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Marketing Checklist for Your Business



Marketing Checklist for Your Business:

Traditional marketing is down and digital marketing has exploded as business owners try to stay in front of their customers and not lose dollars. Below is a check list that can help the business owner evaluate and access where they are with marketing and what the CMO may want to consider.


Marketing Check List for Your Business

1. How do you market your business now?

2. Do you carry business cards with you 24/7?

3. How many Facebook friends do you have right now?

4. What is your current KLOUT score?

5. Do your friends LIKE a Facebook when you suggest it?

6. How valuable are your Facebook Fans?

7. Do you attend Networking events/groups now? How often?

8. How big is your email database?

9. How responsive is your database? What is your open rate %?

10. Do you have e-products that you offer in exchange for an email?

11. How frequently do you email your list?

12. Are your emails easy to share socially?

13. Are your social share buttons on your Website?

14. Are your social share buttons on your email signature?

15. Is your story being told on your Website?

16. How are people finding your Website?

17. Do you know how to track your Website traffic?

18. Do you know how to see where Website traffic is coming from?

19. Is there a contact form on your Website?

20. Are you launching any new products this year?

21. How do you plan to contact past customers about new products?

22. Have you implemented the 25% rule in Social Media?

23. Do you know how to get your business on the 1st page of Google?

24. Do you know how to create an online tribe?

25. Do you know how to find your keywords?

26. Do you have a blog? Can people comment it?

27. Do you know how to get more people to comment your blog?

28. When your customers call do you ask them HOW they found you?

29. Do you tell them to go to your Website?

30. Do you conduct surveys on your Website to keep them longer?

Hopefully this checklist gives you some ideas as you look at your overall marketing strategy for your business and where you are headed in the coming year. If you want a free 60-Day trial with Constant Contact try it HERE.

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