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M3 New Media Launches UstreamTV Channel to Connect Customers with Clients

M3 New Media Launches Ustreamtv Channel to Help Customers’s Connect with Clients 10/10/11


M3 New Media Digital PR Firm Launches Ustreamtv Channel

On September 29, 2011 M3 New Media launched their channel in Tulsa, OK to feature Tulsa Gold and Gems a 27 year old Tulsa company streaming LIVE from the Tulsa State Fair for 56 hours. Over 100 business owners, authors, entrepreneurs and unique Tulsa artists and guests came across the airwaves from the Tulsa Gold & Gems/ M3 New Media booth in the upper level of the QuikTrip Center. Hosted by Michael D. Butler, Sr. & co-hosted by Renee England to keep the livestreaming  of  the guests exciting and entertaining.


Michael D. Butler & Renee England with Tulsa Gold & Gems Co-Owner Spencer Fisher on the Set at the Booth

One of the highlights of the week was having IJ & Morgan Ganem, local father and son team stop in and share their years of music and entertainment. IJ with his roots in west Tulsa and Morgan on stage since being a baby. IJ is remembered by many Tulsan’s from rocking the Cain’s and his long running show at the Remington Theater in Branson, in fact, IJ moved into Wayne Newton’s dressing room when Newton retired. The younger Ganem, Morgan, age 25 is not only the voice behind the Tulsa State Fair jingle “Get Carried Away”  has launched a new sound from Sand Springs and partnered with the Kansas City Chiefs football team and the NFL club features the players, fans and his band in the hard hitting hit “Kansas City Chiefs Chop it Up”  Did you know that over 30 billion videos are watched, PER MONTH, in the US? If you’re not creating video content to help market your products and/or services, you’re missing the boat. People want to watch videos, and search engines are more than happy to rank them high in their results. Learn how effective and affordable it can be to market YOUR VIDEOS with the M3 Vid Experts. We will list and link all the business owners on this blog post by Tuesday 10/11/11. By way of comparison we tried but got much better results at the end of the day with We did have some challenges with our audio a time or two but think this was because of the internet connection at the fair or our equipment issues and not necessarily issue. We did not try which is also one of the top 3 contender’s for the top LIVE streaming spot with Livestream and Ustream.  

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