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Non-Profit group from San Diego Launches “Operation Purple Squirrel” to draw awareness to Human Trafficking with Social Media

People can do crazy things in the name of PR (Public Relations). One group from San Diego, CA (a Non-Profit) is using a Purple Squirrel to draw attention to the sad stats on Human Trafficking. And to all you PETA peeps and animal lovers out there-no they did not bathe this rodent in purple food coloring-see photo- a little photo shop and a lot of creativity says Nikki Junker and her PR friend Barbie Magoffin.

We wanted to do something different-not just spout the statistics-the stats are real they are grim Junker says “Every 60 seconds 2 more children are taken globally for Human Trafficking says the United Nations A glossary of the stats can be found at

The Purple Squirrel gives a light-hearted spin to a very heavy topic says Barbie Magoffin, PR Ambassador to “More Than Purpose” We have created a Fan Page, we have a Twitter following even a blog and a Flash Mob in San Diego on Sat the 25th of September informs Barbie”

Phase 1 was a totally success says Nikki and Barbie who just wanted to created some local awareness in San Diego and now with Phase 2 they are hoping for some National of even International exposure and awareness about the Human Trafficking issue The Purple Squirrel Blog and the Flash Mob Facebook Event

A former Mrs. California and Novelist and Speaker, Pamala Kennedy Chestnut author of More Than Rice


More Than Rice-Novel about Human Trafficking

says: “I found Barbie and Nikki on Twitter, liked what they were doing and decided to join forces with them to help them in their PR efforts-it’s not just Public Relations-it’s about helping the kids says Pamala-whose Novel hits bookstores next week. We are using Social Media to buzz the Novel just like Barbie and Nikki are using Social Media and Web 2.0 to create awareness about Human Trafficking.

A recent “Special Agent” (who would not let us use his name or image-was successful in recovering the Mission of the Organization-the Document, though barely legible, read as follows:
Mission: Your mission should you choose to accept it is to eradicate human trafficking from the United States.
Overall Objective: Infiltrate public psyche to spread knowledge of human trafficking.
Target: American Public
Objective #1: To embed Purple Squirrel image into American Public Psyche
Method: Tag facebook friends to image of purple squirrel
Method: Change profile picture and encourage friends to change profile picture to that of the purple squirrel
Method: Paste purple squirrel image to facebook pages with high levels of visual traffic
Method: Retweet image of purple squirrel at twitter followers
Method: Encourage twitter followers to follow operation purple squirrel
Mission Completion Date: 09.25.10 12:00 Hours

Good luck and Godspeed…

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11 Responses

  1. Haha – PETA need not be concerned :-D. Thank you so much for posting this Michael. Your support means a lot to us. Seriously, thank you.

    I can’t wait to read More Than Rice!!!

  2. The Purple Squirrel officially approves this message and thanks you for your loyalty. Carry on.

  3. The Purple Squirrel officially approves this message and thanks you for your loyalty. Godspeed.

  4. Morrill Beckman says:

    Great cause Mike. Thank you for all you do in this arena.

  5. Morrill Beckman says:

    Keep up the great work Mike~

  6. Dana says:

    My friend just found a purple squirrel… for real.. not sure what happened to it! caught it in a trap by his house, central PA.

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