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Dallas Cowboys Force Cheerleader to Shutdown her Twitter Account

The Dallas Cowboys Shows it’s Hand by Micromanaging a Cheerleader’s Twitter Account-Maybe this is why Jerry Jones can’t Win a Superbowl!


Micro Management is the order of the Day at Every Level at Dallas Cowboys Monarchy

For those of us who suspected the Jerry Jones Enterprise was ruled by emotional blackmail and fear here’s another story that proves the ownership and management has their nose in everyone’s business. In spite of the Billion dollar stadium and multiple head coaches this is a glimpse of life INSIDE the Cowboys franchise.


Sad Day in Dallas as Jerry Jones Pervasive Leadership of Control Erodes Team

Even the Cowboys PR Firm is under the thumb of ruthless tyrant and owner Jerry Jones. Hopefully employers and CEO’s will not follow the Cowboys example of stoneage mindset in a New Social Media Era! Full Story HERE

"Cheerleader Melissa Kellerman was barely into the middle part of her
15 minutes of fame when the Dallas Cowboys pulled the plug.
Kellerman, a 22-year-old student in her fourth year with the
team, became a national sensation on Thanksgiving when she was
accidentally tackled on the sideline by Cowboys tight end Jason Witten(notes).
CNBC's Darren Rovell reported that Kellerman was forced to delete her Twitter
account after posting two messages on Friday morning about the incident. Her
Tweets were good-natured and innocuous.

Those were pretty much the perfect tweets: Clever, self-deprecating and a bit funny.
(We'll even ignore the winking emoticons.) Why did she have to delete her Twitter
account? Do the Cowboys believe cheerleaders are only to be seen, not heard?"

What do you think? What would you have done as an employee? As an employer? Does your company have clearly defined social media BEST PRACTICES for your Human Resources Department? What about television news anchors in multiple markets around the USA who want their news anchors tweeting? How do the stations and networks limit liability? What are the best resources you have found for social media strategy for the work place? We want to hear from you-leave us a comment below. Let’s check in with Dr. Thunder Jones and see what he has to say on the Dr. Report SPORTS SHOW

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