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Tulsa Business Found on Internet with Social Media & Online PR

What does a Tulsa business owner do who wants to get found on the Internet?

Tulsa Oklahoma Businesses


“They’ve spent a lot of money on the Yellow Pages but they aren’t getting found.”

Maybe you’ve spent a ton of money on advertising and marketing, on television, on radio, billboards. But you haven’t tried the Internet.

You will find, as a business owner that the best ROI for your marketing dollars is the dollars you spend online.

Are you a Chiropractor, Veterinarian, Attorney, Skin Care Clinic, Car Dealership competing for business online?

Have you tried a comprehensive Social Media & Online PR Strategy? 

It’s kind of like this, if you were to spend three thousand dollars on a billboard in Tulsa, you would have no control over who is driving down the highway to see that billboard about your business. On the internet, it’s different! We can actually select who sees your advertising and for a fraction of the price! Online marketing in Tulsa is the best marketing dollars you will spend, because we can track it and you can test your ROI.

Social Media Marketing & Online PR Strategy 

So we launched M3 New Media as an agency two years ago to help business owners get found on the internet. Google was changing, Google Local was important and competing for keywords was getting tougher. We recently had an Attorney say that after two weeks on twitter, he had a personal injury case come in his front door. We recently had an Oklahoma Author get a movie deal as a result of social media. You say,”Can that happen?” Absolutely, it can happen. And not just for Oklahoma business owners, but for business owners in Dallas and Oklahoma City and NW Arkansas, who want to understand how pay-per-click campaign works, but they don’t want to do it themselves, we do that for you. It’s very affordable.

When it comes to Tulsa social media marketing and Online PR, you know we now own an online PR tool that forty nine of the top fifty PR firms in the world own, and that’s Vocus service on PR Web. Vocus bought PR Web last year. It has been a powerful win-win. We have acquired the software, we’re using it for our clients, our authors, our speakers, our business owners, and our brand builders who want to get their message to the marketplace and to the masses quickly.

It’s very affordable and it’s much targeted. There are thirty thousand targeted media subscribers to Vocus services and two hundred forty nine thousand individuals, activists like you and I that love to read our news in the niche. And niche news is what you get; it’s delivered to the inbox of the mover and shaker, the decision maker.

For an author, it’s great because the book reviewer, the book blogger, the decision maker, the book buyer and the person who is going to talk about your book is going to be reading that press release and possibly doing a book review on it. So we target the influencers, the software that we use is very intuitive. It’s very similar to what Amazon uses to make a book buy suggestion, when you buy a book from Amazon; our software, it works almost like that. That if somebody is connecting with somebody on the internet based on the keyword.

Keyword Research

So if your keywords are “Tulsa Chiropractor”, we can connect (you) to people in Tulsa that may need a chiropractor. If your keywords are “Tulsa Plumber”, because you know in the middle of the night when somebody needs a plumber, they don’t go to the Yellow Pages; they go to and type in “Tulsa Plumber”. We help you get found on the Internet based on those keywords, using social media, blogging and online PR.

Recently, we began work on a Tulsa veterinarian who needs to get found when it comes to “spay”, “neuter”, “geriatric health”, “pet health”, “Tulsa pet health”, “and South Tulsa pet health”. When it comes to email marketing, Tulsa advertising, our pricing is very, very affordable.

We help you with your Facebook marketing, your Twitter marketing, your public relations, your search engine optimization (SEO). Helping people find you organically based on your keywords because we do the keyword research for you. Would you like to have keyword research done for your business? We do it! And it’s a very powerful tool that we use and we can help you narrow down, discover your target market. Who is your target market? Who is your number one buyer? Who are your potential alliance partners? We help you identify those and connect with those people online and we help you take it to the next level.

So, at M3 New Media, we help you create viral branded buzz in real time conversations in the marketplace. Did you know people are more likely to buy or use a new product or service if they read reviews from their friends on Facebook? What if you had a thousand Facebook fans? Would that be powerful for your business? Some studies say that Facebook fan is worth up to a hundred and thirty dollars per fan. Give us a shout today and let the Tulsa team at M3 New Media help you get found on the Internet and take your business to the next level.

Fill out the form below and speak with a knowledgeable and kind Marketing Consultant to see what the next step for your Oklahoma Company and Business might be.

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What Our Clients said,

Sundy Goodnight National Walk Director for Stop Child Trafficking Now in New York, NY

"....M3 went the extra mile for our organization, and did all the work with excellence and exemplary professionalism. "

Sean Spellecy Founder & CEO of Child Safety, Inc.Portland, OR

"...from TV interviews to speaking engagements, You guys have been awesome!"

Margrit Harris Founder & CEO of Nikela Wildlife in Austin, TX

"You guys have done a remarkable job with our Website and our Social Media Campaign and you have been a delight to work with!"

Nikki Junker, San Diego, CA

"The team at M3 has been a blast to work with on several National PR campaigns to end Human Trafficking in San Diego and global networking for the cause-we can highly recommend M3 when you need to create some buzz! "