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Social Media Tweets Benefit Wildlife Conservation in South Africa

M3 New Media Client Raises Awareness & Funds to Save Wildlife in South Africa

Tulsa, OK (January 18, 2011) –Social Media Client Shares Success Story From South Africa

By Michael D. Butler, Sr.
Principle Strategist, M3 New Media

M3 New Media client

M3 New Media Non-Profit Client

I get asked a lot by business owners and start ups if Social Media is really worth the effort. I like to say that not having a Social Media (I capitalize a lot) strategy is like building a $10 Million facility and forgetting to put in the mop sink. Web 2.0 will become such an integral part of your company’s consciousness that it will be impossible to separate your actual company from your Social Media presence-they will, in fact, become one in the same. Millions of dollars will be gained or lost, over time, by a start-up company who embraces or, refuses to embrace Social Media  and implement basic protocols.

Today I want to feature a Non-Profit that does work in South Africa and their primary goal is to raise awareness and funds for their educational campaign to preserve wildlife in South Africa.

Nikela’s Mission: NIKELA’s Mission:

  • To find and qualify experts, certifying their wildlife conservation and education projects.
  • To invite donors to choose and give monthly to the projects that appeal to them most.
  • To fund the experts who protect the wildlife and educate the children to find their place in wildlife conservation or ecotourism.
M3 New media client

Nikela Was Unsure Of Social Media's Efffectiveness in the Beginning-They do their own blogging

So Nikela has been able to clearly state their mission, goals, and core values through Social Media and have been able to connect with over 3,400 followers on Twitter, get listed 124 times (that’s like being bookmarked) Hundreds of fans on Facebook and hundreds of views on YouTube who are conservation enthusiasts.

As you can see Nikela was not convinced investing in Social Media was a good move for them but were elated when they emailed us recently about their connection with the large retailer in the United States and some potential of doing some collaborative things with them. The other thing Nikela is excited about is motivating Gen Y‘s into using their smart phone and influence to drive micro-donations to Nikela through text and social media campaigns. Look for Nikela to be a major player in the Non-profit world of Social Media and Social Good.

One of the most valuable tools we’ve used to help get Nikela the the 98.6% grade they have on Twitter Grader is HootSuite Hootsuite is on my top 10 list of Twitter Tools of all time for effective marketing. HootSuite - Social Media Dashboard

Hootsuite allows you to find targeted followers, schedule your tweets, easily re-tweet people you like and even schedule bulk tweets. with this link you can even manage up to 5 Twitter accounts for free.

Have you ever tried Hootsuite? I like it better than Tweetdeck because it allows you to schedule tweets. What are your Twitter goals this year? Do you use twitter to drive traffic to your website? Check out your Twitter Grade here > How do you score? How can you improve? Stay tuned for more on how to gain quality followers within your demographic and eliminate spam.

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