Tulsa Business Owners Sunsations Tanning Score Big PR With Miss America Pageant Angle

Sunsations Tanning Tulsa has a policy: ”We are proud to support our local ladies and this is why the crown holder tans free and active participants get discounted at all levels of tanning,”

By offering ‘free tanning’ to crown holders Susations has been able to attract the ‘wall of fame’ featured are: 

  • Shawtel Smith Wuerch 1996

  • Jennifer Berry Gooden 2006

  • Lauren Nelson 2007

Hoping to add Alicia Clifton to this ‘Wall of Fame’ after Saturday night in Las Vegas as the world watches.
Full story here in the news PRWeb Las Vegas, NV to Tulsa, OK

Miss Oklahoma Alicia Clifton on her recent visit to Sunsations Tanning Tulsa Tune in to Miss America LIVE from Las Vegas Saturday Jan. 13, 2013

Alicia Clifton at Sunsations Tanning Miss Oklahoma will compete in Miss America

Alicia-Clifton Miss Oklahoma

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