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Your business requires publicity to grow. Lets face it traditional PR is broken; the old rules do not work anymore. Media has changed and so has the public. M3 provides full service public relations to businesses wanting to take their mojo to the next level.


Wikipedia says: Public relations (PR) is a field concerned with maintaining public image for businesses, non-profit organizations or high-profile people, such as celebrities and politicians.

Lights, Camera, Action it’s time for the Red Carpet Roll Out-The launch of your new product  and you deserve to look like the Rock Star that you are. You are only hours away from your big press conference when you get the call that the media is about to break a story that could preempt everything you’ve worked so hard to bring to market.At that moment of truth the question for you will be: “Do you have the Social Klout online to not only weather the coming PR storm but to turn the tide in the mind of the public?”

Have you built enough solid, real relationships with online influencers that can quickly and preemptively get your message out  in a clear, focused, timely manner and can guage ROI in real-time?

PRE-EMPTIVE PR™ Why not be preemptive with your Public Relations? Why wait until you are BP, Toyota, Or a poultry company in Arkansas getting sued by Oklahoma’s Attorney General. The time to prepare for a crisis is BEFORE the crisis.

In a World Filled with Noise-We Make You Get Noticed! M3 New Media Strategic Press Releases

We recently had 2 authors get movie deals and another on Fox News. If you want to get your face on TV, Sell more books, or just get your message out then let’s talk Strategic Press Releases! See more authors and business owners who have had tremendous success with M3’s PR Service. 

The world has changed and the way individuals, the media and companies receive, store and process information has changed. There are two leading public relations engines that provide digital media that get your press release noticed by humans and search engines.

When it comes to getting your news syndicated to the right people at the right outlet at the right time, M3 New Media is your choice. With over 300,000 editorial calendars we can quickly target your release based on your keywords, using the news agencies deadlines and connecting your story with the specific editors, journalist, bloggers down to the very day and time and method they prefer to be contacted by us.

We approach the news writers with your relevant content pitched in a unique angle that makes them want to take action because we are always approaching them only with content that relates to their beat and connecting with them in a timely manner based on their needed content with your story from your angle. Your message interpreted with the news of the day.

Our team of experienced and professional writers takes your story and the angle for each press release very seriously and writes headlines and content that gets you noticed and make you stand out.

Targeted, Professionally Written Press Releases per week to Drive Traffic, Improve SEO and Improve Performance. Utilizing our talented team of writers to get the angle on your story out to the media week after week, targeted, hard-hitting and getting results! We explore your marketing calendar, annual schedule book launches, speaking tour, etc and sync it with the National Editorial calendars to get you the most leveraged bang for your buck with the media, book reviewers and bloggers. 

M3 New Media is located in Los Angles, California & is one the regions premier Online Digital Social Media & PR Firms.

What Our Clients said,

Sundy Goodnight National Walk Director for Stop Child Trafficking Now in New York, NY

"....M3 went the extra mile for our organization, and did all the work with excellence and exemplary professionalism. "

Sean Spellecy Founder & CEO of Child Safety, Inc.Portland, OR

"...from TV interviews to speaking engagements, You guys have been awesome!"

Margrit Harris Founder & CEO of Nikela Wildlife in Austin, TX

"You guys have done a remarkable job with our Website and our Social Media Campaign and you have been a delight to work with!"

Nikki Junker, San Diego, CA

"The team at M3 has been a blast to work with on several National PR campaigns to end Human Trafficking in San Diego and global networking for the cause-we can highly recommend M3 when you need to create some buzz! "