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The Venture Network Tulsa OK Announces Co-Authoring Agreement

Networking 3.0 Leveraging Your Business in the New Economy

Original Online Content at Co-Founders Nathan R. Mitchell & Michael D. Butler 5/14/12

Have you ever wanted to be a published author? A lot of people do! The problem is it’s a lot of work, and unfortunately, the majority of people simply don’t have the time to commit to writing and publishing a book. However, for those who do, they will tell you that it is a wonderful, rewarding experience, and that it adds instant celebrity and credibility to themself and their business!


The Venture Network Tulsa, OK Announces Co-Authoring Agreement

Writing a book is an excellent way to establish yourself as an expert in your industry, or as a sought after speaker. However, if your business is thriving (not a bad problem to have by the way), you may not have time to write a book, nor would you want to let sales or customer relations suffer during the many months it would take you to write your book, edit it, publish it, etc!

At The Venture Network, we provide service-based professionals like you a simple solution to writing and publishing, and it is with great enthusiasm that Michael and I share with you our first ever co-authoring model that is specifically designed to help you establish yourself as an expert while helping you increase your revenue through referral and social media networking.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to be successful in your goal of being a published author. Writing a book, and getting it published, takes a lot of time and resources, and is a huge undertaking. But, with that being said, there is not a better alternative than a book when it comes to showing expertise, experience, and credibility than a published work.

Co-Author Publishing Agreement Includes:

  1. Your chapter of 3000 words or less included in the book “Networking 3.0: Leveraging Your Business in the New Economy.”
  2. Your personal and/or business bio at the end of your chapter which includes your personal photo and contact information. (Value = Priceless!)
  3. Your name and photo on the back cover with the other co-authors (Value = Priceless!)
  4. Professional copyediting and proofreading (A $2,500 Value)
  5. Professional front cover and back cover design (A $3,000 Value)
  6. Professional book formatting, production and book printing (A $1,000 Value)
  7. 100 copies of your book to distribute as your wish! (A $1,500 Value) *more books are available for purchase
  8. ISBN# registration and U.S. Copyright Protection (A $500 Value)
Total Book Publishing Value = $9,500!!!

Co-Authoring Marketing Agreement Includes:


  1. You featured on the Networking 3.0 website!
  2. The electronic book cover image to promote your book as you wish
  3. A professionally written description of your book that you can use to promote it
  4. PDF version of your chapter you can use for promotional and media use
  5. Professionally written press release announcing the book and featuring you as a co-author
  6. Electronic distribution of the press release announcing the release of the book to both media and press outlets that will be most receptive to the work

Total Book Marketing Value = $2,500!!!

Total Value = $12,000!!!

Your Total Investment = ONLY $2997!!!

Apply To Be A Co-Author Today!

Please note that we do not accept just anyone to be a co-author in our program. This is a highly competitive opportunity and is by application only!

We will limit this co-authoring agreement to the top 15 applicants who understand the importance of investing in themselves, and to those whom we choose to partner and do business with. In the news for complete News Article: Referral Networking Organization, The Venture Network, Offers Its First Co-Authorship Opportunity to Help Business Owners Become “Rock Stars” in their Industry

See what New York Time’s Best-Selling Authors & Clients are saying about M3 New Media Book Marketing 

Michael’s book marketing has included: One of America’s top publicist’s and Huffington Post Book Marketing Contributor, Arielle Ford recommending and using Mr. Butler’s services. Arielle Ford’s clients have included 11 New York Time’s Best-selling authors: Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield publishers of ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ have sold over 30 Million books, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, etc. Two Book Marketing clients have recently received movie deals as a result of social media and online PR.

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