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OSU Tulsa Leads the Way with Social Media Education

OSU was one of the first Universities in the region to offer Social Media Education

OSU-Tulsa-Campus-Social-media -class-speaker-Michael D. Butler

OSU Tulsa Campus

The Oklahoma State Cowboys have excelled in Veterinary Medicine Education, Agricultural and Economics for years and are now poised to take the lead in the Social Media and Technology space.

As one of the first Universities in the region to offer courses in Social Media that began with the hiring of Professor Bill Handy; OSU continues to the lead the way for students in the Web 2.0 Edulution (a new word that comes from Education and evolution.)

A SNAPSHOT of Michael Butler’s the talk:
Writing for Humans vs. Writing for Search Engines
Leveraging Social Media to Build Your Brand Beyond the Corporate Era 9/14/11

Communication is changing. Penmanship is going away as elementary age children forget how to write in cursive and the internet exacerbates our societal A.D.D.

Michael D. Butler 9/13/11  Syndicated
This, combined with several seismic shifts such as global economics, evolution of the internet,
and the end of the industrial revolution and a 24/7 news cycle combined with the Magic Power of a Word Press
blog has created the perfect storm for anyone wanting to be “Rock-Star” famous beyond
the 9-5. Barack Obama in 2008 was elected as the first “Social Media President” 

•	Celebrities, News anchors, Actors, Authors, Speakers-we are ALL free agents!
•	The “Knowledge Doubling Curve” makes ACCESS to information more valuable than the actual info.
•	The internet evolution from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 will create “over night online Rock-Stars”
•	Every industry and every niche. Ie Fitness instructors (from gym to membership website, e-book,
videos,Voice and Music Instructors, Anything that can be taught will be monetized online.

  • M3 Publishing Author who just got a movie deal because of Twitter & M3 Client- 91 Year old author on Twitter.
  • Oklahoma Blogger turned New York Time’s Best-Selling author The Pioneer Woman on M3 & a movie!
  • New York author “Julie and Julia” becomes movie with Meryl Streep
  • Tulsa boy turns into cha-ching!

    With the web becoming more intuitive every day we see the growing value of and evolution of Web 2.0 into
    Web 3.0 when Amazon suggests what book we should buy. Our personal apps are learning us and serving up
    Niche specific-Data-Preferences at our finger tips. And the exploitation by marketers to intimately know and sell our buying, reading and online behavior habits.
    Long form content (Long-tail key words) for more content creation information see and


Heather Cupp – Engineering & Technical Recruiter at Switchgear Search and Recruiting
Volunteer Career Coach at Asbury UMC – OJT (Overcoming Job Transitions)
Heather on Twitter and on Linkedin she is one of the nations premier social media hiring coaches.  

osu tulsa m3 new media-michael d butler

Heather Cupp presented with Michael D. Butler & M3 New Media her topic to the OSU Tulsa class: Social Media Hiring

Stay tuned for more from this class. Thanks to Joe Williams the Professor for the Creative Copyrighting class at OSU Tulsa. In the coming weks they will have Walsh Branding Interactive, Littlefield Brand Development, Acrobat Ant a guest from the Ogilvy Mather Agency and their class project will be with the Tulsa Zoo.

We’ve invited the students to contribute updates to this blog post so you may see some updates, links, photos and continuing information on this page soon, so book mark it and check back often. Also, please leave us comments below about your experience at OSU Tulsa, the class or any questions you may have for the students, Mr. Williams or the Tulsa Zoo project.

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