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5 Social Media Fundamentals

As a business owner, CEO, entrepreneur, author, speaker, affiliate marketer or network marketer there are certain social media fundamentals that can help you succeed in connecting with your target. 9/8/11


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Social Media Essentials

Having a basic understanding of the differences and uses of each of these networks can help add value to your online networking that can pay reach dividends in the offline business to business world and help you gain referrals and leverage more business. Like 5 fingers on a hand, these networks work together but are uniquely different in design and function.


1. Twitter

Twitter is a favorite tool for finding people based on your keywords. As a business owner you can quickly identify potential alliance partners and affiliate partnerships based on keywords, geography, demographics and shared interest not to mention klout score. Also, you can quickly determine if someone is selfish on Twitter and if they are a go-giver of not. Do they share referral and make introductions or do they only talk about themselves? My entire purpose of being on Twitter is to ask: “Do you want to be friends on Facebook?”

2. Facebook

Quickly approaching 1 Billion users Facebook is the leader in online connection not just for Gen Y’s & Gen X’ers but also among the Boomers and Traditionalists. In fact a recent survey found the fastest growing segment on Facebook is women ages 55 and older. Many business owners are using their Facebook fan pages to grow their list as well they should. The main thing with Facebook is to HAVE FUN! Connect with people based on mutual likes and shared interests and BUSINESS will happen naturally. Facebook shows business will happen when we connect with like-minded people and just have fun!

3. YouTube

55% of all videos NOW viewed online were found through search. Video marketing with YouTube is huge and businesses who work hard on it for the next 3 years will reap huge dividends over time in new customers and clients. The real SEO value is in the fact that Google owns YouTube and that is one of the major things that drive video search when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. You can read more about this in my popular blog that received 20+ ReTweets


4. Linked-in

Twitter is more about numbers to bring people through the wide end of what many marketers describe as the “sales funnel.” Linked-in is the valuable, professional network that may have few friends for you that Facebook or Twitter but can be very valuable to your career and your resume. My friend Joel Comm at describes it like this,”Twitter is powerful. Facebook is a force to be reckoned with. Both are great sources for generating new business. But there is one site that gets the short end of the stick when it comes to social media influence. And if you know how to use it right, you can generate tons of targeted leads for your business.I’m talking about

LinkedIn is the most significant social media site to use for business because it is where business  people are. Unlike Facebook that is overrun by useless novelty apps and Twitter which is limited to 140 characters, LinkedIn allows professionals to meet and network in a format that opens doors of opportunity. Over the past couple years, I have built a network that connects me to over 16,373,345 professionals! That’s significant. I can meet just about anyone else on the site I want to with relative ease.” Read more from Joel’s blog HERE

5. Word-Press Blog

I include your blog last, not because it’s the least important but because it is the most important. And I suggest because in my opinion it is THE BEST blog/website platform for 96% of the business owners I meet. And when it comes to SEO and getting your business found based on your keywords it is simply second-to-none.  I will soon have a link for your to get your themes for as low as $1 each. I am in the process of getting 12 different affiliates set up and yes I am a HUGE believer in affiliates! M3 specializes in building Word Press blogs and website’s. We have built over 100 websites in the past 2 years and 98% of them are wordpress and customers LOVE them! This website is wordpress and so will (under construction) you can bookmark it now-THANKS. The TRUTH is blogging targeted keywords with quality, relevant content, served up to Google consistently will keep you at the top of Google’s search engines! Most people quit but as my friend Brian at the blog who gets 100,000 unique visitors a month says: “Something magical happens after you blog consistently for a year.” Most people give up after 6 months!

In conclusion, companies, individual entrepreneurs, business owners, authors, speakers and start-ups who strategically use social media can see long-term, measured ROI (Return on Investment) that can take the place of traditional advertising and marketing. SMO (Social Media Optimization) happens when a long-term comprehensive strategy is used in conjunction with video marketing, blogging, SEO and SMO.

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