Business Marketing Passion Flows When You Adopt a Non-Profit for Your Organization or Company

There is a lot of Twitter buzz today about New Year’s Resolutions and Business goals for 2011. Employees already have requested off for summer vacation and as an HR manager, CEO or employer you may be wondering how to infuse some passion into the post-holiday back-to-work blues. Below are a few Non-Profit ideas your company can adopt now for a year long of fun and giving back.

social-good- tulsa
Social Good Tulsa

Why not Adopt a Non-Profit for your company and make them a part of your new year’s calendar?

There are many great local Non-profits, charities and organizations that need help all year long not just at the holidays. We will mention a few you are familiar with and maybe a few you haven’t yet heard of:

1. Salvation Army Tulsa

Adopt a Cause for Your Company This Year

We all tend to think of the Salvation Army at Christmas time. And they are huge at Christmas. But the Salvation Army is a year round ministry that constantly gives back to the Tulsa community. And they are a lot of fun for companies to work with because they are so big on Social Networks like Twitter.
Read the Story here of Social Media Tulsa gives back-Christmas 2010.

2. Junior Achievement of Oklahoma on Facebook

JA Worldwide is the world’s largest organization dedicated to educating students about workforce readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy through experiential, hands-on programs.

3. Big Brothers & Big Sisters

Many an employees life has been enriched by volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters. This is a great program with a proven track record that can add value to a Company’s work-force through volunteerism and giving back.

There are many great organizations to work with. One of the best ways to identify your corporate cause is to ask: What are our Companies “Core Values?” By identifying the mission of the company or the core values you can better determine what might be a good fit. Larger companies may want to provide several options for employees to choose from even allowing extra time at lunch or after work for participation in community service and for volunteering.

This short post is in no way a complete list. The goal here was just to get your mind thinking about what might work for your business for Social Good this year. There is also Little League Sports (I like to capitalize too much-have you noticed?) Church groups, civic groups, school, band, music, football, cheerleading, etc.

One of the web’s favorite resource for Social Good and Non-Profit information is at What are your favorite Non-Profits? What has worked best for your organization? Have you used Social Media to expand volunteerism beyond your corporate walls? How did that work? What did you learn. Thanks for your comments. Or email us directly Feel free to tell us what you want to see on the blog.

Social Media Tulsa Gives Back at the Holidays with Web 2.0 Tweet For Toys

Social Media Tulsa Gives Back with Tweet For Toys

Every Christmas we see the red kettle and hear the bells ringing. Maybe we throw a few bucks in and say “thanks.” Thanks to the person standing in the cold ringing the bell and a “thank-you” to God above that Christmas is already hiding in the closet for our 4 kids. This year in Tulsa, the group Social Media Tulsa gives back by hosting Tweet For Toys <see full story via PR Web here.

Tweet For Toys Tulsa Social Media

Cheryl Lawson has spear-headed most of the events for Tulsa Social Media every since the first one launched globally on June, 30, 2010 by Mashable’s founder Pete Cashmore. Cheryl and and several of the groups members decided in October that it would be great for the group to “give-back” for Christmas. Click on the Tweet For Toys link above and see Lindsay with @SalArmyTulsa talk about the Tweet For Toys campaign in Tulsa.

There have been many Re-tweets and write-ups online about the Tweet for Toys event.

Like from

“The Salvation Army Facebook Page features a customized application for the Angel Giving Tree, a program presented by JCPenney that provides clothes and gifts for children and senior citizens. This year, Facebook users can participate, share their stores, and invite others to become fans of the cause on their Facebook page. And in Tulsa, the Salvation Army partnered with Social Media Tulsa to launch Tweet4Toys, a toy drive for needy children that banks on Twitter for its primary means of promotion. Participants are encouraged to use the #Tweet4Toys hashtag and to share photos, for example, a picture of a toy they’ve dropped off. The accompanying website includes a live counter that tracks Twitter mentions, and displays the profile photos of people who’ve used the hashtag to support the cause.”

The official Twitter hashtag for the Social Media Marketing Tulsa Tweet for Toys is #tweet4toys In 2009 the Salvation Army had 3,000 forgotten angels in Tulsa So please help us out this year. You can stand in the cold ringing a bell or you can RT us and show up Monday night for the event-Tulsa’s children thank you! Follow the founder of M3 New Media, Michael D. Butler, Sr. on Twitter @MichaelButlerSr for real-time, photos, updates & more on Tweet4Toys throughout Christmas.

M3 New Media works with many for profits and Non-Profits to create buzz about causes, events and promotions. Visit M3 New Media today and request your free e-book Real Time Marketing and PR.

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