Why Social Media is LIKE a Small Town

I grew up in a small town. And according to @BeckMcCray Social Media is like that small town-not just because the neighbors kids still get disciplined by the community but because you can ask around and find out how legitimate and authentic a person or business owner is.

“Everyone has a small town connection, so I think everyone understands the principle of ‘small-town.'”
“When the whole world is looking to build communities online the same rules apply,” say McCray.

Becky was a recent speaker at Social Media Tulsa Conference along with Michael D. Butler, Sr. and many other entrepreneurs, start-ups, business owners and CEO’s. Stay tuned for more videos coming to you soon from M3NewMedia.net

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Michael D Butler SR
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Does Your Twitter Marketing Plan Focus on Listening-Keywords & Search?

When it comes to Growing Twitter-Tulsa is quickly Becoming a Smart Location for Social Media Keywords

Michael D. Butler, Sr. 5/16/11

Michael D Butler Sr on Twitter

I love watching new entrepreneurs, business people and companies jump on Twitter. Twitter is one of my favorite ways to listen for keywords on the internet. The overall marketing strategy of any company is unique but covers some of the same basic components. An online strategy that includes publishing short-form content to the web on a channel like Twitter is not an option for the serious business who wants others talking and driving traffic. We want to point out a few case studies to show how quickly a business owner can gain targeted followers on Twitter and by using keywords can find potential alliance and joint venture partners. Follow MichaelButlerSr on Twitter for up to the minute communication with me. Just 5 weeks ago we began working with @Coach_JC an author and speaker and  local trainer and owner of @BootCampTulsa & @DSDStrength in just 5 weeks on our basic Twitter package Coach JC says, “You guys rock, you have exploded our Twitter account.” We say thanks Coach. With just an average of 3 tweets per day Coach JC shows us you don’t have to be noisy to be effective.

Coach JC of Tulsa-Twitter Success Quality Connections

Coach JC will surpass 2,000 followers this week. But keep in mind it’s not about the quantity of followers it is about the quality of followers.

The primary rule on Twitter is ENGAGEMENT

Coach does a good job engaging people. With our software we have been able to use keywords like: Exercise, workout, run, marathon, Olympic Trials, Qualify, NBA, NCAA, NFL, Bench Press, Triathlon, Lose Weight, Swim Suit, Metabolism, etc. to help him connect with potential clients.  When we began working with Coach on his Twitter accounts just 5 weeks ago he had no followers @DSDStrength Stay tuned tomorrow we will show you what other keywords Coach has used to connect with health conscious people in Tulsa.

We engage people by LISTENING to KEYWORDS & asking questions not just by preaching 24/7

Coach JC hires M3 New Media for Twitter Marketing 4/7/11

You can see Coach JC had been stuck at 350 followers since January. We were able to do something for him in 5 weeks that he had not been able to do in months.

Watch my video on YouTube about this topic NOW Let’s talk today to see how we can help you get started for as little as $29 per month.

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M3 New Media & Michael Butler on YouTube

Tulsa Re-Invents Itself with Social Media Tulsa Conference

M3 New Media Sponsors Tulsa Social Media Conference

Former Oil Capitol of the World-Re-Invents Itself with Social Media Tulsa Conference


Tulsa Social Media Conference

Move over SXSW and San Jose-Tulsa has Social Media Tulsa

Thanks to the visionary leadership of

Cheryl Lawson aka Party Aficionado

Social Media Tulsa was born in June of 2010 in the historic Greenwood District of Tulsa, OK. Follow Cheryl Lawson on Twitter. Cheryl will be kicking off #SMTulsa with her talk: “How to Work a Networking Event with Social Media” Times of recession are times for Individuals, Corporations, CEO’s, Start-Ups, Entrepreneurs and Organizations to re-invent themselves. Tulsa is doing just that at the Hyatt Downtown on Thursday, March 24th.

A dozen presenters and over one hundred New Media enthusiasts, business owners and brand managers will be converging on the former oil capitol to: network, connect, collaborate and tweet. But these visionaries will be doing more than just tweeting with the Tulsa Social Media Conference. They hope to create the blueprint for what will put Tulsa back on the map for a new commodity-this time not oil but relational capitol and startup funding. “Being recognized as a city for Social Media, Innovation, Technology and Start-Up Companies is a great way to position Tulsa in the future,” says Michael D. Butler, Sr. founder of M3 New Media a Social Media and PR firm that works with Start-ups and business ventures to create opportunity in Tulsa. “Tulsa is filled with talent and has a long list of not only talent and expertise in the areas of start-ups and funded projects but a great incubator in place to nurture new companies and new industries,” Butler goes on to say.

@MichaelButlerSr Michael’s talk < “Leveraging Social Good to Build Your Brand Online” Power point HERE

Keynote Speaker:

@BeckyMcCray BeckyMcCray.com

Becky’s topic “The Small Town Secret to Social Media”

Enjoy Cheryl’s interview with Becky McCray: Part 1 of 2 Other Speakers include: Carolos Moreno < on Twitter with Auryn Creative Marty Coleman on Twitter @TheNapkinDad @Mandy_Vavrinak with MandyVavrinak.com Doug Stewart @DSCWeb with PowertoFighttheBigBoys.com @LoriCainRE with TulsaHomeforSale.net @RonaldSkelton with RonaldSkelton.com Heather Cupp as @HeatherDjc Ingrid Williams as @imaGirlsScout with Girl Scouts of Eastern OK To see more information about the speakers Click Here As a headline sponsor M3 New Media will be offering DVDs of the entire event-more info about ordering coming soon. If you ordered a DVD you would have received this Receipt from one of the M3 Staff: M3 New Media acknowledges payment for and promises to deliver to:  authorized release to you upon purchase that gives you permission to edit, rebroadcast, and use footage for your future promos however you see fit including on your blog, website, YouTube channel, etc.  Unfortunately one of our camera guys is at another shoot today so the plan is to get at least 33%-50% of each talk filmed. If you place an order with us and the speaker who is also speaking during your time does not want a DVD then we can commit the bulk of the time for your talk-either way I think you will be happy with the end result.

M3 New Media is Social Media Conference Video Sponsor

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100+ Upcoming Social Media Tech Events

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