Human Trafficking-A Global Problem Finds a Solution in Tulsa

Tulsa Declares War On Sex Trafficking-First US City Using Ground Breaking Technology

By Michael D. Butler, Sr.

300,000 children in the U.S. are at risk every year for commercial sexual exploitation. –U.S. Department of Justice

Tulsa, OK 12/1/10

Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan along with Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett and the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Department and Stop Child Trafficking Now gathered at the Tulsa Police Department to announce that Tulsa and Oklahoma will adopt a pre-emptive strategy against human trafficking.  Below is a partial transcript of the press conference:  

Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan said, “We are pleased to announce that the TPD has engaged in a partnership that will benefit our community.  Human trafficking is a Tulsa problem.  I met the team from Stop Child Trafficking Now. They don’t just address child trafficking they address human trafficking.  This is a global problem, it is a state problem, and it is a local Tulsa problem.  It is everything from prostitution to immigration issues….Nearly all of our boys and girls who are engaged in prostitution have been trafficked in some form or another and have been exploited.  I think it’s an issue that needs to be brought to the forefront. This group has done that and they continue to do that.’

Jason & Kristin Weis with SCTNow "Tulsa is Leading the Way in the Fight"

‘This is a web-based database that I will assign personnel from TPD to have access to.  It is a fairly new database but it is growing exponentially-day by day and we will be able to use it. Like the Under-Sheriff said: “criminals travel” and people who commit these kinds of crimes tend to be ran out of communities. They try to be elusive and go to bigger cities or they do things that keep us away from where they are.  In the past we may not have had enough criminal information on someone who is committing these offences. But with this database there is a much better chance and we are more likely with this technology of finding them and knowing if they are serial offenders.  It is good information sharing.”

Tulsa Leads the Way

Mayor Dewey Bartlett, “ In Tulsa county we find this (human trafficking) irreprehensible and that we want to do whatever we can in our ability as the Mayor’s office  and as citizens of this state and county to stand behind our enforcement mechanisms to eradicate this problem.  We are at a unique position geographically because we have such high trafficking areas with the interstate system that gives direct access not only for human trafficking between major cities but major countries and if we can do anything more know you can know that we simply will not allow it to happen to anyone here-whether they are a citizen of this country or not.  My hat is off to all of you for taking such a leadership position in this.  For us it’s very important to have this technology and this partnership. I believe that the city of Tulsa is doing very well and that we are seeing this as a problem on our radar screen but that doesn’t mean we can sit back and assume that it’s not there because it is and we are thankful to be working with SCTNow and their people.”

Clark Stuart, President of the Operatives: “ I am thankful to be working with a city as progressive as Tulsa. It’s a changing world we live in. Our world is based on information and living in a time when we are forced to do more with less.  Being able to manage the information is the priority. I congratulate you on the leadership and courage to make a difference with human trafficking and embracing the methods that we have proven effective for years.  We are optimistic to be working with your local law enforcement and providing them with the valuable information that comes from integrating the software with the officers and “boots on the ground.”  It’s an honor to be working with Tulsa and I’m looking forward to developing a relationship with your community.”

“We want to thank you for coming out today. We feel that Tulsa is on the front end of this issue-very proactive. We feel like Tulsa will become the model for the nation on child trafficking ,” said  Jason & Kristin Weis, Stop Child Trafficking Now National Walk Directors. Jason went on to say that, “it is an historic day in Tulsa for technology and law enforcement, but ultimately for children.”

SCTNow Tulsa has participated in 2 global works and a golf tournament to raise money and awareness for based out of New York, NY.

Also present were other member’s from many other organizations who work with victim’s recovery groups and task force members who educate law enforcement and legislators.

Notably, DaLonna Hanlin Sexton Mrs. Oklahoma 2011 & Mark Elam, President & Founder of O.A.T.H. (Oklahoman’s Against Trafficking Humans) and Oklahoma’s FBI Citizen of the Year

Lynette Lewis, Founder & President of SCTNow, former Tulsa resident, now lives in New York City: “What Tulsa has become, through the leadership of Jason & Kristin Weis is a hallmark city for the entire nation. Tulsa is now a forerunner city, where the strategy, the ops team working with local law enforcement, is way down the line compared to other U.S. cities.”

