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Oregon Writer, Director & Producer Renée Mollan-Masters Honored At Red Carpet Event – Podcast #4

Highlights as Writer, Director & Producer Renée Mollan Masters is honored at Champagne & Red Carpet Gala Event in Ashland, Oregon

Friends and fans from the local community of Ashland gathered to show their support of Renée Mollan Masters and Peace Train Movie.

Watch as Michael D. Butler, CEO of Beyond Publishing and Publisher for, Peace Train A Love Story, shares his thoughts and Peace Train Executive Producer, Denise O’Brien CEO of DOME Entertainment offers a toast and applause for the Peace Train Movie movement.

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Nothing brings people together more than friends, family and a focused vision around a cause that is bigger than ourselves. Join us in applauding Oregon Writer, Director & Producer Renée Mollan-Masters on the red carpet at her Gala Media Event and Book Launch in November in Ashland, Oregon. You’ll feel the excitement unfold as you are a part of this book, movie and movement launching online and around the world.

Thank you for liking, sharing and commenting to help others feel the warmth and the inspiration of kindness and peace that are within all of us, not only this time of year but all year long!


Michael: We just landed in Medford, Oregon.

Denise: Okay.

Michael: Benjamin’s boat used to be called Peace Train.

Denise: And, but wait.

Benjamin: Yeah, yeah.

Denise: The funniest part is that he – he said, “You guys look really excited to be here, what’s going on?”

Benjamin: Yeah, what? Yeah, yeah what’s going on, what’s happening here?

Denise: See, so what’s going on?

Michael: Can you bring your boat?

Denise: Yeah, can you bring–?

Benjamin: Well it was quite a while ago, I don’t have–

So what was the story?

Benjamin: Well the story was – I saw you guys in the airport, and I’m at the airport all the time. Some walk in there, somewhat excited during the Shakespeare festivals, coming in here and surprised. But rarely do I see people are so–

Denise: You’re all in.

Michael: I want you know how excited I am to be here, and to honor Renée Mollan-Masters tonight. She’s our guest of honor. And a year ago – if you would’ve talked to her, she wouldn’t have dreamed that this could happen the way it did. And so many miracles she can tell you about on how this project came together. And how this project was downloaded to her, and how she connected with Denise. They have a wonderful story to tell, and you’re going to be hearing bits and pieces of that story tonight.

But the beautiful thing about what we’re doing on the red carpet right now is we have new friends that we’re connecting with. And friends that we’re connecting with for life. And that’s really what it’s about. Being able to look at something differently, and ask the question, “Am I willing to listen to you? Am I willing to hear you? Am I willing to look at things differently?” And so tonight, Renée Mollan-Masters, we honor you and the story that was given to you called, The Peace Train. “Peace Train, A Love Story.” And it’s touching so many lives right now, and we know that this is just the beginning. And we want to give you a big applause right now.

Denise: And a toast, here, here!! A toast! Cheers!

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