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Every Billion dollar brand had a starting place. Every Fortune 100 company needs a place to incubate. Twitter is the perfect place for you to start building your brand.

Once we work with you to discover your keywords we start you on a journey to build your brand and take it to the next level. The first stop on our journey for brand building and creative collaboration is Twitter. We take your existing Twitter account, optimize it for keywords and get you listed with key influencers within your target demographic.

These new followers we connect you with help you connect with Corporations, Individuals and Non-Profits within your verticals who are looking to partner with “out-of-the-box” companies like yours.

M3 New Media Pricing Turbo Twitter-Gain Targeted Followers based on Keywords, Demographic & Psychographic Data

We put your twitter account and keywords in our software & you watch the magic happen!

Our average client easily gets 5,000 followers within 3 months. Gets listed dozens of times and gets you Re-tweeted regularly.

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Our goal at M3 is to provide your brand as much exposure and marketing while providing you with the appropriate listening and feedback. We look forward to working with you to build your brand in your geography and want to be your alliance partner for a very long time.

A Few Sample Clients with Thousands of Targeted Followers:


Our Twitter Custom Marketing Packages work great for Authors, Speakers, Entrepreneurs, Mom & Pop Shops, Brick & Mortar Businesses of all sizes, Corporations, and Nonprofits. We do offer special pricing to companies needing help with 3 or more Twitter accounts.

M3 New Media is located in Tulsa, OK & is one the regions premier Online Digital Social Media & PR Firms.

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