More photos of the event can be found on Facebook in the M3 Photo Album & your invitation to Global Human Trafficking Awareness Day January 11th in Tulsa

Media present: Fox 23 ,  KJRH,  TheNewson6 & ORU Eagle Broadcasting, The Tulsa World, and M3News.

Tulsa To Declare War on Sex Trafficking-Wednesday Press Conference


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Tulsa, OK–   Tulsa Declares War on Human Trafficking Press Conference Dec. 1 at 2:30pm at the Compstat Center

A press conference is scheduled for December 1, at 2:30 p.m. in the Compstat Center (Tulsa Police Headquarters) 600 Civic Center, Tulsa, OK, to talk about how police are combining forces and working with the organization Stop Child Trafficking Now to combat human trafficking. Speakers include: Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett, Tulsa Chief of Police Chuck Jordan, Tulsa County Sheriff Stanley Glanz and Clark Stuart (Operative Director for Stop Child Trafficking Now). This Press Conference is open to the public and can be RSVP’d to on Facebook.

“Getting these girls out of a life of sex slavery is great, but the trafficker simply replaces them with another girl. The only way to stop this modern-day slavery is to go after the traffickers themselves. That’s why SCTNow is different,” says SCTNow founder, Lynette Lewis. The American public is learning that the $39 billion a year child sex trafficking industry is not just a global problem-it’s also a huge domestic problem. In the U.S., 200,000 minors are in the sex trade and approximately 17,000 are trafficked into the country every year according to the U.S. State Dept.

There are over 260 organizations who rehabilitate and counsel those rescued out of being trafficked-many do not survive. Stop Child Trafficking Now! (SCTNow) is one of the only organizations that go after the demand side-the predators who are trafficking these girls.
Investigators and researchers estimate the average predator in the U.S. can make more than $200,000 a year from trafficking one young girl according to the U.S. Department of Justice. The average pimp will abuse up to 400 girls and may traffick as many as 1,000 girls in his lifetime.

From SCTNow Website ( :“Special Operative Teams gather information about child predators both in the US and abroad. These teams represent the best military, federal and state intelligence and investigative organizations. They track predators to build packages against them that result in convictions.These teams possess skills beyond the average military or law enforcement individual—skills that enable them to achieve their goals in foreign lands independently, without support of US law enforcement resources. As a private organization the Special Operatives are not bound by the same restrictions that keep U.S. law enforcement from conducting research against sexual offenders.  The Operatives provide high-level information and evidence to appropriate authorities that are needed to build packages against U.S. child sex offenders. They understand the risks associated with missions of this difficulty. The teams, selected and deployed for these missions, are made up of elite operatives. They don’t seek public recognition or fame for their efforts. Their reward is the personal satisfaction that comes from knowing their efforts will take predators off the streets and put them behind bars, resulting in the rescue of innocent children.”

SCTNow had a team of operatives on the ground in Tulsa in September to gather intel and begin phase one of operations. December will be phase two of operations and will bring SCTNow one step closer to serving up to local law-enforcement what hopes to be a “slam-dunk” for prosecutors against predators who traffick children through and in Oklahoma.
SCTNow is using Social Media and Web 2.0 to stay in touch with their fans and supporters around the country thru Twitter, Facebook and Youtube ( and to help spread the word about the 27 million modern-day slaves held in human sex trafficking.
Stop Child Trafficking hosts an annual golf tournament in Tulsa, OK, to raise money and awareness. The local media and golfers support this event. The second annual golf tournament is scheduled for July 18th 2011.  Quiktrip is a sponsor again in 2011 as well as many other businesses.

Last September and this October, over 8,000 individuals, corporations, religious organizations, communities and student groups participated in the global Stop Child Trafficking Now Walk to raise awareness and the funds to support the special operative teams.

Contact Jason Weis, National SCTNow Walk Director/Sponsorship Development Manager @ 918-346-2168 for more information.

 SCTNow Tulsa, Chief Jordan, Tulsa Police Dept.
SCTNow Tulsa with Chief Jordan & Clark Stuart

Tulsa, OK Business Campaigns to End Human Trafficking

Thanks to a Tulsa area Business an organization that fights the demand for Sex with Children will have more money to go after and lock-up traffickers.

Starting on November 1st the FreshBerry in Jenks, OK will give $1

to for every cup of yogurt sold (any size) this promotion will run until the end of the year!…Go to FreshBerry have a delicious treat and help us end child sex trafficking say Jason Weis with SCTNow.

