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In a world filled with noise, how does a business owner, brand, author or entrepreneur stand out in the crowd?

One of the BEST ways for you as a business owner, author or brand to gain credibility and market share is to rely on third party validation and testimonials.

And the best way to build real and lasting relationships and turn new customers into raving fans, advocates and evangelists for your brand is to have an ongoing comprehensive social media strategy.

It’s one thing to brag on yourself but quite another thing entirely when a customer, client or new contact does.

Ford Motor company

This is why social media is such a powerful tool that provides third party credibility and klout. It’s one thing to tell your clients how good you are but the fact is smart consumers read reviews, reports and comments Online.

Agree or Disagree? It’s not enough on Social Media to just talk about YOURSELF, you need OTHERS talking about you!

This is WHY we created the You Pick Two Social Media packages for Authors, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners. Take your pick with Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, YouTube, Google+ Pinterest, instagram and other social media platforms to connect you with your target market, generate tons of relevant, keyword rich content, syndicate that content to the web, 24/7 while you sleep, play, work and do other things.

This package literally becomes a traffic funnel for you, driving new leads, prospects and potential clients to your business 24/7 while you are not even thinking about it.

National Twitter Mktg    $199 value invite/engage/grow/broadcast™         2000 new followers in 3 months
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YouTube & Google+ Mktg
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Support 24/7 online, email, video, training, support M-F 9-5 phone & email UNLIMITED
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You Pick Two $197

You Pick Two + 1 $272

About Michael D. Butler

Author|Publisher|Book Launch Expert
Michael owns  & Facebook’s Fastest Growing Online Community for Authors and Book Launch Experts and He  helps authors and speakers sell more books Online so they can charge more for speaking and consulting.
His new book Best Seller Status – Become a Best-Selling Author in the Digital Age is launching in 2015 in addition to  Twitter Success for Authors and Single Dad’s Survival Guide are being distributed globally.
Michael has delivered over 1,000 presentations and has been a featured guest on stages, radio and TV shows to discuss Viral Book Launches, Best Seller Status and Becoming a Best Selling Author in the Digital Age.
He is most proud of his work to help stop human trafficking by landing four clients on Fox News including ‘Truckers Against Trafficking’ to 2 Social campaigns that are now signed ‘movie deals’ including Twilight’s Boo Boo Stewart in the Pineville Heist and ‘More Than Rice- A Journey Through the Underworld of Human Trafficking’
Best-Selling Author, Client & Publicist Arielle Ford who works with Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’s’ Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield says, “I’ve been referring your services to everyone…are numbers are up – way up!”
BEYOND PUBLISHING is a full service publishing company based in Las Vegas NV helping authors, speakers and entrepreneurs have a wow customer experience and build a platform that they can monetize for life with print books, e-books and international distribution.


M3 New Media Book Author Wins Major Award ‘Best Use of Visual Effects’ Movie Deal Near


Writer/Director Lee Chambers and Visual Effects Artist George Renner with M3 New Media Praise
Writer/Director Lee Chambers and Visual Effects Artist George Renner
CREDIT: Darren MacDonald

(Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada)Full Story on PRWeb 2/12/13

RennerVFX was recently honored with a Platinum Pixie Award by the American Pixel Academy for their Hollywood-style cinematic teaser trailer for the novel and planned movie of The Pineville Heist.

Currently in the financing stages for big screen treatment with Twilight Saga star Booboo Stewart, The Pineville Heist thriller is also a bestselling eBook, audiobook and paperback.

Writer and Director Lee Chambers and screenwriter Todd Gordon teamed up with RennerVFX to produce a 30 second spot that is 95% computer generated. This in addition to M3 Client Pamala Kennedy Chestnut ‘More Than Rice’ Movie Deal.

This creative collaboration took a staggering two and half months and has now won the team the Best Use of Visual Effects. The American Pixel Academy honors outstanding creativity in motion graphics, effects and animation.

Writer/Director Lee Chambers and Visual Effects Artist George Renner CREDIT: Darren MacDonald
Writer/Director Lee Chambers and Visual Effects Artist George Renner
CREDIT: Lee Chambers

Chambers explains the reason for the length of time for development. “The realism of each shot is near perfect and there are over 300 standalone pieces in this trailer with each one having to be meticulously built up, layer upon layer.”

To further explain the process of the computer generation involved in producing the trailer, VFX guru George Renner explains, “We looked at numerous real school hallways before crafting up our virtual environment using 3D Studio Max, Syntheyes and Fusion to create over a thousand frames. Even after six weeks of building the framework, rendering alone took over three weeks and multiple computers to complete the final version. The rendering process happens one frame at a time, sometimes taking over 2 hours to render each one out.”

