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1. It is good idea to have from time to time articles based on case studies. Of course you will filter how many details you will give to the audience.

2. You may consider from time to time to make polls on the Facebook page.

3. Make quizzes and games with prizes directly from the website pointing to the fascebook page and in opposite direction from facebook to the website.

4. Put your Website name and url everywhere in the real world – from print materials to badges, event, ads and etc.

5. Make your website partner to other similar sites and events. Make website and facebook posts about that. Talk about that.

6. Make specific prizes for the 1500-th like on the facebook. For the 200-th website subscriber.

7. Start to post in ie Tips / Advices category. Tips to be teaser. Need to make people ask you, contact you, need your services and etc.

8. Everyday make at least 1 post on the website. Need to have something fresh as content every day or every week, depends on you!

9. Try to be in the news on regular basis.

10. Start online webinars – free & paid. From time to time of course.

11. Start discussions on facebook page on regular basis.

12. From time to time make posts with 1-2 videos.

13. As mentioned above about case studies. Also you can post successful stories.

14. Also you can post opinions for you by others – customers, partners and etc.

15. Post Tip of the Day/Week/Month, as you like.

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