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Google Search Engines Looking-Relevant Content in Your Blog?

Get Your Website Ranked and Rolling

Tulsa, OK

Michael D. Butler, SR. M3 New Media 1/30/11

The question is: How can a new website get ranked higher in search engines than a website that has more history and more content?


Relevant Google Search

Google looks at over 100 factors when determining relevancy for your website. I’m not going to get real technical here. We could have one of our developers or I.T. gurus do some serious writing here that will blow all our minds. The goal today is to give you a few important things that can help your website get some very noticeable traction and indexing from google.

  • Connect Your Blog to Your Website--Or even make your blog your website. It has never been easier to custom design your own blog with a theme or template that you create or design. Your blog, if properly built and on the right platform can greatly increase your unique visitors and page views-thereby helping your page rank and SEO.
  • Provide Relevant Content With Frequent Updates-Maybe you remember President Bill Clinton playing his saxaphone on the Arsenio Hall Show in 1992 many experts believe this event had a measureable impact on the psyche of a generation-The M-TV Generation. Bill Clinton won the White House a few months later; unseating incumbent President George H.W. Bush and making him a one term President. 

Why does President Clinton playing his saxaphone on late night TV make me think of the word: “Relevance.”  Because, That was the day in the minds of many Americans that Bill Clinton became relevant. It was the day a Presidential candidate from Arkansas connected with a large demographic; and that connection, won him the White House.

We saw a similar phenomenon in the 2008 elections when Barak Obama announced he wanted to take his blackberry into the White House. Of course this made the Secret Service freak out over the security ramifications. John McCain thinking he could play on the Executive Branch ‘security threat issues’ announced in one of the biggest Public Relations faux paus: “I don’t text.” That announcement was meant to unite a Nation around a future Commander in Chief.  Although intended to communicate security and traditional, ‘old-school’ values, instead, back-fired and communicated: “out-of-touch” and ‘irrelevant.’

Barak Obama went on to become not just the first African-American President but the first US President to successfully use Social Media to get elected.


Barak Obama Used Social Media To Win Presidency

These two presidential campaign stories aren’t entirely how google views content but are interesting to notice how they did impact the elections. Ask yourself: ‘How am I being relevant and getting found by my base?”

  • Comment, Comment, Comment

Once you have a new blog post up make sure you get lots of comments and Re-Tweets. Ask your friends, family and total strangers to comment your blog. Google likes blogs with lots of relevant content, that is updated often, and has people leaving comments and are Tweeting you with a good share button like TweetMeMe. One of the best ways to get people to comment your blog is to find relevant blogs that are of interest to you and similar to your target, comment and link to them and ask for a reciprocating comment or link.

  • Be Patient and Keep At It!

Like anything worthwhile, blogging takes TIME to get traction, but when time is not on your side: adding daily relevant content and using your social media accounts to drive traffic and page views to your site will pay your richly over time. Happy Blogging to you! If you found this blog post helpful please RT or comment. We love to follow back on Twitter and if your blog is relevant enough may link to you-so please ask us!

Why not grade your website, blog or Twitter score today at tell us your score and win!

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