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Tulsa News Channel uses Social Media to Stay Connected With Viewers

Social Media ‘Re-Invention’ for Tulsa Television Station

Unless you have been living under a rock the past three years you know that network news and traditional media like newspapers, radio and TV have struggled to maintain viewers, listeners and advertisers.

fox 23 news tulsa

Fox 23 Tulsa uses Social Media to Stay Connected with Fans

Many of the “old dogs” criticized the new media masters but one local Tulsa Network has embraced it. Flashback 14 months ago when Tulsa decided to take their Social Media public. “Fox 23 had the most to gain by going social,” says Mandy Vavrinak whose team lead the charge in coaching the news room to new media success. With Vavrinak’s help Fox 23 began Tweeting, Facebook-ing & YouTube-ing and if the ratings are any indication-that was the right choice.

Mandy gives more of an insider view of how the entire strategy and process unfolded on her website

Many of the “old school” networks were laying off anchors hoping to survive the recession. One of those casualties was News channel 8 anchor from KTUL TV. Cindy was part of team Vavrinak that lead the “re-invention” operation at the Fox 23 station, the “re-invention” platform would become Cindy’s launching pad for her new speaking career and book tour.

Fox 23 Tulsa uses social media to stay connected with fans and has on more than one occasion used social media to not only break stories but to find stories. When you visit the Fox 23 GET SOCIAL portion of the website you can follow all the anchors and staff on Facebook and Twitter with several easy clicks. Or if you want to go hardcore community reporter and Tweet potential stories to the entire Fox 23 news room you can follow the entire team on Twitter here >

You can get Fox 23 on your iphone, droid, blackberry, through text alerts, email alerts, on other smart phones and mobile devices. What will this look like in the future? Tune in to Day Break Tulsa Monday January 10th to hear Pamala Kennedy Chestnut, author of More Than talk about her new book and Global Human Trafficking Awareness Day in Tulsa.  Fox 23 has covered the issue of human trafficking a lot in the past year and may continue to cover it more and more as the issue becomes more clear to Oklahomans.

No doubt the future of news has changed. The way people get their news, consume it, share it and store has forever changed and will continue to change. Fox 23 Tulsa is a good example of a company that is evolving and re-inventing with new technology to stay connected with current and new customers.

Check back with us soon when we will update you on the real numbers from Nielsen services on the numbers for Tulsa’s television stations and other media outlets.

What effect do you think social media has had on traditional media? How can “old school” media re-invent themselves? Can it? Does it need to happen? What will the future look like? Please leave us your thoughts in the comment section and your Twitter @ so we can follow you and can keep the conversation going.

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  1. Kris Lindstrom says:

    As a radio broadcast veteran of nearly 25 years, I am blown away by the way “news coverage” has adopted the ability to become so accessible to ANT PERSON connected to social media on the Internet…This has allowed multiple points of view,diversity of coverage, and equally available sources–Thus leading to extremely UNBIASED&CLEAR decision-making options for viewers and readers alike! Instead of news “event coverage” originating exclusively from “private interest/advertiser-dollar controlled” networks, we ALL can offer OUR observations and opinions of every “news story” or events! We are truly approaching a state of “FREEDOM OF THE PRESS”!! No longer being force-fed “approved” news!

    • Michael says:

      Thanks SO MUCH for your insightful comments, I have to agree this is true Freedom of the Press and why Hamas and North Korea, etc. hate it so. Truth will always win in a free society, man was born free and oppression and tyranny will always make the human spirit rebel because man was born a free spirit to SOAR!! what is your blog or twitter-I want to tune in to you more?

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