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M3 Client Featured Change.Org -Technology Averts Human Trafficking

Child Safety, Inc. Gets National Media Coverage Again-Technology to Advert Human Trafficking

Michael D. Butler, M3 New Media

Amidst a flurry of media coverage including Tulsa and National Media attention, Child Safety, Inc. again makes headlines for their work in child safety and technology for human trafficking prevention.

Technology Averts Human Trafficking-Stop Trafficking Supply Program

Child Safety Inc. Stop Trafficking Site-From their blog 1/25/2011

Imagine what it would be like if you, or your entire civic service group could help directly stop the flow of human and child trafficking victims to traffickers? The number of human and child trafficking victims in both your community, and country would drop significantly, right? Fortunately, you don’t have to use your imagination anymore-it’s a reality.
Child Safety Incorporated, in conjunction with Change.Org, Law enforcement, and numerous human and child trafficking organizations. These abolitionist advocacy groups will now be able to stop the flow of victims from their homes BEFORE they reach the traffickers. This program will also enhance the safety and security of the individuals and groups that choose to donate a Family Protection Program to a trafficking organization, or low-income family.
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Dana Liebelson
Last week, I challenged readers to combat trafficking by donating a Child Safety Incorporated (CSI) card to an anti-trafficking organization. Almost immediately, Sean Spellecy, the founder of CSI, decided to bring this action to life in a real, tangible way. With his support, members are concretely preventing kids from reaching traffickers — and you can join them.
The CSI cards include a USB that parents can use to compile useful information, such as a child’s friends, pictures, blood type and medication. In the event that a child goes missing, over 100,000 law enforcement officials will be notified within ten minutes.
Purchasing a card also signs the child up for the family protection program, which sponsors a $10,000 reward for a missing child’s return. This plan, if distributed to probation officers and social workers responsible for high-risk children and teens, could be instrumental to preventing these kids from reaching traffickers.
Starting this week, users who buy a card for a child in their life now have the option to donate a card online to a trafficking group within their state, or to an anonymous low-income family in their community. These families and organizations can sign up for the program with the click of a mouse — and several abolitionist groups already have. There is also a financial incentive for individual families to buy a second card for a family in need: CSI will offer the second card for 50% off, and a free CSI Travel Card (bringing the whole package to $150). On an even more impressive scale, if a large trafficking organization decides to host a “Family Protection Program Against Human Trafficking” drive, CSI members will fly to the group’s headquarters to assist with the campaign at their own expense.
“We believe this program could really have a big impact on the supply chain of potential trafficking victims,” Spellecy said in an interview.
He also stressed the fact that having just a few large trafficking organizations sign on to the program could make a concrete difference in preventing missing kids from falling intro trafficking. Police officers in Oklahoma experienced with missing children cases, told CSI that with their protection program, the chances that a runaway or missing child will be successfully returned increases to 80% (under the Amber Alert, the officers said, the rate is roughly 30-35%.) Additionally, CSI has long-term plans to use their funds to build 50-bed shelters in large cities, ultimately attacking trafficking from every angle.

Child Safety, Inc. was launched in July of 2010 in Tulsa, OK by Sean Spellecy. “As a school principaI I got tired of saying, ‘I’m sorry, I wish there was something more we could do.'”At CSI Our motto is: “Total Life Security”. We have a multi-phased protection program to enhance safety for families and organizations.

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