M3 New Media helps Book Authors and Writers become Best Sellers by Leveraging the Internet, Social Media and Online PR


M3 New Media “Buzzing Your Brand” -We are Social Media Marketing Strategists- We help virally create conversations in the Market place about your Book and Your Brand!

To help business owners, book authors and companies get found on the Internet

M3 New Media is a 24/7 Interactive Social Media on Online Digital PR Firm & Marketing Company specializing in Author Book Marketing, Google Places, Google Local & Search Engine Optimized Results for Business Owners, Book Authors, and Brick and Mortar Companies.

We are M3 New Media-Buzzing Your Brand we are more than just a Facebook page. We provide trust-based marketing solutions using viral brand buzz while leveraging the influence of real people across all social networks. We provide Web 2.0 influence for authors, speakers, entrepreneurs and publishers.

We enhance brand-equity for companies by leveraging core values into new and existing verticals. We represent the client and provide real-time client to customer feedback 24/7/365 across all social networks.

M3 is a virtual 21st Century New Media Ad Agency, founded by Michael D. Butler, Sr. Mr. Butler is considered a top New Media Marketing Strategist & Personal Branding Coach. Mr. Butler is highly sought after for his wisdom and understanding of grass-roots marketing strategies and campaigns.

M3 New Media is virtually located in Las Vegas, NV and  is one the regions premier Online Digital Social Media & PR Firms for Authors, Book Writers and Publishers