Chambers commissioned Fabio Acri, an award-winning musician to compose music specifically for the trailer from his studios in London, England, while Dan Gold in Los Angeles provided the flawless voiceover. The only ‘real’ element in the spot was Canadian actor Tanner Drabick who appears in the virtual world as the on-screen bad guy.

Writer/Director Lee Chambers and Visual Effects Artist George Renner CREDIT: Darren MacDonald
Writer/Director Lee Chambers and Visual Effects Artist George Renner
CREDIT: Lee Chambers

Chambers advises, “Animating an actor as well would have doubled the time it took to produce the trailer. Cinematographer Kevin Fratpietro shot that particular scene using a Red Camera, and then Renner VFX seamlessly incorporated this single live-action element into the trailer.” Book and movie teaser trailer:

Lee Chambers is a British Canadian writer, director and producer who has received critical acclaim from Total Film Magazine and Fox Television. In 2005 Chambers developed the Make It Short Film Project gaining Executive Producer support from Academy Award winners, Paul Haggis, Denys Arcand and Roger Corman. In 2012, Chambers won Screenwriter of the Year Award by Music Film and Motion in Canada for his short film, ‘Hugh Jackman Saves the World’.

Lee Chambers, Author of Pineville Heist hires M3 New Media:

M3 New Media-Author-Book-Marketing

M3 New Media provided some amazing tools to help creative folks reach out to the world. It’s one thing to write the great book and it’s another to educate the world on why they should take a chance on it.

“M3 helped me spread the word about The Pineville Heist and in turn, thousands have been entertained by my creation. Beyond the tools and expertise… they have a passion to help and are truly supportive! Thanks M3!” Lee Chambers

Previous story on M3 New Media Client Pineville Heist Attracts Twilight’s Teen Movie Star Boo Boo Stewart

Past Movie Deals: Pamala Kennedy Chestnut signs Movie Deal ‘More Than Rice’ A Journey Through the Underworld of Human Trafficking’

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Social Media Marketing Industry Report by Social Media Examiner

Social Media Marketing Industry Report by Michael Stelzner Soical Media Examiner

Every year our good friends at Social Media Examiner put out this great report. It will be helpful for your business and personal brand as you navigate the Social Media currents of 2012 and beyond.

Social Media Examiner
You will gain valuable insights at Social Media Examiner
Social Media Marketing Industry Report M3 New Media
Click to Read

Every year Michael puts out a comprehensive report and this year we’ve included the 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report by Michael Stelzner.

Tulsa Business Owner Uses Social Media Reaches Locally & Online

As the former Strength & Conditioning Coach at Oral Roberts University, Coach Jonathan Conneely has coached hundreds of students who have gone on to compete professionally and at the collegiate and Olympic levels. 8/28/11

Twitter Marketing by M3 New Media Tulsa, OK

M3 began working with Jonathan Conneely and Boot Camp Tulsa in April of 2011.


Here is what Coach’s Twitter account looked like in April of 2011.

Coach_JC-Twitter-Account -April-2011-Tulsa-OK
@Coach_JC Twitter April 2011with only 333 followers & only listed 12 times

We will share more with you soon how Coach Conneely has grown his 3 businesses with the help of M3 and Social Media.

Follow @Coach_JC @BootCampTulsa @DSDStrength and and

Social Media Influences Brand Perceptions Online & Mobile

Social Media Influencers Show Metrics for Web 2.0 ROI

In a recent interview with Ronald Skelton, Michael D. Butler, Sr. with M3 New Media asked “How do you connect with Influencers & what Social Media Tools do You Use?” 6/14/11

This along with a new study released by (6/14/11) shows that 38 Million Americans are influenced by Social Media when it comes to making purchases.  Part of the article is included below:

“Social Media Now Influences Brand Perceptions, Purchase Decisions of 38 Million in U.S.
Second Wave of Breakthrough Study Shows Increasing Role of Mobile

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As marketers struggle to define the value of social media to their brands, new Knowledge Networks findings demonstrate that consumers are much more likely to discover new products and brands or refer to social media before making purchase decisions than they were just a year ago.

