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Explode Your Christmas Sales NOW for your Online or Storefront!

 M3 Fall Twitter Marketing  Special:


To show you our profound appreciation for such a great year at M3, we are offering a ONE TIME ONLY SPECIAL.


We are GIVING YOU $349 worth of ONLINE MARKETING for only $149! You must purchase by October 31st and to take advantage of this special offer.

Here’s how it works:

We own proprietary software that allows us to use Google to auto-connect you online with people who are talking about your keywords. For those of you who understand how keywords and Google’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  algorithms work know how HUGE this is!

We auto-connect you with people who have your keywords in their profile, live in the geography you want to target or have your keywords in their conversations. We use the micro blogging site of Twitter. Twitter is a proven micro-blogging platform with over 500 Million targeted users. On Twitter you don’t need 1 Million followers to have business success you just need .01% of the targeted followers within your demographic niche. So we take your existing Twitter account, import it into our software based on your keywords, profile data and target markets-then you watch the magic begin. We can even schedule the tweets your provide for us as frequently as you like them.


  • Get’s you indexed by Google & FOUND faster based on your keywords: Author, Speaker, Wellness, TV personality, Life coach

  • Enhances your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Allows others to SHARE your brand more easily across the web on multiple platforms



Below is a Facebook dialogue I’m having with one of the business owners we interviewed at the fair: (I’ve blocked out her name to protect her privacy)

“Hi Michael. Very interested! However, I know this is going to sound crazy, but please tell me HOW this helps me. I don’t know enough about Twitter (obviously) to understand how it helps. I understand that a lot of followers is good, but how does that translate into more profit? What’s the overall strategy/plan? This is what I’m lacking and need help with. Please advise. Thanks!

Thanks for writing back,

I don’t think you saw my initial link where I answer those very questions, but that’s ok, I know you are busy LIKE me and that’s all the more reason to have your message “auto-connecting” with the Thousands of like minded people who are likely to want to buy your book. Let’s face it, most American’s don’t give a flip about their health or future, my job is to connect my clients with the 2% who WILL BUY their products (and that 2% are the ones who make us rich!!)”  So like I told here: “Let’s GET YOUR STARTED TODAY-You’ll be happy-I guarantee it or I’ll refund your money!”

So there you have it, TAKE 2 SECONDS to FILL OUT THE FORM below NOW, and you get targeted Twitter leads (most clients will get 2,000-4,000 within 3 months. This OFFER is ONLY good through October 31st and the marketing runs through Feb 15.

So the SOONER you start the MORE results you will see!


  • Get’s you indexed by Google & FOUND faster

  • Enhances your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Allows others to SHARE your brand more easily across the web on multiple platforms

A Few Sample Clients with Thousands of Targeted Followers:



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