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Child Safety, Inc. Gets National Media Coverage Again-Technology to Advert Human Trafficking

Michael D. Butler, M3 New Media

Amidst a flurry of media coverage including Tulsa and National Media attention, Child Safety, Inc. again makes headlines for their work in child safety and technology for human trafficking prevention.

Technology Averts Human Trafficking-Stop Trafficking Supply Program

Child Safety Inc. Stop Trafficking Site-From their blog 1/25/2011
Imagine what it would be like if you, or your entire civic service group could help directly stop the flow of human and child trafficking victims to traffickers? The number of human and child trafficking victims in both your community, and country would drop significantly, right? Fortunately, you don’t have to use your imagination anymore-it’s a reality.
Child Safety Incorporated, in conjunction with Change.Org, Law enforcement, and numerous human and child trafficking organizations. These abolitionist advocacy groups will now be able to stop the flow of victims from their homes BEFORE they reach the traffickers. This program will also enhance the safety and security of the individuals and groups that choose to donate a Family Protection Program to a trafficking organization, or low-income family.
Republished from Change.org
Dana Liebelson
Last week, I challenged Change.org readers to combat trafficking by donating a Child Safety Incorporated (CSI) card to an anti-trafficking organization. Almost immediately, Sean Spellecy, the founder of CSI, decided to bring this action to life in a real, tangible way. With his support, Change.org members are concretely preventing kids from reaching traffickers — and you can join them.
The CSI cards include a USB that parents can use to compile useful information, such as a child’s friends, pictures, blood type and medication. In the event that a child goes missing, over 100,000 law enforcement officials will be notified within ten minutes.
Purchasing a card also signs the child up for the family protection program, which sponsors a $10,000 reward for a missing child’s return. This plan, if distributed to probation officers and social workers responsible for high-risk children and teens, could be instrumental to preventing these kids from reaching traffickers.
Starting this week, users who buy a card for a child in their life now have the option to donate a card online to a trafficking group within their state, or to an anonymous low-income family in their community. These families and organizations can sign up for the program with the click of a mouse — and several abolitionist groups already have. There is also a financial incentive for individual families to buy a second card for a family in need: CSI will offer the second card for 50% off, and a free CSI Travel Card (bringing the whole package to $150). On an even more impressive scale, if a large trafficking organization decides to host a “Family Protection Program Against Human Trafficking” drive, CSI members will fly to the group’s headquarters to assist with the campaign at their own expense.
“We believe this program could really have a big impact on the supply chain of potential trafficking victims,” Spellecy said in an interview.
He also stressed the fact that having just a few large trafficking organizations sign on to the program could make a concrete difference in preventing missing kids from falling intro trafficking. Police officers in Oklahoma experienced with missing children cases, told CSI that with their protection program, the chances that a runaway or missing child will be successfully returned increases to 80% (under the Amber Alert, the officers said, the rate is roughly 30-35%.) Additionally, CSI has long-term plans to use their funds to build 50-bed shelters in large cities, ultimately attacking trafficking from every angle.

Child Safety, Inc. was launched in July of 2010 in Tulsa, OK by Sean Spellecy. “As a school principaI I got tired of saying, ‘I’m sorry, I wish there was something more we could do.'”At CSI Our motto is: “Total Life Security”. We have a multi-phased protection program to enhance safety for families and organizations.

Human Trafficking-A Global Problem Finds a Solution in Tulsa

Tulsa Declares War On Sex Trafficking-First US City Using Ground Breaking Technology

By Michael D. Butler, Sr.

300,000 children in the U.S. are at risk every year for commercial sexual exploitation. –U.S. Department of Justice

Tulsa, OK 12/1/10

Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan along with Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett and the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Department and Stop Child Trafficking Now SCTNow.org gathered at the Tulsa Police Department to announce that Tulsa and Oklahoma will adopt a pre-emptive strategy against human trafficking.  Below is a partial transcript of the press conference:  

Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan said, “We are pleased to announce that the TPD has engaged in a partnership that will benefit our community.  Human trafficking is a Tulsa problem.  I met the team from Stop Child Trafficking Now. They don’t just address child trafficking they address human trafficking.  This is a global problem, it is a state problem, and it is a local Tulsa problem.  It is everything from prostitution to immigration issues….Nearly all of our boys and girls who are engaged in prostitution have been trafficked in some form or another and have been exploited.  I think it’s an issue that needs to be brought to the forefront. This group has done that and they continue to do that.’

Jason & Kristin Weis with SCTNow "Tulsa is Leading the Way in the Fight"

‘This is a web-based database that I will assign personnel from TPD to have access to.  It is a fairly new database but it is growing exponentially-day by day and we will be able to use it. Like the Under-Sheriff said: “criminals travel” and people who commit these kinds of crimes tend to be ran out of communities. They try to be elusive and go to bigger cities or they do things that keep us away from where they are.  In the past we may not have had enough criminal information on someone who is committing these offences. But with this database there is a much better chance and we are more likely with this technology of finding them and knowing if they are serial offenders.  It is good information sharing.”