In fact, the purchase decisions of 38 million 13 to 80 year olds in the U.S. are now influenced in various ways by social media — up 14% in just six months.
“The on-the-go consumer is becoming more mobile in their social media usage” The results come from Wave 2 of The Faces of Social MediaSM syndicated research, which provides a consumer-centric view of social media involvement and its effects on 39 product categories. The syndicated study, focused on the marketing consequences of social media (“SoMe”), is a Joint Research Venture of Knowledge Networks (KN) and MediaPost Communications’ Center for Media Research.
Teens and adults who are social media users in 2011 reported high levels of influence as follows:

  • 23.1 million discover new brands or products through social media (up 22% from 2010)
  • 22.5 million use SoMe to learn about unfamiliar brands or products (up 9%)
  • 17.8 million are strongly influenced in their purchase decisions by opinions in social media (up 19%)
  • 15.1 million refer to social media before making purchase decisions (up 29%)
  • Consumers are also integrating social media usage with their mobile phone activity.

In 2010, 40% of teens and adults who have ever used social media are accessing it through their mobile device – up from 28% versus 6 months ago. This means that roughly 80 million people check social media from a mobile device.

As a result, social media is now a ‘wherever I am’ option, integrated into the mobile-plus social media users’ shopping experience and habits; 27% compare or check prices via SoMe, 24% refer to reviews for brands/places/services, and 16% (23% of Boomers) use social media to find coupons or other discounts for local businesses.”

Are you surprised by these stats? Do you agree or disagree? What tools do you use to connect with influencers on Social Media? What is your Web 2.0 strategy? How do you find the best tools to stay at the top of your game? How do you adjust to the changes? Ronald is a certified Guerilla Marketing Coach and you can follow Ron on Twitter @RonaldSkelton You can also follow @MichaelButlerSr for random things that pop into his head & @M3NewMedia for the latest in Social Media News you can use. Michael is the principle strategist at a global online PR Agency serving clients on several continents in the for profit and nonprofit worlds. We love your comments, questions and remarks and if you follow us on Twitter; we WILL follow you back!

LinkedIn Surprises Investors as Social Media Network Goes Public

Online Social Network LinkedIn Makes Wall Street & Silicon Valley Take Notice!

How Much Time Do You Spend on Social Networks? Your LinkedIn Stock Just Doubled-Don’t You Wish Your Connections Did? 5/22/11

LinkedIn Info-Graphic
LinkedIn Info-Graphic

Thursday was an exciting day for the folks at LinkedIn. The Social Media Network went public at the NYSE and surprised investors as the stock quickly posted double digit gains-something that hasn’t been done in several years. Many are remembering the bust and hoping we are in for another surge in the tech/social media world. If Thursday is any forecast of things to come Facebook, Twitter and other social networks are in for a great 2011-2012!

From on Thursday: “LinkedIn announced its intention to file for an IPO in January. At the time, the company was valued at $2.51 billion based on shares traded on secondary market SharesPost.

The eight-year-old company hit the 100 million user mark in March and became profitable in 2010 with a net income of $10.1 million and net revenues of $161.4 million in the first nine months of 2010. In Q1, LinkedIn’s revenues hit $93.9 million, a 110% increase from the year-ago period. Net income was $2 million, compared to $1.8 million in Q1 2010.

LinkedIn is the first of a slew of anticipated social media IPOs set for the next year or so. Others include Facebook, Zynga, Groupon, Pandora, Kayak, Yelp, Rovio and Zillow. Renren, billed as the “Facebook of China,” went public this month and raised $743.4 million.”

Myspace is one of the older and well known social networks and has struggled to re-invent itself. It will be interesting to see how things play out in the Web 2.0 industry and where we are headed with mobile social networking. Let us know your thoughts. Leave a comment below. Will you spend more time on LinkedIn now or will LinkedIn going public not change the way you do things?

I will continue to use LinkedIn weekly as before, but honestly-I spend 7 days per week on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and only one day per week on LinkedIn.

Follow my LinkedIn list on Twitter here is 164 people strong. I have 668 connections on LinkedIn and 164 of my connections are also Twitter so I made it easy for you just click the link and follow the list. LinkedIn is very business professional and Twitter is a great way for me to index, list, and favorite my favorite connections and get work done quickly.

See our latest shared video on Social Media ROI

Michael D Butler SR
M3 New Media is a 21st Century New Media Ad Agency Specializing in Online PR & Digital Influence

Does Your Twitter Marketing Plan Focus on Listening-Keywords & Search?

