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Let M3 New Media set you up to capture information from those visiting your website & business to give you the ability to market to your target audience. We handle newsletter design, E-mail marketing strategy, auto-responders, list management and much more.

Email Marketing

Some say email is dying. We think email is going to be around for a long time. Look at how many people are using web based email on their iphone, blackberry, droid or other mobile device. When used in conjunction with Social Media and Text Marketing, Email can be an incredible way to stay in touch with existing customers and to further engage them with Web 2.0.
From Gen Y to Baby Boomers and Traditionalists Email is not going away anytime soon. People will become more selective and targeted with how they choose to receive email-but this is good for you as a business. The more options you give your consumers the more meaningful your relationship can become.
With all the rapid changes in technology email marketing will be one of the best ways to further engage your brand online whether you own a restaurant, Pastor a Church or have created the best widget in your industry.
Basic Email Opt-in Forms on your website and across all social networks-It shows that you plan to evolve and be accessible to your consumer in the future.
And, since it is all about permission-based marketing and with an email opt-in form on your website or blog your client gives you the parameters on how often they want to be contacted and for what. We can manage this growing family of emails for you within a secure, web-based database that will allow you to reach out to your “fans” and “friends” whenever you and they choose.
The ability to stay in touch with your growing database on a weekly/monthly/seasonal basis-Providing valuable content they want to share. We can weekly broadcast your current Press Release to your entire email database (or can target it within a location or demographic.)


Auto-responders are carefully written copy made from your FAQ’s that can keep you in touch with your friends, fans, and followers. These letters/emails can also be made into blog posts and Press Releases are weekly (you choose the frequency) syndicated out to your target markets to allow for continued education and automation of referrals with share buttons, forward-able links and easily shareable content. These “auto-responder” emails keep your prospects in the “sales-funnel” and educated until they are ready to secure your services.

We are very excited about the prospect of helping you grow your business through email marketing.

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What Our Clients said,

Sundy Goodnight National Walk Director for Stop Child Trafficking Now in New York, NY

"....M3 went the extra mile for our organization, and did all the work with excellence and exemplary professionalism. "

Sean Spellecy Founder & CEO of Child Safety, Inc.Portland, OR

"...from TV interviews to speaking engagements, You guys have been awesome!"

Margrit Harris Founder & CEO of Nikela Wildlife in Austin, TX

"You guys have done a remarkable job with our Website and our Social Media Campaign and you have been a delight to work with!"

Nikki Junker, San Diego, CA

"The team at M3 has been a blast to work with on several National PR campaigns to end Human Trafficking in San Diego and global networking for the cause-we can highly recommend M3 when you need to create some buzz! "