote to put Tulsa, OK on the map for Entrepreneurship will you help us help Tulsa go to the next round! A vote for End Cap Tulsa, could help save your local Rock & Roll and create some incredible “win-wins” for bands everywhere. Moreno says, “this isn’t about me or TJ, it’s about Tulsa, now, and our idea up against the other 19 teams in the global competition.” 

VOTE HERE for End Cap Tulsa, OK at the Very bottom of page, Thank  you!

Come out and support your local Entrepreneurs at The Tulsey Awards Nov. 18 at the Cain’s Ballroom

For more on the history of Start-Up Weekend the following is an excerpt from:

Startup Weekend, a non-profit organization based in Seattle, Washington, announced the first “Global Startup Battle,” an event designed to challenge and inspire entrepreneurs from around the world during Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Startup Weekend challenges those that attend any of its 100+ events around the world each year to pitch ideas for new technology startups, form teams and build functional prototypes in just 54 hours. The events are designed to provide entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs an opportunity to meet like-minded people, exchange ideas, and benefit from the educational value inherent in the hands-on experience of rapidly building a new venture. While these “tech weekend warrior” events typically result in declaring a winner, Startup Weekend is taking the competitive edge to an entirely new level during this year’s Global Entrepreneurship Week by hosting a full-scale, no holds barred “Global Startup Battle.”

Global Startup Battle is a capstone event that ties together teams from over twenty Startup Weekend events taking place during Global Entrepreneurship Week (November 12-21) in cities around the world from San Francisco to Sao Paulo, from Boston to Beirut and beyond. The winning team from each event – as decided by a panel of local expert judges – will have 24 hours to create a 90-second video pitch that highlights their freshly-launched product or service.  Viewers from around the world will then be invited to view the video pitches and vote for their favorite concept. The winners will take home an assortment of cash and prizes from partners such as Twilio, oDesk, Microsoft and Lexmark, and some one-on-one time with a celebrity venture capitalist or angel investor (TBA).

“Startup Weekend puts a bunch of smart, like-minded people in a room and says, ‘Go build something great’,” said Josh Bob, a Boston-based Startup Weekend organizer.  “The Global Startup Battle is about showing them that there are many other people, all over the world, who also want to do amazing things. We want to foster friendly global competition based around innovation and celebrating entrepreneurship.”

Want to be part of the action? Head to and sign up for one of the events happening November 12-14 or November 19-21. There will be one battle for each weekend. Next step – win your local event and join the Battle! If you can’t attend an event, watch the Battle and cast your votes. For more information about Global Startup Battle or Startup Weekend, contact


Global Entrepreneurship Week is designed to draw attention to the power of entrepreneurial activity around the world, especially the efforts of young people who seek to better their lives and the future of their communities through entrepreneurship.  Millions of people from countries around the world participate in local, regional, and global events.  More information can be found at

Social Media-How’s that working out for you Business Owners in Tulsa?

The kids are back in school and football fever is in the air! How does that make you feel? I have another question for you. Did you get your Social Media Campaign ramped up this summer in Tulsa and beyond-how is that working for you? Social Media is not a one time event like renting a billboard. Web 2.0 is a way of life. It is an ongoing stream that flows 24/7 and is a 3 way conversation as you sleep as you travel. The sooner business owners realize and embrace this the more we can relax, have fun and start making money at what we are truly passionate about!

Do you remember when email first came out in the 90’s and how some people thought it would make their life too hectic-but now we are all thankful and realize that email actually made our life easier! That is what Social Media can help you with. Web 2.0 should make our lives easier, more connected more updated and in-tune with our friends, family, and business associates. Don’t fight it-Web 2.0 is here to stay and is quickly evolving into Web 3.0 You can fight it or, adapt, have fun and enjoy the benefits of working smarter not harder!

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Michael D Butler Sr with M3 New Media
Michael D Butler Sr with M3 New Media