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Facebook Fan Pages-Review Tab Leaves Facebook

Facebook Fanpage reviews to be nixed announces Facebook 10/3/11

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Review tabs will go away says Facebook-You've worked hard to get people to fan your business, cause, or favorite page and today Facebook announces they will nix all review tabs on Fan Pages by October 31, 2011.


Many business owners, startups and authors have been saddened by the news of Facebook’s decision to nix the review tab on Facebook. While others are taking decisive and massive action to capture as many targeted friends and fans as they can the next 30 days. 

 “Should I send people to my Facebook fanpage or my website.” And the answer to that is YES

The down side of not owning your online real-estate is paramount to paying rent for property you already own (In this case your friend network.)  No one would build a house on land they did not own.  While some major brands like Coca-Cola, Red Bull and Old Spice get as many views on their Facebook fanpage as they do on their website they purposeful and sometimes even redundant so they have a back up if Facebook, or any other network decides to pull the plug on them.

This happened recently to with tens of thousands of fans on their Facebook page it was taken down by Facebook and they had to rebuild and are now back in the the tens of thousands of fans on their Facebook Page Hookers for Jesus.

Many business owners have worked hard to get their fan pages above 500, 1,000 or even 10,000 “Likes” or more and even harder to get customers to write reviews. At M3 New Media our suggestion is have customers write reviews on your website. One of our clients Tulsa Gold and Gems a Tulsa based gold buyer who buys gold nationally and is based in Tulsa, OK set up a “Review” page on their site now and has over 1,000 reviews.

website reviews-tulsa gold and gems-tulsa-ok-website design-blog

When it comes to owning your brand online and staying connected with your fan base it’s important to know the strategy.

Having customers write reviews online helps:

1) Provides powerful 3rd party credibility and from people others shopping may even personally know.

And people are more likely to do business with those their friends recommend.

2) Adds Tremendous Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Value to your Website.

If they are writing the reviews on your website they are adding valuable SEO value to your website and spending time on your site. Each review is a new comment and Google loves time on your site and comments and shares.

3) Establishes relevancy for your topic and for search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

For example if you are in the heating and air business in Oklahoma and you have 50 customer reviews-Google is going to push you higher to the top of search engines because you have relevant content and comments based on that specific topic within specific zip codes.

The VBI Fan Page is a great way for VBI Graduates, Alumni and Students to stay connected in Tulsa, OK and globally. With nearly 3,000 fans they are updating content and getting new comments daily and do a great job integrating social media by bringing people to the website from Facebook and from their Website to their Facebook page.

Facebook-Fanpages-Tulsa-OK -10-3-11

The VBI Fan Page is a great way for 20,000 Graduates, Alumni and Students to Stay Connected in Tulsa, OK and Globally

The Little Light House has done a great job reconnecting with their teachers, parents, alumni, volunteers and graduates on their Facebook Fan Page and they have full social media integration on their Facebook Fan Page so that when someone comments their Fan Page it populates their website.


What happened to the Reviews and Discussions
tabs Read more on Facebook HERE

 the-Little-Light-House-Tulsa-OK-Facebook Page-website-social-media-integration by M3 New Media

The Little Light House Tulsa OK new website launched in September 2011 by M3 New Media

 M3 New Media is a Digital Ad Agency and Online PR Firm based in Tulsa, OK.

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