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OK Singer Songwriter Showers Fans with Art Appreciation & Country Music Calls Others to Find Creative Passion to Overcome Mental Illness & Bullying Las Vegas Nashville UK

OK Singer Songwriter Showers Fans with Art Appreciation & Country Music Calls Others to Find Creative Passion to Overcome Mental Illness & Bullying Las Vegas Nashville UK release Tusla, OK
October 24, 2017

The story and the concert tour plans are going viral after two unlikely souls connect “across the pond” via social media, bound by a common goal: to turn negatives into positives and unleash one’s inner passion for the world to be inspired by God-given talent. Called a great artist by the BBC and compared to the next Van Gogh, UK Painter James SB Richardson only recently came out of “hiding” to let the world see his art as he partners with Tulsa, Oklahoma Singer Songwriter, 20-year old Anastasia Richardson.

UK Artist Collaborates with US Songwriter to Bring Awareness Mental Health & Bullying Anastasia Richardson is no stranger to Country Music fans and the news media in Oklahoma.

As a country music singer-songwriter who began writing music after she was bullied in High School. At age 17 released, “I am Beautiful” on Earth Made Records is based on her personal feeling putting her on the map after she was featured in the Huffington Post and went global on social media and got shared locally on KJRH and other news outlets.

Now three years later she turned the negative into a positive as set her on her life course and has opened many doors for private and regional gigs, festivals, concerts, recording opportunities and media appearances. Over a month ago, a fan connected her with fellow European artist James SB Richardson who has overcome a similar story. “I was bullied in school and can relate to the messages in Anastasia’s songs,” says Painter James SB Richardson from Bristol England.

James’ Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) kept him withdrawn and hidden for decades. “My art was my outlet, no one knew this is how I expressed my creativity as a kid into my adult years, only a few childhood friends knew of my art. Recently a friend encouraged me to enter the UK Clevedon Pier Public Arts Competition and took first place. My mom was surprised when the BBC asked her, “how long has your son been such an amazing artist? It was news to her and news to everyone, but my phone hasn’t stopped ringing off the hook since May. Through a random social media connection in Europe the two Artists both named Richardson, but no relation, would meet and build an affinity toward inspiring others to look past their pain, limitations, and bullying to embrace their inner creative to make the world a better place. James says of Anastasia, “her music has depth, and that’s why I like it. My art and her music, together, speak to people in amazing ways.” At 42, the British Richardson says, “Anastasia’s music and my art can help others overcome their pain and embrace their inner creative. Anastasia started young, and I’m hoping to make up for my lost years by coming out with my art like she has with her music. Art has been my therapy, and now I’m ready to share it with the world! I’m truly excited about our partnership.”

The result of their recent friendship is a music video that incorporates both artists separate journeys, with James “Horses and Hearts” painting making its debut in Anastasia’s music video of the same name. Anastasia doesn’t keep her light under a bushel either with her over 100K+ fans on her verified Twitter account and 50K on Instagram. “The Mayor of Bristol England got in on the social sharing the shared the video from KJRH, and a reporter in Ireland is writing a story about it,” Susan Dale, Anastasia’s mom, and business manager. “We all saw the great outpouring of love and heroism in the aftermath of the Las Vegas massacre, and we are seeing an amazing outpouring of love among country music fans over James’ art partnered with Anastasia’s music as the message and the healing go global. Anastasia’s mom, Susan Dale, who is also her business manager says, “plans are underway for a European tour with Nashville artists to showcase James’ art and Anastasia’s music. Her music is already doing well in Europe playing in The UK, Denmark, Poland, Australia, Germany, USA, Netherland, Sweden, New Zealand, Switzerland, Scotland, and Austria. Curt Ryle, an award-winning producer, singer/songwriter has been working with Anastasia from the beginning. He’s written several hit songs including “Storm in the Heartland” song by Billy Ray Cyrus.

As a professional studio musician and producer, Curt has worked with a countless number of top artists in Country Music including Taylor Swift, Brooks and Dunn, Trisha Yearwood, Justin Moore, Marty Stuart, Carolyn Dawn Johnson, The Don Ray Band, Paul Overstreet, Steve Holy, Hal Ketchum, Mark McGuinn, Pam Tillis, Mel Tillis and many others. Anastasia and James SB Richardson have yet to meet, but their common goal will champion the underdog. “I’m honored that James SB Richardson was inspired by my music and created an amazing painting for my song, “Horses and Hearts,” says Anastasia. They have not figure out yet how to get the painting to the USA, but Anastasia wants to feature it in her music video. They are also working hard on a tour incorporating James SB Richardson paints and Anastasia music and showing the world, “We are no longer a victim.”

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