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Tulsa Law Firms Use Social Media Marketing to Find Clients

Tulsa Law Firms Use Social Media Marketing to Find Clients



Possible Attorney Keywords

Keywords can be very pricey for attorneys. Especially for law firms that are in very competitive markets the battle for the best keywords can drive the price higher and higher.

Many case studies could be shared here to show the value of Social Media Marketing (SMM) as a marketing strategy for Law Firms of all sizes in any market. No doubt we will soon share such examples of dozens of different law firms who have gained measurable results by adding a comprehensive social media strategy to their current marketing/advertising budget. But the purpose of this post today is to show: Why Would a Law Firm Use Twitter to Find New Clients?

I know that sounds like a rhetorical question but you’d be surprised how many attorneys who understand law don’t really “get” marketing.

1. Twitter indexes with Google based on keywords, location and tweets.

Search engines love Twitter because of it’s ability to organize your profile information and even your tweets. It does this rather quickly so be sure to tweet your core message to your target clients.

2. Twitter following-Who you follow/don’t follow on Twitter is important.

By being selective on WHO you follow based on geography, demographic, expertise, etc. You can protect the integrity of your following and your followers.

3. Twitter is one of the best ways to listen for your keywords and connect with potential clients.

For the personal injury attorney Twitter can replace the police scanner as the #1 lead referral source. Another possibility is finding alliance partners like wreckers, bail bondsmen and others who may become potential alliance partners that attorneys and lawyers could joint venture with to grow their lead pool. Stay tuned to @MyLawMarketing  for the latest social media marketing tips for small to medium sized law firms.

Attorneys call M3 New Media 918.550.8000 today to get a free website report and Social Media Evaluation or fill out the form below and tell us what you need MOST for your legal practice.


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  1. Diane Bucka says:

    Social media, and Twitter in particular, are important components today’s law firm marketing arsenal. ‘Just discovered this post; thanks for the helpful tips. Attorneys, of all people, should recognize the need to hire professionals in their area of specialty just as their clients do.

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