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Tulsa Companies Use Social Media to Connect with Consumers on Internet

Tulsa Companies who use Social Media Now will Have More Influence with Consumers Than if the same Money was Spent on Marketing & Public Relations

There are huge national companies with huge marketing budgets and Social Media is a great way for “the little guy” to compete against the big companies. Employing an integrated strategy of email marketing, social media engagement, location-based services and google places a business can have tremendous success over time.


Social Media Marketing for Your Business

On Yesterday’s blog I talked about 5 Social Media Tools Every Business Must Have to Connect With Consumers in 2011

Today I want to expand on that and say that now is the time for small to mid-sized companies to take tremendous market share by leveraging Social Media and doing it better than their larger competitors who have huge Ad budgets.  I want to host an unscientific case study of 2 Tulsa businesses: Tulsa Gold & Gems and Mathis Brothers Furniture.

Both companies have been in Tulsa for many years and both companies spend a ton of money on marketing and advertising. While we have a number of analytical tools we could show you about their online influence we will simply do a casual “consumer-based” observation and give them our score.


Mathis Brothers Google Search Tulsa, OK

Mathis Brothers Tulsa Needs some Social Media Help. They do a ton of advertising on TV, Radio, & Newspaper but do not  have an official YouTube Channel, blog, or Twitter account. Their Facebook page showcases OKC but not Tulsa. They do feature their charity: Ronald McDonald House. No Web 2.0 icons on Website. But their biggest problem as you can see is some negative press from an angry consumer group. A blog, Twitter page and YouTube channel with good content, educational content and customer reviews could bury the negative link so deep no one would ever see it. Website Grader 96

Although I did have a good experience with them 2 years ago when buying a dining room table-there is no way we can Tweet them out and brag on them.

M3 scores Mathis Brothers a D- on Social Media.

Tulsa Gold & Gems

tulsa social media

  • Website Grader: 85
  • Tulsa Gold & Gems Social Media Icons on Website
  • Interactive Fan Page with Cusomer reveiews
  • Active Twitter Account Highly targeted & viewed
  • YouTube Channel-very active and engaged with friends
  • All Web 2.0 accounts are linked together Social Media icons are on their Website for easy follow & sharing
  • Various charities throughout year ie: Salvation Army, etc.
  • They do need a blog but own the market on TV Ads, Social Media & Public Awareness.
  • M3 scores TGG an A- on Social Media

    Stay tuned because in our next blog post we will show how to use locations based software like Foursquare and  Gowalla so your customers can “check in” on Facebook on their smartphone, iphone or android mobile device.
    Business has changed. The new economy is about relationships and speed. The faster the globe spins the deeper our relationships must go and the deeper our relationships grow the faster the world will spin for us. This will create “win-wins” for people, organizations and end consumers.

    For new clients who want to determine online influence and discover new marketing & social media channels “LIKE” our Facebook FanPage M3, and write the name of your business on our wall. The first 4 clients will receive our Free Marketing Assessment and Consultation a $750 value.    Book mark us, check back often and let us know what you want to see. Email marketing, corporate blogging, branding, networking, etc.

    By having a solid Social Media Strategy, sticking to it, and engaging followers you are well on your way to becoming an online influencer. I would like to know your thoughts about this email. What was helpful? What Web 2.0 tools do you like? Perhaps you would like to have your business featured? You can read more on our blog

    Do you know what YouTube video got 28,000,000 views in one month? Do you know WHY it went viral? What are the funniest trends on YouTube? Among Gen X’ers? Gen Y’s? Baby Boomers? All of that is here for you & plenty of fun stuff too, If you are on YouTube-Let’s connect. Here’s a Happy New Year gift to you. Check out the other vids I’ve saved as favorites on the M3 New Media Youtube channel and if you friend me-we will friend you back.


    Have you ever “beta-tested” ideas or products on YouTube? Happy New Year to you-Enjoy your Weeekend! From the staff at M3 New Media.

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