Tulsa Leads the Way

Mayor Dewey Bartlett, “ In Tulsa county we find this (human trafficking) irreprehensible and that we want to do whatever we can in our ability as the Mayor’s office  and as citizens of this state and county to stand behind our enforcement mechanisms to eradicate this problem.  We are at a unique position geographically because we have such high trafficking areas with the interstate system that gives direct access not only for human trafficking between major cities but major countries and if we can do anything more know you can know that we simply will not allow it to happen to anyone here-whether they are a citizen of this country or not.  My hat is off to all of you for taking such a leadership position in this.  For us it’s very important to have this technology and this partnership. I believe that the city of Tulsa is doing very well and that we are seeing this as a problem on our radar screen but that doesn’t mean we can sit back and assume that it’s not there because it is and we are thankful to be working with SCTNow and their people.”

Clark Stuart, President of the Operatives: “ I am thankful to be working with a city as progressive as Tulsa. It’s a changing world we live in. Our world is based on information and living in a time when we are forced to do more with less.  Being able to manage the information is the priority. I congratulate you on the leadership and courage to make a difference with human trafficking and embracing the methods that we have proven effective for years.  We are optimistic to be working with your local law enforcement and providing them with the valuable information that comes from integrating the software with the officers and “boots on the ground.”  It’s an honor to be working with Tulsa and I’m looking forward to developing a relationship with your community.”

“We want to thank you for coming out today. We feel that Tulsa is on the front end of this issue-very proactive. We feel like Tulsa will become the model for the nation on child trafficking ,” said  Jason & Kristin Weis, Stop Child Trafficking Now National Walk Directors. Jason went on to say that, “it is an historic day in Tulsa for technology and law enforcement, but ultimately for children.”

SCTNow Tulsa has participated in 2 global works and a golf tournament to raise money and awareness for SCTNow.org based out of New York, NY.

Also present were other member’s from many other organizations who work with victim’s recovery groups and task force members who educate law enforcement and legislators.

Notably, DaLonna Hanlin Sexton Mrs. Oklahoma 2011 & Mark Elam, President & Founder of O.A.T.H. (Oklahoman’s Against Trafficking Humans) and Oklahoma’s FBI Citizen of the Year

Lynette Lewis, Founder & President of SCTNow, former Tulsa resident, now lives in New York City: “What Tulsa has become, through the leadership of Jason & Kristin Weis is a hallmark city for the entire nation. Tulsa is now a forerunner city, where the strategy, the ops team working with local law enforcement, is way down the line compared to other U.S. cities.”

More photos of the event can be found on Facebook in the M3 Photo Album & your invitation to Global Human Trafficking Awareness Day January 11th in Tulsa

Media present: Fox 23 ,  KJRH,  TheNewson6 & ORU Eagle Broadcasting, The Tulsa World, and M3News.


Mayor Dewey Bartlett officially named Chuck Jordan the police chief on Friday 11/12/10

Bartlett says Jordan, who served as the interim police chief since January, has cut overtime expenses and put two helicopters back in the air.

FOX23’s Abbie Alford leanrs now he wants to make sure TPD is doing what it can to track child predators. She talked to Jordan who is working with Stop Child Trafficking Now to help expose child predators.

Thousands of children are sold in heinous crimes such as sex, drugs and gratification.

“Child exploitation and trafficking is happening in Tulsa,” says Tulsa’s Chapter Director for Stop Child Trafficking Now, Jason Weis.

He says the Department of Justice ranks Tulsa tenth in the nation for child trafficking, a pipeline city.

“We are taking the fight to the predators. We are going to where they are,” says Weis.

Stop Child Trafficking Now is doing that already, now the group is partnering with Tulsa Police.

“They are bringing it to people’s attention and they are getting the message out there and that’s what we need,” says Chief Jordan.

The partnership is in phase two.  

Latest News: NJ Times- A pledge from Tulsa’s top cop as he takes over amidst a federal investigation into
allegations of corruption within the Tulsa Police Department. “I love this police department, I love this
community, and that is exactly what fuels my passion to make sure we go back to where we were as a police
department the community can trust and have faith in. I don’t expect you to swallow that right now but I ask
you watch. It will happen, we will take care of business,” says Chief Chuck Jordan.

tulsa police chief
New Police Chief Chuck Jordan Nov 2010

“We are bringing counter terrorism tactics to the fight against child trafficking,” says Weis.

A former Navy Seal is leading the effort, crews have mapped out hot spots for potential child abusers including massage parlors, truck stops and underground businesses….

This type of crimefighting is one of its kind in the nation and Tulsa is on the frontlines.

“We are going to send a loud message to child predators that we are coming for you and we are not going to tolerate this any longer,” says Weis.


The chief says it’s a concern that needs to be taken down in Tulsa.

“We’d like to champion this and this is an issue that needs to be brought to the forefront and we don’t know how many children are involved,” says Jordan.

Stop Child Trafficking Now (SCTN) is a non-profit organization. In December SCTN plans to share what it is gathered in the field with local law enforcement and officers within the Tulsa Police Department.

The chief also says in the coming weeks he wants to make changes to personnel but would not give specifics.

Jordan says in an effort to build trust within the community the Department is in the process of having patrol officers share informant information with Special Investigation officers so there is more oversight.

Right now there is a federal investigation into current and former Tulsa Police officers and a federal agent for alleged corruption.

The chief selection committee and the mayor says the two internal candidates, Deputy Chief Mark McCrory and Daryl Webster were turned down for the job. The mayor says seven other external candidates applied for the Chief’s job but were not interviewed. Jordan was the only external candidate interviewed for the job. The mayor says the other external candidates did not meet job qualifications.

Jordan’s salary right now is $100,000. His official salary has not been determined.

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