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M3 New Media Launches Human Trafficking Site in Oklahoma

Human Trafficking is a global problem with 30 million people trafficked globally and 200,000 of those in the USA.

Tulsa, OK 1/9/11

Human trafficking is a $32 billion a year industry and of the 30 million people being trafficked globally 3 million of those are children with the average age of a trafficking victim 12 years old.

Wikipedia Definition-Human trafficking is the illegal trade in human beings for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation or forced labor: a modern-day form of slavery.

Human Trafficking Oklahoma

M3 Launches Human Trafficking Awareness Website

These numbers come from the US State Dept. and the United Nations. The staggering thing is that every 30 seconds another child is trafficked on the globe and Oklahoma is at the heart of the human trafficking issue in the United States; because of the highway systems that run through here. If Oklahoma’s highways are at the heart of the problem-the heart of the full-time abolitionist is at the heart of the solution and the organizations that have been founded here make Tulsa a “City on a Hill” for global solutions and US cities everywhere.

Meet Mark Elam, Founder of OATHCoaliton.Org

After becoming aware of the in 2005 Mark traveled to India, Southeast Asia and the Philippines to learn how to address the growing problem in the US and in Oklahoma.

oklahomans against trafficking humans Oklahoma

While raising awareness and support for the global problem, Mr. Elam discovered that human trafficking and child sex trafficking is happening here in America as well.


Mark Elam OATH Coalition

Mr. Elam visited several of the Dept. of Justice Task Force cities to learn from them what our federal government is doing to combat this problem here in America… and then implemented that plan here in Oklahoma July 2008, forming the Coalition O.A.T.H. – Oklahomans Against Trafficking Humans.  In the first year of operation O.A.T.H. has partnered with over 80 federal, state and local organizations to service victims of trafficking found here in Oklahoma.  In February of 2009 O.A.T.H. was asked to become the state-wide coalition to bring awareness, education and training about the subject of human trafficking and to assist in networking law enforcement agencies, service providers, NGO’s, business leaders and the faith community in providing care for trafficking victims.

Stop Child Trafficking Now

Jason & Kristin Weis, Jenks, OK Stop Child Trafficking Now

Meet Jason & Kristin, Stop Child Trafficking Now

“Jenks couple abandon old lives to fight child trafficking”

A recent article in the Tulsa World

and other local media introduced you to full-time activists turned abolionists Jason and Kristin Weis.

Jason and Kristin Weis had a comfortable life in Denver. Two kids. House in a neighborhood cul de sac. Good jobs. Financial security. Nearby family and friends. Then a local TV news report “changed everything,” Kristin Weis recalled.

Now, the Jenks couple in their early 40s work together to raise funds and awareness about the national organization Stop Child Trafficking Now, which “addresses the demand side of child sex trafficking by targeting buyers/predators for prosecution and conviction,”

stop child trafficking now

Meet Sean Spellecy Founder, Child Safety, Inc.

Child Safety, Inc. was launched in July of 2010 in Tulsa, OK by Sean Spellecy. “As a school principaI I got tired of saying,

sean spellecy child safety inc

MATT BARNARD/Tulsa World 10/31/10 Child Safety Inc.

‘I’m sorry, I wish there was something more we could do.'”At CSI Our motto is: “Total Life Security”. We have a multi-phased protection program to enhance safety for families and organizations.

With offices in Bixby, OK and Portland, OR Child Safety, Inc. is making a difference with their patented technology that can literally reduce the time it takes for law enforcement to issue an amber alert from 50 minutes down to 10 minutes. “Those first few hours when a child goes missing are crucial and with the CSI Card parents get peace of mind.”


Child Safety Inc.

These are just 4 of the 12 organizations that will be present at the Tulsa Human Trafficking Awareness event slated for Tuesday in Tulsa. As part of a Presidential Proclamation to observe the entire month of January and the day of the 11th as “Human Trafficking Awareness & Slavery Prevention.”

Meet Pamala Kennedy Chestnut, Nationally Recognized local author of More Than

Pamala Kennedy Chestnut will be on hand to sign copies of her new Novel More Than Rice-A Journey Through The Underworld of Human Trafficking. Pamala is in the middle of an extensive book tour and inspires audiences and leaves readers with a call to action not a feeling of helplessness.  Tulsans who come to Agora Coffeeshop Tuesday night, Jan 11th from 6-8 pm will be informed, inspired and presented many opportunities to connect and make a difference.

more than rice human trafficking

Nationally Recognized Author

By book marking readers can see what hundreds of organizations are doing to address the issue of human trafficking globally and specifically in Oklahoma.

Written as a result of her international travels, Chestnut shares a story of hope from despair in her fourth book and first novel published by


Author-More Than Rice

The team decided it was time to launch a website in Oklahoma that showcased all of the great organizations that are making a difference with human trafficking. Updated nearly daily, this website will showcase what organizations, NGO’s, Non-profits and citizen’s groups are doing to end human trafficking in Oklahoma.

Some of these groups are more focused on creating public awareness and education, while others are focused rescuing victims and getting them restored. Yet others are involved in urging lawmakers to create laws making it easier to prosecute predators. SCTNow is working with local law enforcement to serve up cases against predators making it easier for law enforcement to prosecute.

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Sundy Goodnight National Walk Director for Stop Child Trafficking Now in New York, NY

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Sean Spellecy Founder & CEO of Child Safety, Inc.Portland, OR

"...from TV interviews to speaking engagements, You guys have been awesome!"

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