Thanks to Fresh Berry and Jason Weis, SCTNow National Walk Director for making this a great giveback to Jenks, Tulsa and all of the United States. Visit to learn more or follow them on Twitter @SCTNow

And to follow Nationally recognized author and speaker Pamala Kennedy Chestnut with her new Novel  More Than Rice-A Journey Through the Underworld of Human Trafficking


Mashable Awards Voting-Most Creative Social Good Campaign Fight Human Trafficking

From my friends at The Purple Squirrel (they like to write in all caps):

Because Human Trafficking is such an awful issue the smart people at created Operation Purple Squirrel to raise awareness about Human Trafficking.

mashable most creative social good campaign

purple squirrel of More Than Purpose Human Trafficking
Purple Squirrel

Hello Troops!!!!!! We have a super easy task for you this time… Go to and click on the button to vote for Operation Purple Squirrel as Most Creative Social Good Campaign . Directions are right there…..It will literallly take you 30 seconds… Please feel free to spread and invite your friends…. It would be so dope if we could get recognized and spread the word about the fight to end human trafficking!!!!! LETS DO THIS!!!!!


Thanks for helping my friends at More Than and The Purple Squirrel get some recognition for their hard work to End Human Sex Trafficking!

And to follow Nationally recognized author and speaker Pamala Kennedy Chestnut with her new Novel  More Than Rice-A Journey Through the Underworld of Human Trafficking

Social Media Revolution-Winning the Fight Against Human Trafficking

Have you been on Twitter lately or seen the news about Human Trafficking? Law enforcement, Non-Profits and private citizens are waging an all-out awareness campaign. This is a great example about the power of social media and how it can be used for good.

Human Trafficking Book
More Than Rice Novel

Pamala Kennedy Chestnut traveled throughout Southeast Asia and India and saw first hand the Sex Trafficking and was motivated to do something so she wrote a Novel that addresses the issue and is launching her speaking campaign. We are so proud to be promoting Pamala Kenndedy Chestnut’s fourth book “More Than Rice” is ‘A Journey Through the Underworld of Human Trafficking.’ Pamala will be on hand to autograph copies. Come meet Pamala, walk a mile to raise awareness, and meet some great people. “More Than Rice” won’t officially be available until Friday Oct. 8th. but M3 Publishing and Pamala will have a handful of Special Limited Edition/Author signed copies on Saturday.

What readers are saying: “More Than Rice is a compelling read that motivates the reader to action”! Michelle G. “Readers from ages 17-75 agree-it is a must read and need an extra as a gift”

New York Non-Profit uses Social Media to Stop Child Sex Trafficking Web 2.0

A New York Non-Profit: “Stop Child Trafficking Now” is using Social Media to help their cause of ending child sex trafficking. Founded in 2008, the group takes a different approach. “With over 250 organizations rehab/rescuing children who are rescued from trafficking-SCTNow goes after the demand side of trafficking.

From their website on, “The Strategy ”
“These teams possess skills beyond the average military or law enforcement individual—skills that enable them to achieve their goals in foreign lands independently, without support of US law enforcement resources.

As a private organization the Special Operatives are not bound by the same restrictions that keep U.S. law enforcement from conducting research against  sexual offenders.  The Operatives provide high-level  information and evidence to appropriate authorities that is needed to build cases against U.S. child sex offenders.”

Since: Investigators and researchers estimate the average predator in the U.S. can make more than $200,000 a year off one young girl….we choose to target the demand side. The average pimp will abuse up to 400 girls and may traffick as many as 1,000 in his lifetime.

Keeping the operatives on the street against predators takes money. SCTNow is using Social Media and Web 2.0 to stay in touch with their fans and supporters around the country thru twitter, facebook and youtube.

Last year was the first year to raise awareness and funds through 40+ community walks in 40 cities and on college campuses. Over 8,000 walkers walked and nearly $1 Million in funds were raised. This fall Oct 2-3, 2010 many more cities and communities will walk to raise awareness and funds.

So kudos to Sundy and SCTNow for being proactive and for sharing the word with their tweeps on Social Media. New York is a major city for trafficking but thanks to SCTNow many predators are being stopped therefore many kids will be restored.

Stop Child Trafficking Now VIDEO