When it comes to Growing Twitter-Tulsa is quickly Becoming a Smart Location for Social Media Keywords

Michael D. Butler, Sr. 5/16/11

Michael D Butler Sr on Twitter

I love watching new entrepreneurs, business people and companies jump on Twitter. Twitter is one of my favorite ways to listen for keywords on the internet. The overall marketing strategy of any company is unique but covers some of the same basic components. An online strategy that includes publishing short-form content to the web on a channel like Twitter is not an option for the serious business who wants others talking and driving traffic. We want to point out a few case studies to show how quickly a business owner can gain targeted followers on Twitter and by using keywords can find potential alliance and joint venture partners. Follow MichaelButlerSr on Twitter for up to the minute communication with me. Just 5 weeks ago we began working with @Coach_JC an author and speaker and  local trainer and owner of @BootCampTulsa & @DSDStrength in just 5 weeks on our basic Twitter package Coach JC says, “You guys rock, you have exploded our Twitter account.” We say thanks Coach. With just an average of 3 tweets per day Coach JC shows us you don’t have to be noisy to be effective.

Coach JC of Tulsa-Twitter Success Quality Connections

Coach JC will surpass 2,000 followers this week. But keep in mind it’s not about the quantity of followers it is about the quality of followers.

The primary rule on Twitter is ENGAGEMENT

Coach does a good job engaging people. With our software we have been able to use keywords like: Exercise, workout, run, marathon, Olympic Trials, Qualify, NBA, NCAA, NFL, Bench Press, Triathlon, Lose Weight, Swim Suit, Metabolism, etc. to help him connect with potential clients.  When we began working with Coach on his Twitter accounts just 5 weeks ago he had no followers @DSDStrength Stay tuned tomorrow we will show you what other keywords Coach has used to connect with health conscious people in Tulsa.

We engage people by LISTENING to KEYWORDS & asking questions not just by preaching 24/7

Coach JC hires M3 New Media for Twitter Marketing 4/7/11

You can see Coach JC had been stuck at 350 followers since January. We were able to do something for him in 5 weeks that he had not been able to do in months.

Watch my video on YouTube about this topic NOW Let’s talk today to see how we can help you get started for as little as $29 per month.

YouTube Trends
M3 New Media & Michael Butler on YouTube

Talk of Tulsa Turns to Twitter

Talk of Tulsa Turns to Twitter


Talk of Tulsa turns to Twitter to expand their singing opportunities in Tulsa and beyond. Winners of a $500 Social Media package from M3 New Media at Social Media Tulsa Conference.

Talk of Tulsa Ladies High atop Tulsa-Photo Credit Brenda Haran Photography


The Talk of Tulsa Show Chorus is an all women’s acapella chorus that loves to perform and educate Tulsa and the surrounding communities about our art form.

Talk of Tulsa
Talk of Tulsa on Twitter M3 New Media took this screen shot on April 9th 2011

Stay tuned to these ladies who will be sharing some great info about Tulsa, The Arts Community and their programs for ladies throughout Oklahoma and news on their National Convention and global travels.

Twitter Talk of Tulsa
Talk of Tulsa 330 New Targeted Followers in less than 30 Days

M3 will post updates in Talk of Tulsa’s progress on Twitter. Check back often and leave your comments. Have you heard of Talk of Tulsa before? Talk of Tulsa is Sweet Adelines International.

Twitter Marketing for @TalkofTulsa provided by @M3NewMedia

If you are a member of #SMTulsa enter your PROMO Code in comments section below for a chance to win $500 in Twitter Marketing from M3 New Media.


Social Media Facts & Figures for B2B Sales

Social Media Facts and Figures
Social Media Facts and Figures

Thanks to for allowing us to embed this infograpic. Social Selling Software –

How Will Social Media Change the Way Companies Reach Customers?

Where Will Social Media Take Companies Who Are Trying to Stay Connected to Customers?

Recessions are great times for companies that are entering new markets to take market share from the established market leader. Will we see that happen between Kum and Go and Quik Trip < there site is DOWN now because they are re-building it? Come on you are a $7 Billion dollar company. Time will tell, but it looks like Kum and Go is off to a pretty good start-see my tweet:

Kum and Go 1 Quiktrip 0

How can your business “cash-in” on Social Media this year and how can your company use location-based marketing like Foursquare or GoWalla.

Please leave us a comment and let us know how you plan to use Social Media and in particular location-based marketing in your restaurant, retail store, chiropractic office or other business in Tulsa. Would you be interested in being featured as a case study in Tulsa? Let us know-we are looking for several different business in various industries to be a part of a case study this year.

If your business is chosen, you would receive tons of PR and marketing from the M3 team absolutely free.

Just leave a comment below and tell us the name of your business and your plan for location-based contests and campaigns this year.

M3 New Media is a sponsor at this year’s Social Media Tulsa event and so is Kum and Go and Michael D. Butler, Sr. is a speaker at this event. This blog post is not a paid advertisement by Kum and Go-just an observation.