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Social Media Introductions Enhance Business & Personal Life

Online Introductions Will Enhance the Future of our Relationships in Business & in Life

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Online Social Networking for Better Business

January 22, 2011 Tulsa, OK
Michael D. Butler, Sr. Principle Strategist
M3 New Media

Are you using Social Media to pre-qualify and confirm your real-time business introductions?

The Internet has brought us so many choices. Shopping online is replacing retail centers with greater selection, better prices and the opportunity to educate before buying in a store.

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Just as the Internet has enhanced our shopping, Web 2.0 has added value to our business and personal relationships. Social Media has made it easier to connect with people who are like-minded and have similar interests and shared causes. What used to take days or weeks to find can be purchased online and overnighted to your door.

As you know, Twitter is one of my favorite tools to find people who have shared interests with me. I like Twitter because I can quickly drill down into a geography and find out who the main influencers are within a geography or industry and not waste a lot of time trying to find those key people who I want to network with.

marketing funnel

Social Media Marketing Funnel

This a a marketing funnel that shows the process of attracting leads or prospects into a sales process to bring them to a decision to purchase. Thursday I shared the story about Nikela Wildlife, a Wildlife Conservation Non-Profit that does work in South Africa uses Social Media to connect with potential donors and strategic partners.

Below is a portion of their comments and a picture of their blog post with my highlightings.

Through Social Media we:

  • Found Frank our Photographer from the Netherlands
  • Got connected to 2 Professors in South Africa who want to help us in our efforts
  • Made a direct connection to a large retailer in the US
  • Got invited to participate in a huge cross-country ¬†African expedition: “In the Tracks of Giants” Click the photo below for the FULL STORY
  • social media tulsa

    Web 2.0 Success Story

  • Africa is a pretty BIG Place, Nikela Wildlife uses Social Media to connect with and work with other organizations who are into Wildlife Conservation in South Africa!

    How will you use Social Media this year? How will you use Web 2.0 to help network and build business better?

    I’d love to know what you are thinking and perhaps event feature your story in an interview or guest blog post. You can email me directly

    I look forward to hearing from you. Also, feel free to leave a comment or follow me on Twitter, I will follow back-Thanks and have a great week!

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    What Our Clients said,

    Sundy Goodnight National Walk Director for Stop Child Trafficking Now in New York, NY

    "....M3 went the extra mile for our organization, and did all the work with excellence and exemplary professionalism. "

    Sean Spellecy Founder & CEO of Child Safety, Inc.Portland, OR

    "...from TV interviews to speaking engagements, You guys have been awesome!"

    Margrit Harris Founder & CEO of Nikela Wildlife in Austin, TX

    "You guys have done a remarkable job with our Website and our Social Media Campaign and you have been a delight to work with!"

    Nikki Junker, San Diego, CA

    "The team at M3 has been a blast to work with on several National PR campaigns to end Human Trafficking in San Diego and global networking for the cause-we can highly recommend M3 when you need to create some buzz! "